Fish Report for 8-4-2023

Fish-tastic Thursday & Friday

Fish-tastic Thursday & Friday

Mellissa Sumner


Thursday provided fantastic opportunities for bottom fishing enthusiasts! Mariner, Outer Limits, and Mr Max had a fruitful day on the water. Meanwhile, the crew of Tribute came close to achieving a full 2-person limit on Halibut, missing out on just one. Kadaho embarked on a Tuna fishing adventure; however, the scattered nature of the fish due to the north wind made the task a bit challenging. Nonetheless, they managed to reel in at least 1 per person with a respectable catch of Tuna weighing between 15-30 pounds per person.


Moving on to today's fishing highlights, we experienced another thrilling day targeting rock fish and ling cod. The action was intense, providing plenty of excitement for anglers. The Salmon seemed to be scattered once again, making them a bit elusive. No need to worry, there are still plenty of opportunities to hook into some impressive catches.


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