Daily FIshing Report

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The big blue boat Kadaho went out today and came home with... more »

Noelie Achen ( Director of Operations )

5 hour bottom fishing

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Lake pacific was in full swing today. Flat calm ocean and 0... more »

Kadaho Sportfishing

5 Hour Bottom Fishing

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Was a beautiful day! Limits of rock fish! 9 lingcod and one... more »

Mariner Sportfishing
  • - Lots of Rockfish, Lingcod, and Crab! - Howdy y'all, it's Trejan on the Sunrise again. Today we left the harbor at 6am with 20 anglers. Most of... more »
  • - 5 Hour Bottom Fishing - 80 Sea Bass with crew fish all caught in 32mins from leaving the dock! 4 lingcod but overall a great day... more »
  • - Limits of Rockfish and Dozens of Crab! - Hey guys, it's Trejan on the Sunrise. Today we went bottom fishing with 14 anglers. We left the harbor at... more »
  • - Limits on Sunrise and Kadaho - We had a spectacular day of fishing today on the Tradewinds Fleet. Kadaho charged out to the Halibut grounds and... more »
  • - 12 hour halibut - The ocean was much nicer this go around for the guys. We ventured to a different area and we're quickly... more »
  • - Another Breathtaking Morning - We are so blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It doesn't get much better... more »
  • - 5 hour fish/crab - The ocean was a little on the angry side this morning but our 11 anglers battled the elements and came... more »
  • - Hot Bite - Well our fleet did it again.  Morning Star and Mariner both reported limits of rockfish including some nice Ling Cod.... more »
  • - 5 Hour Bottom Fishing - Limits on rock fish for 12 people! And 7 or 8 Lingcod! Everyone had a great time! Also Everyone went... more »
  • - Sunshine and Fishes! - Beautiful Day and great fishing here on the Morningstar, with a stellar grade of Bass, Blues, Olives and Canarys! The... more »

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