Fish Report for 6-28-2022

Maybe They're Born With It

Tradewinds Crew

Big Blue (Kadaho) does it again! Thanks to the captain and crew our guests were able to spot more of our resident Gray Whales. It's not uncommon for the resident whales to bring their babies along to feed off our reefs. This is always an added treat as we are able to watch the next generation grow up right before our eyes! Gray whales are fanastic mothers. The milk their mothers provide is about 53% fat which is one factor of their quick growth rate. The babies are ready to wean at just 7 months old. Since Gray whale calves often fall prey to Orca whales, mothers must be intense protectors in order to keep them alive. It has been documented that a mother Gray even rolled over and kept her baby on her belly out of the water to keep it away from an Orca. Come see these wonderful bonds in person! Book a cruise with us online or give us a call (541) 765-2345.