Whale Watching Report

Happy New Year 2019

December 27, 2018

To all of our past and future customers:

We hope the New Year brings you and your family much happiness and success. Hope to see you all at Tradewinds in 2019. Happy New Year to you all.

Merry Christmas from Tradewinds

December 24, 2018

Tradewinds Charters and all its boat captains and employees would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Tradewinds holiday gift certificates

December 18, 2018

Want to give a great gift for Christmas to a friend or family member who likes to watch whales You might consider a Tradewinds gift certificate and you can make it for any amount that you wish to cover a whale watch trip for one or more people. All you have to do is call the Tradewinds ticket office and they will send you one thru the mail immediately. No expiration date on these certificates. If you get it done in the next few days you will have it before Christmas Day. Call them at 541-765-2345 and Happy Holidays to all of you.

Southerly migration of the Gray whales

December 16, 2018

For all of you fans of the migration of the Gray whales we will be running daily trips out to see the migrating whales daily ocean weather permitting of course. ?Call our office directly at 541-765-2345 for ocean weather reports and reservations. ?We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

November 19, 2018

This time of year is the time of the year where we give thanks for the great country that we all live in and for spending time with our families. Hope this holiday season is special for you and your loved ones and we hope to see you all for the 2019 fishing and whale watch seasons. Remember ocean weather permitting the Christmas holidays coming up is a great time to come down and watch the southerly migration of the Gray whales as they move by the Depoe Bay Area.

Off-season information

October 19, 2018

We are in the off-season as we call it so we are not running trips daily as we would in the summer months.  We are operational and running fishing trips and whale watch tours when the ocean is nice and when we have folks wanting to go. So please give us a call and schedule your fishing trip or whale watch tour and our office will tell you when we have them scheduled and the departure times.  Our office is normally open at 10am at the latest and they will be able to give you the information you need.  Call us at 541-765-2345. 

1st of week report

September 17, 2018

Just so many whales around the area the chancse of seeing them have to be above 99%.  There are at least 5-6 of them right out in front of the harbor about a half mile out and the fishing boats saw at least 10-12 up off of Lincoln City along the beaches.  I can only imagine just on the north side and south side of Depoe Bay there were probably more.  The best whale watching we have had in years and even on those years it has been great to say how good it is right now.

Ocean weather forecast for the week

We will keep you up to date as the days go by this week but for whale watchers everyday this week thru Sunday looks good right now except for Saturday of all days.  Real nice ocean conditions with very little wind is forecasted except Saturday which right now is showing moderate to heavier winds and a 7-10 foot swell.  Things change but right now you might want to keep an eye on the weather forecasts especially Saturday.

Saturday whale report

September 15, 2018

Still more whales then you will see anywhere out in there own environment feeding and getting ready for the late fall return to the Mexican waters this winter.  There was even a Humpback or two spotted a few miles offshore heading south.

Mid week whale report

September 13, 2018

Still lots of whales out there and today we saw quite a few of them.  The ocean was still a little bit bouncy from the past few days weather but all is suppose to be cleared out of here tomorrow thru the weekend.

Tuesday whale watching report

September 11, 2018

No whale watching today as it was a little too “nautical” out there this afternoon.  Windy & rough seas.  All suppose to be back together by tomorrow.

Weekend whale report

September 8, 2018

Lots of whales today as they were swimming around right out in front of the harbor between the harbor entrance and the 1st buoy.  They were also elsewhere north and south of the harbor area but there were three of them right in front this morning which is where most of the whale watch boats were on the first trips of the day.

Mid-week Whale watch report

September 6, 2018

Not much to tell that has not been said already.  Cloudy and some fog out there today but the whales are so plentiful they again were easily found as we were Thursday and viewed multiple whales.  Plenty of time to see them as they will be here at least thru the end of September and probably towards the middle of October.

Labor Day weekend whale report

September 2, 2018

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone….

Even with all the wind and cranky sea conditions we have right now out there the whales are easily found and just about everywhere.  One of the fishing boats out there this morning had whale watching supreme all morning long as they seemed to be in the fishing spots even or the boats were fishing in the whale feeding spots.

Friday whale watch report

August 31, 2018

Not much more to say other then what we have been saying for some time now….whale watching is excellent with multiple whales to be seen both out front of the city and both north and south of the city.  They are mostly feeding in shallow waters with some occasional Humpback’s a little further offshore if any boats out there report them and not to far out to travel out there.

Whale watch report – Sept 26-29

August 29, 2018

Still lots of whales out there and they will all be here thru September into October sometime.  It has been a little lumpy out there the past three days but we still find the whales even on choppy days so come on down and jump onboard.  The whale watch weather appears to be much better this afternoon and even better beginning Thursday.

Friday whale watch report

August 25, 2018

As we have ben saying all summer long excellent whale watching today and everyday for that matter.  Quite a few whales in the area maybe more then a dozen in the immediate area and some a mile or so south and more up off Lincoln City about 8 miles north.  Some are better whales then others in showing tails when they dive but all put on a good show.  Today they were both right out in front of the city and  just a little boat ride north and south of the city.  It can’t get a whole lot better then summer 2018.

Mid-week whale report

August 22, 2018

Still nice oceans and sea conditions and lots of whales to see out of Tradewinds Depoe Bay.  You get too see multiple whales on each trip generally and they all have different habits and are of different size whales as well.  Smaller ones and larger ones.  It is a great time to come down and see them do there thing in the waters right off of Depoe Bay.

Weekend whale report

August 19, 2018

Pretty much all is the same as it has been all summer with lots of whales pretty much any direction that you go out of Depoe Bay.  At least a dozen and probably more then that here as resident whales in the area this summer.  We also have Humpback whales going by now and have seen quite a few in the past week or so.  They are mostly offshore a few miles going by the area but we have seen a few inside right along with the Gray whales.

Friday whale report

August 17, 2018

Lots of whales today most of them up north outside the Boiler Bay State Park area… news was there are 4-5 of them up there splashing around and feeding.

Mid week whale report

August 15, 2018

Not much has changed. Excellent sightings of a really good number of whales out there really close to the shoreline.  You get to spend almost the entire hour watching whales as we are so to speak, on them so quickly  meaning that we find the easily.

Sunday NO fog day

August 12, 2018

Finally a day from start to finish with NO fog on the water and for that matter anywhere in the area.  We began whale watching around 11am or a little after and are still to this hour running trips out there.  It is a little windy and choppy on the water this afternoon but the Gray whales are everywhere and easily found on this day.  There were also some Humpback whales offshore but unfortunately they were a little to far to get to on a 1-hour trip.  The fishing boats out there fishing salmon all commented on the fantastic show they put on with breaching one time after another.  One boat commented that one Humpback actually breached completely out of the water.

Saturday whale watch report

August 11, 2018


Friday whale report

Lots of whales everywhere.  They were north of the city, right out from of the city and south of the city.  No matter where the fishing boats went this morning there were whales including Humpback whales up off of Lincoln city reefs.

Last there days of whale watching

August 9, 2018

Whales in the fog was the last few days but we have experienced operators who along with others out there scouting for them were able to locate them and the days have been really good on sightings and performing whales.  It has been a great summer for the whales as we have stated many times before there seem to be lots of them to choose from this summer.

Weekend whale report

August 5, 2018

As it has ben all summer lots of whales even quite a few 7-8 miles up north where the fishing boats were this morning.  Most of the boats got in some good whale watching while they were catching fish.  The whales on a today’s beautiful flat ocean are easy to find and they are still in good numbers right out front of Depoe Bay.

Thursday whale watch action

August 2, 2018

We have only been reporting the whale watch activity sometimes every other day because the activity out there is simply so good where the chances of the people going out on our boats to see whales is well upwards of 95%.  Now that much  of the fog has gone away we are once again seeing them if multiple numbers and many different places both north and south of the harbor entrance.  Some are shy whales which basically are out there to feed and ignore the boats and others show tails on the dives and some even swim up to the boats.  We are trying to keep our distance from them which by law we have to do but some just are so used to the boats here and on there southerly migration that the boats just are part of a daily routine.

Wednesday whale watch update

August 1, 2018

None of the whale watch boats are out there yet as they will be starting here in just a little while but one thing is for sure they will have a great day taking the folks out to see the whales.  For the first time in nearly 2 1/2 weeks a totally clear ocean with NO FOG and the whales were back to being easily found north and south of the city and some really close to the entrance to the harbor.  It will be a great day !!

Sunday whale watch rport

July 29, 2018

Does not seem to be as many whales around here as a week or two ago but still more then enough to show all of the people going on the trips here lately.  Most of the ones we saw today were about a mile south of the city in close to the rocky areas feeding.

Thursday whale watch report

July 26, 2018

It was quite foggy out there again today and today it was socked in a little bit closer to the shoreline making finding the whales more difficult.  We did find them on all of the trips but could not find as many as we have been on a clear day.  Sounds like the heat wave in the valley which is causing all of this fog will be out of here by first of next week.

Monday thru Wednesday whale reports

July 25, 2018

Nothing has changed except for a good amount of fog in the area but it has gotten better in the afternoon hours which allow us to find the many whales we have in the area since late spring here in the area.  Whale watching right now and probably will continue to be excellent thru the summer months.

Sunday whale watch report

July 22, 2018

Lucky we were today as we have pea soup fog with us all day but a few of the whales were in the place where it might have been the only spot where there was no fog.  Right out in front of the harbor entrance out maybe a quarter mile was a little foggy but we still had decent visibility and had good sightings for the first two excursions.  If we had to go out past the first entrance buoy it would have been hunting a needle in a haystack to coin a phrase.

Friday and Saturday whale watch report

July 21, 2018

Its been windy down here the past few days but the ocean even though breezy was pretty nice out there and we had excellent sightings.  They were out front of Depoe Bay and down south a ways which is where we found them today.  You want as a whale watch boat captain to sort the whales out as some of the younger ones don’t perform as the older ones do.  They younger ones seem to dive more quickly and not show a tail like the more mature ones do commonly. Just an observation and certainly not what older and younger whales do naturally.

Wednesday and Thursday whale reports

July 20, 2018

On Wednesday the majority of the whales we saw were down south a ways down by Rocky Creek and even as far south as Gull Rock.  Both places between 1-3 miles to our south.  Of course possibly there were some a lot closer but we had fog in the area most of the day.  Not real  heavy fog but certainly enough to limit some visibility to find the whales.  We found them on every trip.

Today they were back in the area of right out front of the city and were easily found out there in good numbers.

Tuesday whale report

July 17, 2018

They are still. here in good numbers and expect that to keep up for several more months.  A great time to come down and watch the whales.

Sunday whale report

July 15, 2018

Lots of whales north south and right out front of the city.  As we have said before it is difficult to come up with something new to tell you about the fantastic whale watching we are having this summer other then to tell you that it is fantastic.  It is well worth the drive over here and the price of the trip to see these whales in there natural habitat feeding and taking care of the young whales.  Call Tradewinds at 541-765-2345 and make a reservation.

Thursday whale watch report

July 12, 2018

It would have been a tough day on the water watching whales today as the ocean is very rough today so all  trips were cancelled.    Tomorrow it is possible as the forecast shows diminishing winds by afternoon so possibly tomorrow we will get back out there.  For sure Saturday.

Sunday & Monday whale watch report

July 9, 2018

Same old song folks.  Both days really nice weather and more whales then you might be able to count.  Someone told us today that maybe as many as 30-whales in the area though I don’t know if I believe that or not?  However, guaranteed there are lots of them.  This morning about a half mile to the north there were five of them in the area of a basketball floor swimming and feeding in the same spot.  Quite a show!!

Saturday whale watch report

July 8, 2018

I know that we took a bunch of folks out today as we had two boats going all day and I also know they saw whales on everyone of the excursions.  The whales which are still in incredible numbers right close to Depoe Bay were both south and north, out by the entrance buoy and even some right next to the rocks out in front of the city.  Great whale watching.

Thursday whale watch report

July 5, 2018

Going to give you the Thursday report even before the boats begin the tours around 11am today.  Was on one of the fishing boats this morning and they (whales) are literally everywhere.  Saw many-many tail shots as they were diving down to gorge on krill and other favorite meals today.  It just can’t get much better for you folks looking to see whales.

Happy Birthday America

July 4, 2018

Hope all of you folks out there are enjoying a great family day on this very special national holiday.

Tuesday whale watch report

July 3, 2018

Lots of whales out there again today with quite a few of them right inside next to the entrance to the harbor.  Bringing a boat into Depoe Bay this summer sometimes can be interesting as whales have been surfacing right in front of boats this summer.  Drive slowly and no issues.

Monday whale watch report

July 2, 2018

The ocean a little choppy out there today as there is no wind and lots of sunshine but there must be something going on offshore to cause this.  It is still  plenty alright to go out and see the whales which we are currently doing and lots of them to see.



Sunday whale watching

Hard for me to add anything to what I have been telling you the past few weeks.  It is excellent and as close to a 100% chance to see whales as you can get.  Not only that but multiple whales.  Nothing is a total sure thing but this is close.

Saturday whale watch report

June 30, 2018

Same as the past week or two but not as many here in the area today only about a dozen. LOL

Friday whale watch report

June 29, 2018

Another beautiful day on the ocean waters and another fantastic day of whale watching.  Whales right out in front of the sea wall in Depoe Bay and whales right out at the entrance buoy to the harbor a half mile out.  Whales both north and south of Depoe Bay anywhere from a football field in length to a few miles.  Lots of whales to watch which is good as some perform a lot better then others. By law we have to stay 30o feet from the whales when we are watching them but if the whales swim up towards the boats that is legal.  When we set up initially we try to keep that football field (300 feet) in length.

Another great Thursday whale watch report

June 28, 2018

Not much more to say about whale watching which has not been said already because it is just an amazing summer of whale watching so far.  For that matter the springtime was also very good.  There are consistently more whales here in the area now then there has been in quite some time with upwards of at least a dozen and more then likely more then that.  The feed in the area for them is obviously as good as it has been as that is why the are here and staying around.  If you have not been here to Tradewinds yet this year you might consider coming soon and seeing us as it can’t I believe get any or much better.

Tuesday whale watch report

June 27, 2018

Had two boats going with full cruises today and they did not dissapoint with really good sightings on all of the cruises.  It was a little bouncy out there today with the afternoon wind but the whales were quite playful on all of the cruises.  Tomorrow is suppose to be the opposite with wind in the morning and a nicer afternoon so the forecasters are saying.

Monday whale report

June 25, 2018

A nice day on Monday after a morning of rain showers. Once that cleared out the sun came out and it became really nice and was easy to find the whales on our trips today. Again, lots of whales out there to see. They were feeding right outside the entrance to Depoe Bay and also out about a half mile. Really good sightings out there today and should continue thru the summer months.

Sunday whale watch report

June 24, 2018

No wind on the water today but there was quite a bit of fog. ?However, we had whales almost directly right out in front of the harbor so we were able to find them and have good sightings.

Saturday whale watch report

June 23, 2018

Same as the past two days. The whales did move closer to the Depoe Bay area with quite a few of them right out front but the were also north and south of the harbor area. Never seen this many here.

Friday whale report

June 22, 2018

To save my fingers and typing skills please read Thursday’s whale report. It was exactly the same.

A day whale watchers live for

June 21, 2018

There were estimates of up to a dozen plus whales in the area today and if the whale watch boat travelled a mile or so to the south the folks onboard would of been able to see all of them as they were in the same basic area feeding in as much food as they could devour. A great day to be a whale and for those watching them.

Whale watch report without the report

June 20, 2018

Did not need the boat whale watching to report today as it was terrific. Whales again pretty much everywhere north and south, right out front of the harbor and even right up next to the Depoe Bay harbor entrance. Great sightings and a good number of whale tail shots.

It must be summer

June 19, 2018

It was a beautiful sunny day with just a light breeze on the water today and of course lots of whales. They put on a great show today as we had to use multiple boats and we were grateful to the over 175 folks who went out on whale watch trips with us today. Depoe Bay is full of folks going fish and whale watching and Tradewinds and the whales did not disappoint.

Monday whale report

June 18, 2018

Pretty much in the same spots as yesterday with several between the channel entrance to the harbor out to the entrance buoy. The others were anywhere from Rocky Creek south of Depoe bay a few miles to right out in front on the north side. Lots of whales to see.

Sunday whale watch report

June 17, 2018

Got out there today to find several whales about a half mile out right out in front of the harbor. A good thing to as the east wind brought some hotter air to the coast from the inland areas which produced some light fog outside of where the whales were feeding. Good sightings today with some good tail shots to be seen.

Saturday whale watch report

June 16, 2018

No whale watch trips today as the ocean and the bar crossing was very rough today. Tomorrow is another day.

Lots of whales on Thursday

June 15, 2018

No matter what time of the day yesterday or if you were on a fishing or whale watch trip the whale sightings were excellent. They were in both directions out of Depoe Bay including right out in front of the harbor.Lots of tail shots yesterday also. Some of the whales show their tails on a dive and others don’t.

Wednesday whale watch report

June 13, 2018

Had good whale sightings as there were a few up off of Fogarty Creek a few miles north of the city. They were in pretty close however right next to some wash rocks so a little tough to get in closer to them. There were also some spotted offshore about 17-20 fathoms west and have not heard anything but wondering if that could be some Humpback whales migrating north. A little deep this time off year for Gray whales.

Monday whale watching

June 11, 2018

The ocean was just beautiful today unlike the weekend where it was rainy and choppy out there. Today it was blue skies and sunny with light winds and a beautiful day to watch whales. The whales were for the most part right out in front of the harbor and today one of the better ones was entertaining the folks onboard showing his tail on his dives.

Weekend whale watch action

It was a semi-choppy seas weekend and at times pouring down rain but we had even with that excellent whale watch action all weekend. The folks come down to see whales and it is Oregon went out with us despite the wet conditions and had a great time.

Friday whale watch report

June 8, 2018

Its quite wet out there today as the rain began around 12:30pm or so and seems to be leaving the message that it may stick around for a day or so. Tomorrow also suppose to be wet however the report is most of the heavier wet stuff will be leaving the area tomorrow morning sometime. Oh yes, we did see whales as Tradewinds always does.

Not today

June 6, 2018

No whale tours today (Wednesday) as the ocean just too rough today. See ya tomorrow.

It must be really close to summer

June 5, 2018

It has to be close to summer as there are whales jut about everywhere out there no matter where you go. Some of our fishing boats reported today that while they were fishing and catching the whales were swimming around the boat. No, if on a fishing trip you do not get charged for whale watching. LOL !!

Monday whale watch report

June 4, 2018

Lots of whales out there and one of there favorite foods is Krill and the ocean right now is loaded with it and we have been seeing whales even out to 150 feet of water vacuuming the krill up as they feed for it on the surface water. ?Quite a sight to see.

Whale watching with a view

June 3, 2018

Was able to watch the whale watch boat today from a distance and watched sometimes go south and then other times north and found whales each and every time on there three excursions today. ?They appeared to all be putting on a great show.

Saturday whale watch report

June 2, 2018

Lots and lots of whales most of them up on the north side but even the fishing boats off of Lincoln City had whales around the areas there were fishing. Guessing around a dozen plus in the area right now.

Lots of whales

June 1, 2018

One of the fishing boats reported in with whales as far south as Gull Rock about five miles south and there were also a few on the north side of Depoe Bay. The count today was around a dozen of them in the area on a simply beautiful ocean.

Whale watching and a free fishing weekend coming up

May 30, 2018

The best weekend of the year other then watching whales at Tradewinds is coming up this upcoming weekend, June 2nd & 3rd as you can fish anywhere in the State of Oregon without a license legally. That means you do not have to buy any of the ODFW fishing licenses for any kind of fish you want to go out hunting for. At Tradewinds Depoe Bay you can go with us on bottom fishing trips and even have crab as a combo free of charge as far as the fishing licenses go. Give us a call and if you have not looked at the cost of fishing license is a great savings.

Tuesday whale watching report

May 29, 2018

One trip out today as the ocean was very windy and choppy but we had really good sightings even with a bouncy ocean. There were multiple whales out there this afternoon.

Have a Great Memorial Day Holiday

May 27, 2018

Hope that your family as you meet together for your holiday destination that you also remember the women and men who have served our country over our country’s history.

Gray whales and Orca whales

May 25, 2018

Good whale watching today even though it was windy and a bit rough but for those who ventured out there with us got a great show of both Gray whales and Orca whales.

Wednesday whale sightings

May 23, 2018

Had one trip out today and the whale(s) were down south about a half mile south out in front of Whale Cove. Your author today just happened to see our boat down there in the afternoon so that is where the information comes from. That is also where we have been finding them the past 3-4 days.

Monday whale report

May 22, 2018

Not a lot of information but we ran two whale watch trips today and we had really good sightings on both trips. The whales were only about a quarter mile to the southside of the harbor entrance area.

Three very successful trips today

May 21, 2018

Had three trips out today with nice sunny weather with lots of Tradewinds whale watchers and had terrific sightings and the whales put on a great show for the folks. The photo above shows one of the whales we were watching today that gave us a great tail shot.

Dreary day but the whales don’t seem to care

May 19, 2018

The weather folks have been having a tough time with the forecast the past few days predicting sunshine and we have been getting very cloudy, some kind of weird rain but might be just heavy mist. Not sure wish. The whales don’t care or don’t seem to as they are out there having a great time feeding in the shallows around the Depoe Bay Area.

Lots of school kids today

May 17, 2018

Had a good day of whale watching with a full cruise at 11am on a really flat overcast & windless ocean perfect for spotting whales. The whales were about a mile or less to the north side of Depoe Bay. We spent the rest of the day with three boats going twice full of school kids down to see probably there first whales out in the wild. The picture above shows them on one of the cruise vessels. All in all (I’m guessing) close to 180 of them (kids not whales)!!

Still around in good numbers

May 7, 2018

Before even the afternoon whale watch trips begin it is safe to say that they are still out there in pretty good numbers. The fishing boats coming back in observed them feeding close to the shorelines and seem to be happy to be here. They don’t seem to be moving quickly at all but enjoying the 24-hour buffet that Depoe BaY provides for them.

Saturday another good day for sightings

May 5, 2018

Lots of whales in the area today as we had three boats out on a busy Saturday watching them perform for us. They were north and south of the harbor today on all the trips. Great day to view them as the weather and ocean conditions were just perfect.

Whales on display

May 4, 2018

On a overcast day complimented by a simply beautiful ocean the whales were easily found and were right out in front of the harbor just out past the entrance buoy. Great sightings and they put on a great show this afternoon for the TW folks.

Orca whales & Gray whales

May 2, 2018

Had two trips today and on the first one we had the usual sightings of the Gray whales and for a big bonus we had a pod of Killer (Orca) whales to see. The 2nd trip the Orca’s were to far away to go find and the Gray whale (1) we did see was tucked in really close to the rocks and we had to watch it from afar. May can be a good month at times to run across a pod of Orca whales.

Choppy but we still found them

Another choppy day out on the water but we were able to find three large Gray whales out a mile or so from the harbor. Good sightings today.

Weather report update

April 30, 2018

The ocean today was somewhat choppy as we get thru a windy last few days but the long range forecast thru the weekend looks really good so it would be a good time to get down here for some great springtime whale watching. We have trips going out tomorrow so anytime you can get down here you will find boats going out thru the weekend.

Sunday whale watch report

April 29, 2018

We did find whales but it was choppy out there this afternoon so the sightings were not as good as they have been so we only ran the one trip today.

Multiple Whales Close to Shoreline

We had three boats out whale watching today and the whales were seen down south of the harbor area in quite chose to the shoreline. The word was that there were multiple whales down there and were feeding only about 300 feet or so off the rocks on the shoreline.

Whales here in good numbers

April 27, 2018

No whale watch trips today as they are out there in good numbers as the fishing boats saw them coming and going from the fishing grounds today. It is also pouring down rain so that would make for a damp whale tour today so we cancelled for the day. Suppose to be better tomorrow.

Wednesday whale watch report

April 26, 2018

Had one trip out today at 12:30 pm and we found plenty of whales out there some as close in as halfway between the bell buoy and the entrance into the harbor. They seem to be around every day so a good time to come down and watch the whales.

Windy-but the whales don’t care

April 22, 2018

Windy out on the waters this afternoon but the whales are in pretty close and feeding along the shoreline. Lots of trips today despite the windy conditions.

No-Go for Saturday

April 21, 2018

It was a beautiful sunny day but the ocean after a rain and wind storm on Friday evening into early Saturday produced a 9-10 foot swell breaking in the entrance so we cancelled for the day. It looks quite a bit better for tomorrow and at least thru Monday.

Whales galore

April 20, 2018

Lots of whales right out in front of Depoe Bay feeding and seemingly staying in the area. That is a good thing as it means that they might be here to stay for the summer months.

Finally got out Thursday

After about two weeks off the water due to bad ocean conditions we were out there and we did see whales. They are quite close in only about a half mile or so offshore and seem to be feeding which might give us the clue that they are here for the duration of the summer months.

Three days of nice weather

April 18, 2018

The forecast experts are predicting some nice weather on and off the ocean waters the next three days with sunshine, low winds and swell thru Friday. The whales are still out there so still a good time to come down and view the migration and resident whales. Right now the weekend ocean weather looks unsettled at this time but that also can change.

Weather update

April 13, 2018

The forecast looks like it is getting somewhat better but you need to call the office about the weekend as it might be marginal as it looks now. Sometimes the NOAA forecast stays offshore and the inshore picture can be a lot different so keep in touch with the office staff for what they are thinking. We will do the same here.

Not a good forecast coming up

April 11, 2018

For the 2nd straight week we have a rainy, windy and moderate seas forecasted it looks like thru next weekend. That can change however and we will keep any eye on it for you but right now it does not look very encouraging.

Friday whale watch report

April 7, 2018

We got out today before the next storm hits over the weekend and as it has been it was terrific whale watching today. We saw whales both in the shallow waters near the coastline that seemed to be feeding and then the ones heading faster to the north outside a few miles. Looks like a few days off here for the weekend with a major rain and wind storm approaches the area tonight. Monday sounds really good with another storm hitting the area Tuesday and Wednesday as it looks so far.

Weather on the Oregon Coast can be unpredictable

April 5, 2018

The weather forecast for the ocean waters off of the Depoe Bay Area is not very good for the next 3-4 days but strange things happen this time of year. So, keep up-to-date with us by looking at our reports as the days go on and we will let you know what to expect day to day. Today, Thursday is not a day you might want to come down to go fishing or whale watching.

Lots of whales

April 3, 2018

There were lots of whales we saw on the fishing trips both inside closer to the shoreline and offshore from where the boats were fishing. The whale watch boats were closer back towards Depoe Bay and seeing just as many. There are really lots of them around right now.

Wet weather is back

April 1, 2018

After a very nice Oregon spring break week the week ahead looks pretty “nautical” as we like to call it. Sounds like rain just about every day thru even the first part of the week following the upcoming one with periods of windy conditions and rough seas to boot. Tuesday of next week looks about the best day of the next week or so. Sometimes these weather reports do not pan out so better just to say that it will be a day to day call as to our activities. As spring gets in a little deeper we will see many more good days then bad ones. I did hear the groundhog did see his shadow!

Happy Easter Everyone from the Tradewinds staff

Have a great day together with your family

a little offshore was the whale watch spot to be

March 31, 2018

There were a few whales inshore along the shoreline but most of the migration was about 32-25 fathoms offshore which is about 3-5 miles to the west. There were quite a few breaching whales out there earlier in the day as reported by fishing boats. Hopefully the cruise boats got to see that also.

Same thing day after day

Not a whole Lot to add as not a lot has changed on the whale front. The sightings are spectacular with whales inshore feeding and whales offshore speeding north on the migration. Everyday has been special even with the occasional pod of Orca whales pushing thru. If you have time come on down.

Whales like the past few weeks… EVERYWHERE

March 29, 2018

One of the fishing boats reported on his way back to port that he saw folks watching whales south of Depoe Bay right around the entrance buoy. Some more a little north and then there were those whales wanting to swim in a little deeper water who were a mile or so offshore. Beautiful weather and a great time to view the migrating whales and those just feeding off the kelp beds in the Depoe Bay Area. Sounds like great weather clear into next week sometime. Call Tradewinds @ 541-765-2345 as we most certainly are the best around.

Only one trip out Tuesday

March 27, 2018

After a nice ocean in the morning for the fishing boats the winds came in along with a 7-foot swell which produced a rough bar and we cancelled the rest of the day. Hope for better tomorrow as the forecast says it should be. Yes, we still did see whales.

Rain and wind but lots of whales

March 26, 2018

It was certainly a rainy day with some breeze and choppy ocean conditions but we still took a bundle of folks out to see the whales and there were lots of them to see. It appeared that they were concentrated around three-quarters of a mile to a mile offshore.

Sunday whale watching

March 25, 2018

Not only a huge number of Gray whales to watch Sunday but we all got a real treat when a few of these Orca whales showed up. Only @ Tradewinds Depoe Bay

All hands on deck !!

All boats available which was four large boats today are out there presently watching the steady stream of whales going by. We even held one boat out of a fishing trip this morning to begin whale watching early in the morning. Anyhow, plenty of whales to see both inshore and the typical this time of year offshore models.

Sunday looking good

March 23, 2018

At this hour it looks like we are looking at Sunday to be the next really nice day and that should continue into next week. Looking at very little wind and a small swell for Sunday.

Wednesday whale watch report

March 22, 2018

No official report today from the operators but from the shoreline it was not difficult to see the whales out there right in front of the harbor about a half mile out. A little nautical ocean weather in the forecast the next two days with growing swell, wind and rain with improvement by the weekend in the forecast.

Whales in close on Tuesday

March 20, 2018

Normally the migrating whales are further offshore but today and yesterday they were right in on the beach only about a half mile offshore or so. Quite few of them also. No Orca whales so far today like yesterday but we are looking for them. Orca’s are a little different…here one hour and the next hour they can be long gone.

Not just Gray whales today but also Orca whales

It was a great whale watch day with as many Gray whales as you would want to see but also we were trilled out there to follow a pod of Orca whales as you can see in the picture above. Unlike the Gray whales which are predictable when they will and will not be in our area the Orca whales show up when they want to. Usually we do see some in the month of May but this is way early from those dates. It was still fantastic to see them.

Sunday whale watch report

March 18, 2018

On all the WW trips on Sunday we certainly saw whales and they were inshore as well as a few miles offshore. The inshore whales for what ever reason were pretty bashful and did not want to cooperate much but the ones that were 3-5 miles offshore came right up next to the boat on several occasions. Good day…a little windy and rainy but none-the-less a good day.

Whales a few miles offshore on Saturday

March 17, 2018

As the ocean conditions slowly began to improve Saturday afternoon some our whale watch boats found the migrating whales about 3-miles straight offshore from the harbor in about 190-200 feet of water. They were moving pretty quickly as they tend to do on the migration run.

Thursday whale watching

March 15, 2018

Back out whale watching on Thursday after a few days of wind and rain and we found two whales on our trips out about three miles offshore. That is a normal distance this time of year as these are the migrating whales and they are on the move back north to wherever they are headed. The Depoe Bay resident whales which are exactly the same as these critters we are seeing now have adopted the Depoe Bay Area as we have for sure it seems lots of food here for them. They always seem to show up sometime in May maybe a little earlier and possibly a little later. None the less, we will have sightings clear thru early fall.

Monday afternoon whale watch report

March 12, 2018

Just like the entire weekend lots of migrating whales out there and our boats found them easily and the folks onboard had a great time with some good Kodak moments. Things should be really good most of the spring with the arrival of our resident whales in the later part of spring to spend time with us all summer long.

Sunday whale report

If there was ever a doubt if the northerly Gray whale migration has indeed begun all doubts are aside now as there are plenty of them in the area. Today we were watching quite a few of them going by about three miles offshore.

Whales on Saturday

March 11, 2018

Had a good day whale watching with three boats taking the folks out today on multiple trips during the afternoon. They appear to be back a little early and are quite close to the shoreline about a half mile offshore maybe a bit more. Heard that they are traveling but putting on good shows.

A little early but the whales are showing up

March 10, 2018

Normally the return northerly migration of the Gray whales does not start to appear in some numbers till about ten days or so from now. They appear to have left the breeding & birthing grounds a little early as they are here already some of them about a hundred yards outside the channel entrance. Sounds like a good weather weekend so come on down and get on a Tradewinds whale watch boat and go out and see the 1st of the 2018 whales.

Whale Watching and Sportsman Shows

February 25, 2018

Tradewinds will be at two sportsman shows next weekend, March 1st thru the 4th. We will be at the Central Oregon Sportsman Show in Redmond, Oregon and also at the Idaho Sportsman Show in Boise, Idaho. If you are in the area please stop by and say Hi.
We are getting closer to the return run of the Gray Whales starting up somewhere around the 20th of March or so. We will begin to give you updates as we get closer to that date so keep in touch with us especially over the Spring Break weeks if you plan to be around the Oregon Coast.

Nasty weather along the coast

February 18, 2018

Not quite time yet for winter to begin to turn towards spring as we have had some really nasty ocean weather the past few days which will continue for a few more days before settling down. It is great for folks to come to the coast and view the ocean fury but not good at all for taking a ride out to view the whales. The ocean outside of Depoe Bay is closed for boat travel and will remain so for a few more days. The whales for the most part now are out of the area even though we still continue to see a few traveling thru from time to time. Probably the best advise right now is if whales is what you want to see you might wait till the northerly migration begins in our area around the 20th of March and beyond. We will let you know when things begin to improve weather wise as well as the northerly migration beginning.

Finally some nice weather

February 1, 2018

Friday thru Monday we are finally looking at some nice ocean weather after several weeks of not-so-nice conditions. We are planning some whale watching trips even though with the bad weather we are going to have to do some exploring to see what is still out there. Give the office a call for reservations @ 541-765-2345. We will post information about any sightings as soon as we get some information.

Excellent Whale Watching

January 15, 2018

All of the whale watch trips we have taken before the holidays up to today have been excellent with whale sightings on every one of our excursions. Tradewinds has always been the #1 whale watch charter service on the Oregon Coast. We have been the BEST in finding the whales even on the migration trips which can be tough going from time to time as they are not as easily found as summer whale watching. Sounds like some inclement weather moving in tomorrow thru the better part of the upcoming week. Keep in touch and we will let you know about the ocean weather and the whale sightings as we move towards the end of January.