Fish Report for 7-10-2024

Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Tradewinds Crew

Today, the Mariner, Outer Limits, MorningStar and Tribute set out for a day of bottom fishing. It was a slow day on the water, but despite the relaxed pace, everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Mariner:  Fishing was steady on the Mariner, with anglers eventually landing a decent catch. They managed to reel in at least 10 Cabazon and some nice Lingcod by the end of the trip.

Outer Limits:  Anglers on the Outer Limits had a good day, with some reaching their limits on rockfish and others coming close. They also caught over a dozen Lingcod, adding some excitement to the trip.

MorningStar:  Fishing started off slow on the MorningStar, but picked up as the trip went on. Anglers were able to bring home some nice rockfish by the end of the day.

Tribute:  Captain Roland and his group of anglers came home with a largely successful catch including a good variety of Rockfish and Lingcod.

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