“Quit Wishin’ Go Fishin”

Tradewinds Fishing Charters are for both seasoned and first time fishermen. Our experienced Captains and crew will provide you with all the top-notch fishing gear, instruction, and personal help you will need.  Fish cleaning and crab cooking is available at our landing. “Fish On” is the call heard around our vessels as excited anglers hook and battle fish.  Fishing is fun for all ages, and is a great bonding experience.  The fish you catch are yours to keep, take pictures of, and best of all, eat. Nothing beats fresh fish from the Pacific and more often than not, you end up with more fish than if you bought it at the store.  

Whats unique about fishing in Depoe Bay is our proximity to our reefs.  We can start fishing at our Bell Buoy which is only a half mile from our harbor.  This cuts down our cruise time, resulting in more time to fish.  We have over 100 reefs that are loaded with fish, and it’s just a matter of finding the hungry ones.  

Bottom Fishing

We have a whole variety of trips for your fishing fun. Our most popular trips are our 5-hour Bottom (rock) Fishing and our 5-hour Bottom Fishing with Crabbing. You will get the opportunity to catch the prize of the Oregon Bottom Fishery, Lingcod, especially in the spring to early summer.  We almost always limit out on a variety of rockfish, including Sea Bass, Canaries, Cabezon, Quillback, China Rock, and Sea Trout. 

Salmon Fishing

Coho (Silvers) and Chinook (King) Salmon season opens in June and is one of our most popular and exciting fisheries.  Salmon travel in schools, so where there is one, there is usually more.  It’s hard to beat the excitement of the Salmon dance, which is when we have multiple fish on and we are trying to land them all. This happens frequently, so be prepared to do a lot of dancing.  

Pacific Halibut

Starting in May, the Pacific Halibut season opens.  This is a bucket list fishery for many anglers.  Halibut is known to be one of the best eating fish out there.  We are fishing offshore for quality deep water fish.  It’s hard to beat the excitement of bringing up one of these Pacific Flatties from 600-1200 feet on the biggest pond in the world.  

Albacore Tuna

Albacore Tuna usually gets started in Mid July.  These are highly migratory fish that rely on water temperature and chlorophyl combined. With satellite imagery, we know where the Tuna (Silver Bullets) are at all times.  We locate them on the troll, frequently resulting in multiple hookups.  We then try to keep them under the boat and almost always break out the light tackle to go on the drift.  This maximizes our opportunity for even more hookups.  If you think the Salmon dance is fun, try the tuna dance.  The limit is 25!

No matter what fishery you choose, it is our priority to make sure you have the most fun and land the most fish.