Fish Report for 6-29-2023

Great Fishin’

Great Fishin’

Mellissa Sumner

Today's fishing expedition with Outer Limits, Mr. Max, and the Tribute was an absolute blast! The anglers enjoyed some fantastic bottom fishing and even had the opportunity to catch some crabs. Here are the highlights of the day:

🚢 **Boats:** Outer Limits, Mr. Max, and Tribute

🌊 **Fishing Conditions:** The ocean was calm and inviting, creating ideal conditions for a successful fishing trip. The weather was pleasant, with clear skies and a gentle breeze.

🐟 Anglers aboard all three boats were treated to a fantastic bottom fishing experience. The fishing grounds were abundant with various species, making for an exciting day on the water. The skilled crew members provided valuable guidance, ensuring everyone had a memorable fishing adventure.

🦀 In addition to bottom fishing, the anglers were delighted to discover a plentiful crab population. Each person on board managed to reel in an impressive 5 to 6 crabs, adding an extra element of excitement to the trip. Fresh crab makes for a delicious treat!

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