Fish Report for 8-16-2020

Summer Salmon Season Came to An End Today

Noelie Achen ( Vice President )

Bottom fishing and crabbing

All of the boats were out this morning and everyone or almost everyone headed for the deeper water as that is where the better bite was yesterday.  Deep water fishing with light tackle is a challenging way to fish as it can be hard for novice fisher-people to find the bottom and feel the bites.  It sounded like some of the boats did really well with good catches and there were lots of Lingcod caught this morning as they seem to like the deeper water a little more.

Crabbing improved some today from the past 3-4 days with boats coming in with 4-9 per person depending on. the boat.


The summer salmon season came to an end today as now we wait for the non-selective salmon season to open on Friday and Saturday’s beginning on September 4th.  It will be open all Friday’s and Saturday’s thru September 30th or until a 3,000 fish quota is met.  These September seasons historically go quickly so if you want to go you should be making reservations with us.  More then likely because of the summer quota was not even close to being reached there will be some kind of a roll over so hopefully a few more then a 3,000 fish quota.  This season is a popular one as we do not have to throw back and Coho salmon that still have the adipose fin.  If it is legal size we can keep it.