Fish Report for 7-4-2020

July 4th Fishing Report

July 4th Fishing Report

Noelie Achen ( Vice President )

All of the Tradewinds boats were out today with all of them except for one on bottom fishing trips.

One TW boat was on a 8-hour combo trip with salmon, bottom fish and crabbing. The vessel spent close to 3-hours on the salmon grounds and they did from radio reports heard one take home fish, had a few throw backs and a few other bites.  Bottom line is still pretty slow.

The bottom fishing boats are did well with a number of them close to limits and some Lingcod did make it to the filet table.  Lots of variety today with the usual shallow water bass types, some Cabezon caught today which are legal to keep after July 1st and some mid-water species like Canary rockfish.  A good catching day all around after another minus tide slow start to the biting.

The crabbing was nothing short of GREAT with good numbers on all boats.  One boat came very close to a total limit (12) for all participants onboard.