Fish Report for 5-14-2023

Sunday Fishing

Sunday Fishing

Tradewinds Crew

Captain Dan of the Mariner set out on a 5 hour fishing adventure. They worked hard and were able to get on some fish even with the heat and heavy winds. When the extreme heat comes it's a shock to the fish and makes the bite slow. But No worries... they snap back within a day and will be hungry! We did get some beautiful rockfish and ling. You truly couldn't ask for a more beautiful day on the water.  

Whale Watching today was amazing and Captain Kaleb of the Kadaho gave every mom on board a flower. Our team works hard to make every trip a memorable one and they truly love what they do. We have a beautiful week ahead and can't wait to take you out on an adventure. Call us at (541)765-2345 to book your spot or by going online at 

Quit Wishin' Go Fishin' 🎣 

and Whale Watching 🐳🐳🐳🐳