Fish Report for 5-19-2024

Spectacular Fishin’ Sunday

Spectacular Fishin’ Sunday

Mellissa Sumner

Captain Roland of the Tribute sure knows how to make a fishing trip epic! This morning, our group of anglers set sail for a five-hour adventure and ended up coming back a tad early with a boatload of rockfish and Ling cod! 

It was one of those "Outer Limits days" that legends are made of - full limits of rockfish and a jaw-dropping full limits catch of Ling cod! Captain Chris, Nick and Ethan had a great group of anglers on board. Check out the big rockfish that waere reeled in - now that's some big fish! 

Over on the Mr. Max, Captain Brad and the crew were on fire! They "Maxed Out" on the fun and hauled in some seriously incredible fish. It was a picture-perfect day for fishing, and the fish seemed to agree by jumping right into the boat! 

Captain Chris, Captain Roland, Captain Brad, and the crew are already looking forward to taking you out on your next fishing escapade. Get ready to reel in some more memories and fantastic catches! To book your next trip give us a call at 541-765-2345 or go online at
and pick your trip. Don’t be left on the docks…

Quit Wishin’ Go Fishin’ 🎣 and Whale Watching Too 🐳