Fish Report for 7-27-2020

Good Variety Out There Today

Good Variety Out There Today

Noelie Achen ( Vice President )

Bottom fishing & crabbing

The ocean was a bit nautical this morning so it was a “Big Boat” day.  The ocean did get better as the morning and day went on so that was a good thing for the folks onboard.  Heard the the fishing was pretty good as a few spots that have been dead for the past few weeks went on the bite this morning.  That was a good thing as these spots are not nearly as far north as we have had to go here recently.

Had some really good variety out there today with Black and Blue rockfish and a nice assortment of Canary’s.  Most of the groups on board had at least one Lingcod.  The picture posted is two nice Lingcod brought back to the filet table on the Mr Max today.  One granddaddy Lingcod and its grandson.  

No report today the crabbing but I would bet the ranch that it was pretty good as it has been the past 5-6 weeks.