Whale Watch Report for 7-8-2022

Enter the Giants!

Katie Robertson

Today is a very special day as Tradewinds can announce we have seen our first Humpback Whales of the season! It is a rare treat in our waters that we get to see these particular ocean giants. Humpback whales can grow to about 60 feet while our resident Gray whales stay at a maximum of 49 feet. They are both baleen whales and feed on very similar prey which explains why they are often seen in the same geographical areas. As mothers, these two species behave much in the same way being fierce protectors of their young. Among the list of things we can take you out to see, we are thrilled to add Humpbacks to the possibilities! You don't want to miss this chance as they won't be around for long. Book online or give us a call at (541) 765-2345. Happy Whale Watching!