Whale Watching Report

Happy New Year

December 29, 2019

The staff and skippers of Tradewinds Depoe Bay would like to take this time to wish you a very Happy New Year and a most prosperous 2020.

We hope to see you all in this new year for some terrific whale watching adventures.  Right now is a great time as the southerly migration is currently going by for the next several weeks if we can find some nice ocean weather to get you out there.  Give our office a call for weather updates and reservations.  

The Holidays are right around the corner

November 8, 2019

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season holidays are closer then you think and a great way to celebrate the holidays in gift finding is a charter fishing or whale watch trip out of Tradewinds in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  Our gift certificates have no expiration dates so you can use them at anytime in the future when you are in our area and set to go.  


As you can see in the picture we give a plastic card just like a credit card and we can make it worth any amount that you wish.  Just give our office a call at 541-765-2345 and we will assist you in your gift certificate purchase and mail it out to you.

Fall and winter whale watching

September 26, 2019

This is the time of year where the weather quite often makes getting out on the water sometimes difficult and there are less folks coming to the coast for whale watch trips.  The whales will shortly in the middle of October begin making the southerly migration and will be leaving the area.  They will return around the 20th of December on the northerly migration  route. We will run reports when we have reports to.   Best thing to do is call the office and ask them about whales in the area and weather forecasts. We will be back to full time daily reports in the spring.

Ocean weather could be an issue the next few days 9/24

September 24, 2019

The ocean weather for whale watching could be an issue the next few days. So if you are planning on coming down or have a reservation you might consider calling our office on the  day before or the morning of your trip to check with the office on the latest forecast.

Sunday September 22nd whale watching

September 23, 2019

We had no trips out today as the afternoon weather was just not very nice for whale watching with a driving rain most of the late morning into the afternoon. From the shoreline however the whales were only about a quarter mile out in front of the harbor so they are still very much still in the area.

Saturday September 21st report

September 22, 2019

Lots of whales and even more people out there watching them as we had two boats working  late morning and afternoon.  They were for the better part of the day found on the south side of Depoe Bay on a really nice ocean.

Tradewinds Charters – Best of the Best in Lincoln County

September 21, 2019

Tradewinds Charters Depoe Bay was informed this morning that they have been selected the Best Whale Watching Charter and Best Fishing Charter in there best of Lincoln County Awards. We received this award from the Newport News Times newspaper.

We love our customers and appreciate your business.  Thank you for choosing us.

Whale Watching Thursday thru the weekend

September 18, 2019

Sounds like good ocean weather beginning tomorrow (Thursday) thru the weekend as we get to the official end of summer and enter into the fall season.

Next whale watch day

September 17, 2019

It sure looks like Thursday for next WW trips as we have some bad weather …rain, wind and rough seas thru Wednesday.

Whale watching September 15 report

September 15, 2019

Whale Watching

All whale watching was cancelled today as the ocean was very rough, windy  and wet this morning.  The conditions did improve somewhat by afternoon but it was still very wet out on the waters so we decided to cancel todays activities.  Hopefully will see you tomorrow on your future dates you are at the Oregon Coast.

Friday September 6th report

September 7, 2019

So many whales !!  They were north and south of Depoe Bay but the really cool thing especially for those watching from the seawall around Depoe Bay, three or four were right out in front of those seawalls.  Sometimes they were swimming back and forth in front of the harbor entrance.  Boats had to be really careful today.

Wednesday September 4th report

September 4, 2019

No whale watching today due to rough bar conditions. All looks better for tomorrow.

Tuesday September 3rd report

September 3, 2019

Bottom fishing & crabbing and anything else

We had one vessel out this morning as Labor Day has passed and sometimes that means that it will heart a little slower here along the coast.  Did not hear any reports on the fishing trips this morning but didi see the filet table had fish on it.  Nothing on the crabbing as well.

There are still lots of opportunities for your fishing needs left for 2019 as a little ocean type weather will be in here later today into tomorrow but after that the ocean weather looks good Thursday thru the weekend.

There will be Salmon fishing Friday thru Sunday and we will be getting a pretty good rollover from the summer season sometime tomorrow evening (we have heard ????).  The fall quota we are working on now was set around 9,000 fish and the (hopeful) rollover is a good little chunk which will be added onto that which might just get us thru September when it is closing for good for 2019.  One biologist said that the fish because of a certain bait fish in the area are still out here in front of Depoe Bay and more then likely will be here for at least the next few weeks.  The fish are getting bigger.

There is also  offshore Halibut on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) & Tuna any day of the week when we can put trips together.  

Sunday September 1st report

September 2, 2019

Please understand that we are not giving a daily whale watch reports because the whale action is so consistent these past few months that the reports would be saying the same thing day in and day out.  However, if something different happens like Orca whales, Humpback whales, Blue whales and any other cruise related information we will quickly pass it on to you.  In the meantime it is terrific whale watching and you would be thrilled to go out on these beautiful oceans and watch the Gray whales, bird life, marine mammals all performing for you in there very special habitat.

Saturday August 31st report

August 31, 2019

Lots of whales both north and south of the Depoe Bay harbor so nothing different then it has been for the past 2-3 months.  Just excellent sightings and well performing whales.

Sunday August 25th report

August 25, 2019

As the past month in the reports suggests there is nothing new in the whale watching front off of Depoe Bay.  It is terrific sightings with lots of whales in the area and you will see on almost all occasions multiple whales on our trips out of Tradewinds.

August 17th report

August 17, 2019

Nothing new to tell you except that things are just the same with daily great whale watching. Quite a few Humpback whales spotted yesterday but they are quite a good number of miles offshore where the Tuna boats saw them.  They do on occasion however come in pretty close where we can get to them.

Sunday August 11th

August 11, 2019

Nothing new on the whale watch front. Just lots of them doing all of the dives and spouting that they do.. Excellent whale watching going on here at Tradewinds.

Friday August 9th report

August 9, 2019

Lots of them!!!

Not sure what else to tell the readers except there are lots of them around and it would be rare if you did not get to see multiple whales on a Tradewinds whale watch trip.  So come on down especially when the ocean weather is just beautiful.

Ocean weather update

August 5, 2019

If you are planning a trip to the coast to see the whales and enjoy the Oregon Coast now might be the time. The Marine forecast all the way thru this weekend into the 1st day of next week is calling for perfect ocean conditions with almost no ocean winds in the forecast for the morning hours into the afternoon.  That makes whale watching and viewing them a really great time.  Come down and go with the #1 charter office on the coast….Tradewinds Charters Depoe Bay.  

WHALE WATCHING with Tradewinds

August 4, 2019


(sent to us by a customer on the boat who allowed us to use the photos) 

Tuesday July 30th report

July 30, 2019

Read yesterday’s report and the addition to that written today is that the whales that were missing from yesterday are back and there seems to have brought some others back with them.  They are everywhere!!!

Monday July 29th report

Minke Whales

We had several Minke whales show up off of Lincoln City this morning that the fishing boats were watching.  They are the smallest of the whales we see around here measuring full grown maybe in the 25-foot range.

Gray whales

Not as many whales around today but still more then enough for the folks on the Tradewinds cruise boats to see.  Some moved up the coast about 8 miles out in front of Lincoln City but don’t be alarmed they will be back.  In the meantime the 3-4 we still have around all put on good shows.

Thursday July 25th report

July 26, 2019

We are not reporting too much about the whale activity mainly because we run out of things to say.  The whale watching is nothing short of spectacular.  Certainly we have days that the whales perform better so to speak then other days but we see them every day and in multiple numbers.  If we have something different on a day about the whales like we have seen Blue whales or Humpback whales we will certainly report that immediately.  In the meantime we will give a report every 4-5 days just on the going’s on we are witnessing.

Monday July 22nd report

July 22, 2019

Lots and lots of whales and they are so close and so easily found that a 1-hour trip with Tradewinds gives you close to the full hour to be around the whales.  Of course, a different day can be different and we might have to travel 5-10 minutes to get where they are but that is on almost every day an easy task.

“SCARBACK” is back with us this summer who is a whale that has been coming to our area for the summer months since she was a young whale.  Getting close to 40 years now.

Friday July 19th report

July 19, 2019

We are at the end of the week and since our last report nothing has changed as whale watching remains excellent.  There are quite a good number of them in the area and easily found.  Some are more frisky then others and put on better shows where some possibly are younger whales and are a bit more shy.  Still, a great time to come down and see the summer whales we have in the area.

Sunday July 14th report

July 14, 2019


They are everywhere & everyone is viewing them whether up close on the boats or from the sea wall out in front of Depoe Bay.  Could not be better sightings.

Friday July 12 report

July 12, 2019

Nothing new on the whale sightings as they remain excellent with whales being found and observed both north and south of the harbor entrance and today they were also right out in front of the harbor on both sides of the entrance channel. Probably can’t get a whole lot better.

Wednesday WW reports

July 10, 2019

Somewhat unusual two days of rain that will end late this afternoon with wind and a moderate swell in and around the Depoe Bay area.  All will be out of here by tomorrow morning with summer conditions returning in time for morning fishing and afternoon trips as well as whale watching.

Did see some early morning whales right out in front of the harbor feeding as they normally do all summer long.

Whale Watching on the Mr Max

Take a whale cruise with Tradewinds and the Mr Max and this is what you would see on a typical trip.  Whale tails, seals, birds and Whale Cove sea life.  All days and trips are different depending on length of trip and where the whales are located.

(Thanks to one of our customers onboard the Mr Max for providing these pictures)

July 6-7 weekend report on the whales

July 6, 2019

There are lots of them out and around the Depoe Bay area.  Your chances of seeing them is extremely high even though we cannot guarantee that but it would be a bet you would and should take if offered.  I do remember a week ago they just were gone only to find them the next day up off Lincoln City about 12 miles north.  They were back in two days and now seem to be here for the duration…we hope? A very good family activity especially with the beautiful oceans we have had here lately.


Happy Birthday America

July 3, 2019

Have a great holiday everyone from Tradewinds !!

Wednesday July 3rd report

Lots of whales out there and most of them today were up off of Government Point and the Fogarty Creek area.  They are in there feeding and putting on good shows for the folks on the boats.  Great time to come down and see them as they will be here thru the summer months into early fall and right now the summer weather is terrific.

Sunday June 30 whale watch report

July 1, 2019

Lots of whales out there today really close to the harbor entrance and for about an hour they were close to almost entering the entrance.  Then they moved out further and were north of the city for most of the day feeding.  Great whale watching as it normally is during the summer months.

Friday June 28 report

June 29, 2019

Excellent whale watching today with whales both north and south of the city and there were even some reports of others spotted offshore a few miles which might be Humpback whales swimming by.  No report as of now of those whales being seen.

Thursday June 27th report

June 27, 2019

Sorry , but have been gone for a few days and it was a good thing as the last part of last weekend and the first two days of this week the whales were gone !!….but not far as they were up off of Lincoln City to the north but are now back where they belong right off of Depoe Bay for great whale watching.  We. have several of them maybe up to a half dozen around the area feeding in the rich food deposits off the coast here.

WW report June 20th

June 20, 2019

Good sighting today on the whale watch efforts as all of our trips it was reported had good success and the folks onboard had some good whale watch Kodak moments.  The winds have calmed down a lot so the whales are easily found now and putting on some good shows.

Whale watch report June 18th

June 18, 2019

Three trips out on the water today with a strange first trip of only finding one whale and that whale was at the best shy and not much of a show.  It did come up quite often but other then that not a great show.  By the time we got out there for the 2nd trip of the day about a half hour later there whales pretty much everywhere with a conservative estimate of between 7-8 of them.  That also continued in the 3rd trip with lots of whales to watch and lots of tail shots that produced some great Kodak moments.

Sunday WW quick note

June 17, 2019

Good day on Sunday as the ocean got better as the day went on and we not only had quite a few Gray whales but also some really cool Orca whales in the area as well.

June 15th whale watch report

June 15, 2019

Lots of whales out there both north and south of the city today and we normally try to look at different ones out there if we know after viewing some where to find the others.  All of them do different things and some are more friendly then others as some tend to be more bashful.  They are all fun to watch however.  A picture here that shows a group of school kids or from another group as they went out with us to see the whales.  We call these our “pumpkin cruises” as younger kids in these type of groups are required to wear certified lifejackets so the orange makes it a “pumpkin cruise”. All had a great time.  It was somewhat on the windy side out there this afternoon but with only a 1-2 foot cruise the ocean was just fine for this day.

Tuesday June 11 update

June 11, 2019

Lots of whales out there today on a beautiful day and finally very little if any wind out there.  The wind has been a problem lately but hopefully we are out of that pattern as today finding the Whales was quite easy with spouts spotted both North and South of the harbor entrance.

Tuesday June 4th report

June 4, 2019

Quite a few whales out there as there were upwards of three of them on the Northside when the fishing boats were going out earlier this morning and then in the afternoon more were found down on the south side of the harbor.  Good nice sunny day to watch whales.

Saturday whale watching

June 1, 2019

There were lots of whales in the area today most of them up north of the city out in front of Boiler Bay State Park.  All of them were putting on good shows for the Tradewinds faithful.

Friday whale watch report

May 24, 2019

Had a decent ocean forecast for today with a growing swell coming in later in the day into tonight but as it does sometimes it came in a lot earlier then forecasted.  Thus, NO whale watching today.  Better ocean weather certainly by Sunday.

Better ocean weather on the way

We do have a fishing boat out this morning on a decent ocean so whale watching today will be a GO.  Tomorrow sounds a little on the “iffy” side but Sunday moving forward looks like good weather thru the forecast period well into next week.

Late spring weather issues

May 22, 2019

We are in the midst of some late spring bad ocean weather which might be here for the rest of this work week but as spring weather can be it can change overnight and be really nice the next day.  Today, however is not very nice out there and we will let you know when things look like they are changing.

Monday whale watch report

May 13, 2019

The whales are here in full pre-summer time presence with up to six whales out there this afternoon on our whale watch trips.  All six of them were just a little bit on the south side of the city about a half mile offshore and put on really neat shows for the people on our vessels.

Whales are out there

May 11, 2019

Lots of whales out there right now the past few days and they are easily found with the really nice ocean conditions we are experiencing right now.  We are seeing them on every trip and the whales are putting on good shows for the folks onboard our vessels.  Sounds like really nice ocean conditions well into next week.

Beautiful Spring Forecast

May 9, 2019

The forecast all the way thru the forecast period which goes into a few days into next week is telling us to expect  beautiful conditions no matter if you want to fish or whale watch here on the Central Oregon Coast.  We are forecasted to get beautiful calm seas with no rain and hardly any wind in the forecast to speak.  Should make for great fishing conditions  & if you choose whale watching to easily spot and take good pictures of  the whales.  Easily qualifies for a good time for a whole family outing on the ocean waters.  Give us a call and make the reservation.

Saturday whale watch report

May 4, 2019

Did not hear anything from the cruise boats today but the fishing boats saw them this morning on the calmer seas we had so they are there.  Had afternoon winds the past several days which makes viewing them more difficult.

Whales-Beautiful Weather-Calm Seas

April 29, 2019

Finally, we have some real nice spring weather with at least the next week by any forecast model we have seen sunny skies and calm seas.  Put that alongside of quite a few whales out there should give you a reason to come down to the coast and go Whale Watching with Tradewinds.  The next rain we are seeing might not be till Tuesday of the following week & calm seas it looks like thru next weekend.  Come down and see us.

Maybe better weather by end of the week

April 15, 2019

Sounds like things will begin to improve by Thursday of this week.  No forecast yet for the weekend but Thursday and Friday look decent so far.

We were hopeful today (Wednesday)

April 10, 2019

The Good News is that after over a week of bad weather we did get a fishing boat out this morning on a fairly decent ocean at sail time.   Come about the last hour or so of that trip the Bad News happened and the Bad Weather came back in and really quickly.  So we were unable to get out even on a single Whale Watch trip this afternoon.  We are back into a bad ocean forecast for at least thru the weekend.  Mostly high surf and rainy conditions in the forecast.  As normal we will let you now when things improve.

Bad Weather Folks

April 7, 2019

We have some pretty bad weather down here now with ocean swells up over 20 foot at times.  We will let you know when things  begin to get better and were guessing not until at least the start of next week.

Wednesday WW Report

April 3, 2019

As we have been saying mostly for the past month WW. has been really good as we are getting to see both the migrators and it seems some of the local/resident whales beginning to show up.  It has been said that the migrators don’t spend a whole lot of time swimming into the shallows to feed as they have a mission and they speed along there way basically not worrying about to much else.  We have however been seeing a lot of shallow swimming whales who appear to be feeding along the shallow water coastline which makes you think that maybe a few are back in our area to stay.

Same story different day

March 30, 2019

Lots and lots of whales and some of them do appear to be here for the long haul.  Meaning they appearto to be feeding along the rocky shoreline which is what they all do in the late spring snd summer months.  Most of the TRUE migrators have their sights geared on the long haul up two the Alaskan waters so hopefully some of our local-resident whales are here to stay already.

Lots of whales every trip

March 29, 2019

The fishing boats saw them this morning going and coming home on there trips and all of the WW boats saw them this afternoon on a really nice ocean.  The ocean waters will be getting better and better all weekend long into the first part of next week by the forecast so come on down and take in a Tradewinds WW trip.  We have one and two hour excursions.

Thursday whale watching

March 28, 2019

Many whales out there today as the ocean weather turned for the good despite a bad forecast.  It was a little wet but only at times and the ocean itself was really nice.  It will get even better tomorrow thru the weekend into next week. Great time to come down folks.

Whales a plenty

The whales are still going by in good numbers most of them migratory whales quickly heading north and are putting on good shows as they go by the Depoe Bay Area.  We also have spotted quite a few that seem to be feeding along the shoreline and might or might not be the first signs of the resident whales.

Spring Break whale watching

March 25, 2019

The past there days except fore Saturday which had very rough ocean conditions the whale watching has been good but not spectacular like we are used to on most days.  We saw whales on every trip out in deeper water and inside in the more shallow stuff but they were not for some reason not as active as they are most of the time.  Some were even moving to the south and feeding in the shallow water which is somewhat unusual this time of year with most moving quickly on the migration to the north.  We even saw one that was in some manner in a crab pot line and was trying to get loose from it.  We of course called the folks who deal with this kind of thing to hopefully take care of the situation.  Normally they go out with a rubber inflatables and try to cut the crab line away from the whale with normally pretty good success.  About four hours later on one of our boats went back out there and the whale was no where to be found in the exact area so we are hopeful either he/she freed itself or someone was able to help the whale out.  We hope for the best.  Today Monday, we also found whales before we were blown off the water with some heavy rain and wind that came into the area.  Suppose to be better by tomorrow.

Monday report

March 18, 2019

Lots of whales out there fairly close to shore and putting on really good shows for the folks onboard.

Ocean not nice on Sunday

March 17, 2019

It was a beautiful day in Depoe Bay but the ocean especially the half mile between where the bell buoy  (entrance buoy) is and the harbor was very rough today.  So NO boats went out this afternoon to see the whales.  We are sure they are there and tomorrow (Monday) is forecasted to be a really nice day on land and at sea.

Lots of whales

March 16, 2019

Good time to be here to see the northerly migration of the Gray whales as they are going by in bunches right now.  We have really good weather today to be on the ocean so if you want to see some whales now is the time.

Whales in the area

March 7, 2019

We have run whale tours three out of the last four days and have found whales in shallow water spots all three of those times.  Even though we are historically a week or two early for the main passing of the northerly migration they seem to be going thru the area already.  Someone told me the other day that possibly there are more today then many years in the past so they might be going in each direction of the migration a little earlier each year.  For those of you who want to see the migratory whales it seems as if the passing by Depoe Bay has begun.

Getting ready for springtime

March 2, 2019

As we approach the beginning of spring now that we are in the month of March our office will be open everyday to get ready for the Spring Breaks and the summer tourist season beginning Friday, March 8th. Our office will be open to take reservations for both fishing and whale watching and answer your questions as our good ocean weather is is starting to happen. Give us a call and watch for our discount coupons which will be appearing on our website soon.

Central Oregon & Idaho Sportsman Shows

February 15, 2019

Tradewinds just completed five very successful days in Portland at the Expo center at the Pacific Northwest Sportsman Show. We now will be moving on to Redmond, Oregon for the Central Oregon Sportsman Show. The dates of this show are February 28th thru March 3rd. We hope to see you all there. We will also the same four days be in Boise, Idaho for the Idaho Sportsman Show so hope to see you folks from the surrounding Idaho area at that show as well.?

Portland Sportsman Show

January 28, 2019

Hey Folks…Hope you are planning on visiting the Portland Sportsman Show scheduled for February 6-7-8-9-10 at the Expo Center in Jantzen Beach along the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon. Tradewinds Charters will be there and will have some valuable discounts for you so look us up and lets get ready for the 2019 season. It should be a great year for viewing the whales and all of the beautiful scenery off the Oregon Central Coast. See ya there.