Fish Report for 7-20-2023

Thrilling Catch Thursday

Thrilling Catch Thursday

Mellissa Sumner

What a fantastic day of fishing with Tradewinds Charters ! Today we sent out the Kadaho, Mariner, and Outer Limits on fishing trips.

Kadaho had an epic eight-hour trifecta outing! They returned with impressive limits on rockfish, and they brought back some stunning lingcod. 

Mariner had an exceptional day too! They managed to secure limits on bottom fishing, and they were really close to reaching the limit on lingcod as well. 

Outer Limits had a fantastic morning with a private charter with a wonderful family visiting us from Texas. Everyone got limits of rock fish and lingcod. Bonus, they saw Whales too! 

Fantastic haul of 7 to 9 crabs per person. Talk about a bountiful trip! 🦀

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Quit Wishin' Go Fishin' 🎣 and Whale Watching Too 🐳