Fish Report for 8-5-2022

The Games We Play

The Games We Play

Katie Robertson

As any seasoned fisherman knows, you win some and you lose some. Today was wonderful for one boat going Bottom Fishing but not so great for another. You can never let this discourage you as this is the nature of the beast and we will never give up on giving you a worthwhile trip. 


Salmon has been hit or miss the last four days. We’ve been getting about one a round of keepers but throwing back twice as many wilds. Salmon are much like the migratory Tuna in that they are not always in the expected locations every day but we have had reports that a large pocket of Salmon has been a bit south and are expecting them any day now!  


Tuna season has just kicked off with our first trip on the 1st bringing in 35 fish at 45 miles and the second trip only bringing in 6 fish at 55 miles. There was a northwest wind bringing the cold water and pushing the fish too far out. We are expecting a strong northerly wind today and Saturday so we will reevaluate the Tuna trips this Monday. Book your next trip online or over the phone at (541) 765-2345. Quit Wishin’!