Fish Report for 8-25-2019

Sunday Fishing Report

Noelie Achen ( Vice President )

 Bottom Fishing & crabbing

We did have four boats out today all bottom fishing as no other fishing was on the books this morning.  One boat did report in and said that the current was extremely heavy and in the shallow water spots that can mean really fast and furious action and that was the case this morning.  Most of the boats observed folks getting off the boats with totes hopefully with fish in them so it looked like it was a good day.  One crabbing report said that the crabbing as it has been the past few days was very good.

Sounds like a very windy afternoon today and all day tomorrow but the rest of the week sounds really nice with nice days in the forecast.


Remember offshore Halibut takes place every Friday and Saturday until the quota runs out and it is a two fish limit.


Not sure when the next trips are scheduled so call the office at 541-765-2345 for more information.


Salmon summer selective season closes today and the fall non-selective season gets started next Saturday and Sunday, August 31st & June 1st.  It then goes to a Friday thru Sunday fishery until the end of September or until the quota runs out.