Fish Report for 4-2-2021

Friday morning fishing report

Noelie Achen ( Vice President )

Decent bite this morning on the inside reefs and outside reefs…decent scores on rockfish and the outside bite on the Lingcod produced quick limits…we even had a few boats crabbing today but no word thus far on the results.  Will post more later.

Friday update….

Fishing was good today across the whole fleet but we had to work for them today as the drifts were changing on every set-up.  Sometimes they were moving to the west and other drifts were moving straight north.  Later in the morning they even moved south a few times.  That makes the boats spin and creates a tough situation but we got it done.

We did have one crabbing boat out this morning as we have not been selling any of those trips as the catch has been poor.  But today we saw a little improvement with 25-crabs coming back on one boat.  Still only about 2-per person but it is starting to improve.  As the weather gets better the crabs will move in closer to shore and we will begin to see some better scores