Fish Report for 5-25-2024

Saturday Fishin’

Saturday Fishin’

Mellissa Sumner

Today's ocean conditions threw us a curveball, making the fishing a bit challenging! The fish were playing hard to get, but we still managed to reel in a good catch despite the rough seas.

Outer Limits: Bagged about 3/4 of our rockfish and landed 10 lings. The ocean was rough, but we had a blast with a fun group celebrating a 21st birthday!

Kadaho: Scored about 2/3 of our rockfish limits – not bad for a tough day out on the water!

MrMax: Although the fishing was light, we had a fantastic time with a great group on board.

Mariner: Secured about half of our limits, considering the challenging conditions.

Morning Star: Came close to reaching our limits – a successful day of fishing despite the rough waters!

Despite the weather surprises, we still had a great time on the water and brought in some impressive fish. Looking forward to better conditions and an even bigger catch tomorrow! Book your spot now by calling (541)765-2345 or go online at 

Quit Wishin’ Go Fishin’ 🎣 and Whale Watching Too 🐳