Fish Report for 6-11-2023

Epic Fishin’

Epic Fishin’

Mellissa Sumner

The Mr. Max, the Mariner, and the Kadaho boats, along with the Tribute set out on our 5 bottom fishing trips that proved to be a great success. All anglers were able to limit out with their catch of some beautiful rockfish. We had lots of lingcod, and fantastic sized Dungeness crab. The fishing conditions were ideal and everyone had a great time on the water.

The Tribute was able to limit out early in the day, demonstrating the abundance of fish in the area and the expertise of our crew at Tradewinds. 

Overall, it was a fantastic day of fishing for all involved. If you want an epic adventure and an abundance of fish call (541)765-2345 or

Quit Wishin' Go Fishin' 🎣 and Whale Watching too 🐳