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Depoe Bay is the best place to see marine mammals including: Grey Whales, Humpback Whales and sometimes even Killer Whales also known as Orcas. Our whale watching trips depart daily. Click here for more information and click here to book your trip right now.

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Whales Spotted Today

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The Mariner set out in search of the Gray Whales today and was... more »

Noelie Achen ( Director of Operations )

Whale Watching Excursions

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The Whales did not feel like socializing today, and we were unable to... more »

Noelie Achen ( Director of Operations )

Whales Sighted Today

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The Sunrise ventured out this afternoon in search for our resident Gray Whales. They... more »

Noelie Achen ( Director of Operations )
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  • - Orcas Spotted in Depoe Bay! - We had a special treat today and had a few Orcas pass through  Depoe Bay.  We see Orcas about a dozen... more »
  • - Thar she blows! - Whales were spotted today on our 2hr cruise.  We ended up finding three whales about 8 miles northwest of Depoe Bay.... more »
  • - Thank you so much Tradewinds customers - The Tradewinds family would like to thank all of our amazing customers for a great season! Starting Monday, October 18th, we... more »
  • - Saturday morning/afternoon whale watch news - Morning news Today we will be on our third day of good ocean conditions.  After close to ten days of bad... more »

During the winter months of December through February and the spring months of March through May, our vessels head offshore west from the harbor to find the migrating pods of Gray Whales. In winter the whales are heading south from Alaskan waters, their summer feeding grounds, to the shallow warm water lagoons off northern Mexico. In the Spring they are heading north back to Alaska. The Grays pass Depoe Bay in large numbers much like a long train throughout the migration period. With sightings on 98 percent of our cruises you’ll hear, “Thar she blows” all around the boat.

While aboard you’ll hear facts and stories about the whales narrated over the ships P.A. system by our knowledgeable Captains. We are always happy to answer questions and explore the ocean wonders with you. Our experienced captains bring the vessels close to the pods for excellent sightings – often including large spouts, whale backs, and deep dives with excellent whale tail showings. If you’re one of the lucky ones you’ll see a breach, where the whales heave up to three quarters of their 45 foot 40 ton bodies clear out of the water. Absolutely spectacular!

Whale watching during summer and fall off Depoe Bay is also spectacular. Some of the Gray Whales do not migrate all the way north to Alaska and spend from late June through October right here off Depoe Bay. Often less than one-half mile from shore, these resident whales, as we call them, provide excellent sightings. They spend much of their time feeding off Depoe Bay’s reef areas, which is why they are in so close. The whale watch boats often just sit still while the whales feed, showing their whole bodies just under the surface right next to the boats. You’ll hear the captains call them by their names. That’s how friendly we are with the resident gray whales.

Enjoy walking about on our large vessels for whale watching excellence on the Oregon coast. Our boats are made for comfort, with restrooms on board, heated cabins and no life vests have to be worn. You get GREAT views on your one hour of fun and excitement on a personal scenic tour of the beautiful Oregon Coast. See whales, seals, and other unique sea life up close. Safe, fun, and unforgettable!

Also, if one hour is not enough time, for the whale and marine life enthusiast, one and a half or two-hour excursions, depending on time of year, are also available aboard our boats. Our Captains will take you on an extra special hunt for whales, birds, and mysteries of the deep aboard these boats. These longer trips are sure to satisfy your sense of adventure, and are great fun!