Fish Report for 8-19-2021

Forecasted adverse ocean conditions

Forecasted adverse ocean conditions

Noelie Achen ( Vice President )

We are cancelling our scheduled fishing trips for Friday morning, August 20th due to forecasted adverse ocean conditions.  We are looking at the ocean weather carefully and it appears by mid-day Friday things will begin to mellow out and be done with this 3-4 day string of bad ocean weather.  Our main focus is on comfort, safety and good fishing success (CATCHING) for all of our passengers so if you are scheduled for tomorrow morning to fish with us give us a call to re-schedule.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Salmon catch index as of August 15th

Summer marked selective Coho salmon season

As of August 15th we have caught 48.8% of the 120,000 fish quota.  So far from Cape Falcon to the Oregon/California border which is our zone we have caught 58,554 adipose fin clipped Coho salmon. So with only 10 days left in the summer season there is little to no doubt the we will get thru this season without reaching the quota.  All in all it has been a great summer season.  Depoe Bay and Florence are very close to ranking 2-3 in the number of Coho salmon caught.  Depoe Bay is averaging 1.17 fish per angular trip.  Depoe Bay has harvested 6,836 Coho salmon and 286 Chinook salmon while returning 8,286 Coho salmon and returned 58 Chinook salmon.

Fall Non-selective Coho salmon season

The fall season we have a quota of 14,000 non-selective Coho salmon which means we can keep any legal length Coho salmon we catch.  Since we will not reach the summer quota there will be a roll over of some of the quota leftover but normally it does not amount to very much.  The season opens September 10th and is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the month of September thru September 30th.  If history comes thru this September don’t expect that season to last very long.