Whale Watching Report


Happy Thanksgiving from Tradewinds Depoe Bay

We would like to take this time to wish all of our past, present and future customers a very Happy Thanksgiving from the staff and captains of Tradewinds Charters Depoe Bay. We hope all of you have a great day with your family and friends and hope to see all of you during the whale watch season. Remember the southerly migration whale watch season will begin around the 20th of December ocean weather permitting of course. Call the office for weather updates and trip details.


Same old…same old

Sorry folks…I know you like to hear about the whales but no use reporting on a daily basis as it is the same every day. Lots of whales and great trips and really terrific performing whales. Please be advised that by law and I know you would like to be right next to one but we have to stay I believe it is 300 feet from them. If they swim up next to us from 300 feet then that is cool. Just so you know.


Whales on the move

The whales having been right outside the channel entrance the past few weeks moved today. It took a portion of the trip to find them as they moved down south a mile or so. When we got there they were there feeding in a new spot. Same great whale watching.

Your stuff here

August 23, 2017

Not anything has changed on the whale watch trips as we are seeing multiple whales each and every day on each and every trip.

Continuous great whale watching

Not anything has changed on the whale watch trips as we are seeing multiple whales each and every day on each and every trip.

Total Eclipse was awesome

August 21, 2017

We all had a day off from fishing but what a show it was here in Depoe Bay as we got to be part of history with a total eclipse occurring here. The people who seem to know were right on in the prediction as exactly when as it was like a light switch being thrown. When it happened you could hear all of the folks on the bridge, along the sea wall and elsewhere began to scream at the sight of the sun behind the blockage of the moon. It was like being inside a packed arena after a great play. It was spectacular!!! Just as quickly as it got dark was just two minutes and it was over and the rays of the sun began to light things up again. It was a great show.

Still a few spots left on Eclipse Tour

August 17, 2017

Hey folks..the big day is just a few days away and just checking the weather it is suppose to be as of now next Monday the 21st sunny so hopefully that means a clear day in the morning to see the full ECLIPSE. We have a really nice tour planned with all the things you will need for a safe way to view the ECLIPSE with glasses, coffee, pastries and other memorabilia. So give us a call @ 541-765-2345 to make reservations. You will probably also have the opportunity to see the whales while you are out there on this approximately 2-hour tour leaving at 9am. See ya Monday.


August 12, 2017

The word above in title describes it well. Whales everywhere. They are right out in front of the harbor feeding in what has to be a bonanza of the shrimp they like to eat because there are quite a few of them in there. There are so many of them the fishing boats have to travel really slow coming into the harbor as they are surfacing right out in front of the harbor entrance. Great whale watching!!


August 8, 2017

Tuesday was another day pretty much the same as any of the past 30 days or so with lots of whales to choose from and every trip was able to find them and watch them almost the entire hour. It is excellent whale watching just about every day with some days being even better SPECTACULAR.

Terrific whale watching as it has been all summer long

August 4, 2017

The whales are so easy to find as they are out there in good numbers feeding in and around the kelp beds which are abundant in the Depoe Bay area. Wanted to update the readers out there that the whale watching is teriffic and a great time to come down and see them.


A little wind and fog but no matter…lots of whales

It was windy and at times it was very foggy but there are so many whales they are still easily found. We had great success on all of our whale tours Sunday.

Still going….

July 27, 2017

Was driving across the bridge at 5:30pm today and one of our whale watch boats was just coming back in as we ran seven whale watch excursions today. Hard to find enough new things to tell you about whale watching day in and day out as every day is the same. Really good whale watching with lots of whales to view both outside the entrance channel and both north and south of the city. It would not be incorrect to say we have the best whale watching on the Oregon Coast right here at Tradewinds in Depoe Bay.

Lots of whales

July 22, 2017

Getting a little like a recording but there are lots of whales out there pretty much in every direction. If you want to see whales not a better time to come down to Tradewinds Depoe Bay and see them.

Whales feeding

July 20, 2017

Whales feeding right next to shoreline on Wednesday

Fishing is not good every day unlike the whale watching

July 18, 2017

Everyday it seems is good whale watching. Was out on a boat this morning fishing and we were fishing a little north and a little south of the harbor entrance and we were watching whales all five hours of the trip. Not sure just how many different ones we watched but it was more then a couple and probably multiple whales. Just quite a few around these days.

Whales & lots of them clear thru mid-October

July 16, 2017

This time of the summer we have as close to a 100% chance to see whales as you can get. It will be that way clear thru historically mid-October. If you come down and go whale watching with Tradewinds we can almost guarantee you will see them with the exception of those rare days that they seem to hide from us. Thats hard to do and have not had any of those days for a long time. Beautiful blue sky oceans for two weeks now and more to come by the forecaster people. The whale watchers today saw tail shots from the giants of the sea.

Lots of whale watchers today

July 13, 2017

Sure had lots of folks out on the boats today whale watching. Had two boats going petty much all day and the last one is out there on last trip of the day right now. Whales everywhere out there also so if you are looking for good sightings on boats with captains that hve lots of experience in watching and talking about the whales Tradewinds is the place to be.

Many many whales

No report from the boats but one of the fishing boats did report that he saw a whale or two up off Lincoln City in the fishing grounds and then saw a few more just north of the city on the way home. It was then reported that he saw lots of the whale watch boats south of the city and when he turned towards the entrance channel saw some more right out in front of the city. Bottom word: Lots of Whales!!

Nice ocean and lots of whales

July 11, 2017

The ocean was really nice with the usual afternoon winds coming up but all in all a good day to view whales and we had good sightings today. For the most part of the day they were right out in front of the city and a number of them in the area to view different ones.

Whales in both directions

July 7, 2017

There were whales right out front within a 5 minute boat ride and all of them were putting on decent shows. We had several to the north of the city and several more to the south of the city. There were also some about a mile or so south down off of Gull Rock. The ocean was beautiful today and it was a great day to watch Gray whales.

Lots of whales & WIND

July 3, 2017

We only ran one trip today and we should be proud that we stopped it there. Lots of whales out there but a really nasty ocean developed this afternoon with really heavy winds so hats off to our skippers and office staff for calling a halt for the rest of the day. We did see the whales but it was blowing so hard as soon as the whales blew the wind took ahold of it and with all the wind chop it was even hard to watch them for long.

Lots of whales Saturday on July 1st

July 1, 2017

There were lots of trips on Tradewinds whale watch boats Saturday and we had great sighting all day both north and south of Depoe Bay.


Lots of whales Thursday

We had good whales all day today with quite a few of them north of Depoe Bay up where the fishing boats were and quite a few more right out in front of the city. One trip they were right next to the seawall and good sightings from the highway above the water. Lots of whales in the area.

The Reservation site is back up and running

The RESERVATION link on the website is back up and running. We hope it will stay running as we design a totally NEW & better website coming soon.

Need to make a reservation?

June 28, 2017

Our reservation link on our website is not working right now and is being fixed so until we get it back on-line please call our office directly at 541-765-2345. Our agents in our office will take care of all your requests no matter if they are fishing or for whale watching. The Information Request link is still operational.

Beautiful day and lots of whales

June 24, 2017

It is a beautiful sunny warm day in Depoe Bay and the whales are about a half mile offshore right out in front of Depoe Bay putting on great shows for the folks on the Tradewinds cruise boats. Good day to be here.


June 18, 2017

Not a whole lot of specifics but from the word out there there are really good sightings every day we get out there as we are seeing whales every day feeding in and around the Depoe Bay area.

Whales everywhere

June 11, 2017

We heard the above phrase on the radio today as there were 3-4 pods of whales out there all in different spots but fairly close together. The folks saw a bunch of different whales on our trips this afternoon.

Whales around every day

June 10, 2017

The past few days to a week there have ben quite a good number of whales in the area and today they were right out in front of the harbor where some days we have to go a mile or so either north or south to find them. We do find them every day it seems.

Saturday whale sightings

June 3, 2017

No official report in today but on my way back from the south I did see our whale watch boat along side a couple of those rubber rafts watching whales out there south of the city. So the whales must be in the area.


Orca whales all day long

This time of year [late May & 1st part of June] always seems to be good Orca whale sighting time as we were seeing them on all of our trips Saturday as we go out to see the resident Gray whales. Orca’s show up when they want to and unlike the Gray whales there is no specific schedule. Not sure if we saw any of the Gray whales today but when we get a chance to see the incredible “Killer Whales” we do that 1st priority.

Saturday afternoon whale watching


Looks like the Orca Whales are in our area

A good week seeing whales in our area

May 21, 2017

Have not heard a report for today, Sunday, yet but we do know that we have had a good week thus far in finding the whales around our area. It is still a little early for some of the regulars to be here yet but it seems every week we see a few more beginning to frequent the area here to begin there summer feeding patterns.

Here some REAL whale watchers for you

May 19, 2017

These two girls in the picture to the right, Sarah & Darlyn, have been going with Tradewinds watching whales for a while and love doing it so much they had matching whale tattoos put on there fingers. Now these two gals are the REAL DEAL!!!!

Is some good whale watch weather on the way?

May 15, 2017

After a very bad winter and equally bad spring weather wise after tomorrow, Tuesday, the forecast for the close to shore ocean weather report looks really good for possibly as long as ten days or so. Lets hope it comes true and could be a good time to come down here and do some spring whale watching.

Mr Max goes the extra mile to see some breaching whales

May 10, 2017

Whale watching as we get closer to summer is heating up as we are beginning to see not only the usual Gray whales but the Humpback whales are also beginning to show up in our area now. Today our whale watch vessel Mr Max, started out with a few quick glances at the normal Gray whales next to the shoreline only a few hundred yards from the harbor entrance but heard of some Humpback whales offshore. Not sparing any suggestion of saving fuel the skipper quickly headed offshore 3-4 miles and not only found the Humpbacks but as the picture above shows they were breaching Humpback whales. Tradewinds tries to give our folks the best trip we can even at a little more expense to the operator. Three cheers for Mr Max.

Whales in the area on the move

May 8, 2017

The whales are around but it seems like the resident whales havenot fullly arrived yet as the majority of them whales we are seeing seem to still be moving in anortherly direction. Quite a few cows and calves are also on the move.


Lots of feeding whales in the area

As we get closer to summer the local resident whales are beginning to take up that residence in our area and will be with us through the summer months into the fall. Come on down and go with the best whale watch fleet on the coast. We have daily trips on nice ocean days.

Good sightings on Tuesday

April 5, 2017

Not a goof ocean weather forecast thru the weekendy but hopefully the ocean weather reports will improve as not looking good thru this weekend into the first of next week.

Misty afternoon but good sightings Saturday

April 1, 2017

Lots more of the spring break folks were in Depoe Bay looking for a ride out to see the whales. Tradewinds had three boats running trips out there on a misty afternoon but had plenty of good sightings for the folks to go home with.


Big day whaling Friday

The office reports that we took out 290 whale watchers on Friday which has to be some kind of a office record one might think. Lots of spring breakers wanting to see whales and should be another big day tomorrow. Oh YES,we saw whales all day long. For those of you coming down to see the whales make sure you get here for tomorrow as Sunday looks like a not-so-nice day.

Lots of whales & whalers

They are going out there in huge numbers to see lots of whales and finding them about everywhere you look. We have three boats going all day and heard some will be going towards 6pm taking the folks out. Tomorrow another nice day predicted before bad weather comes in again for Sunday.

Next few days ocean weather outlook

March 28, 2017

Stay away from tomorrow, Wednesday, as sounds just miserable tomorrow but improving a lot on Thursday with the best days looking like Friday and Saturday. Sunday looks not real nice as of right now.

No whale stuff on Monday

March 27, 2017

Had lots of folks waiting to go but we cancelled the day. Just a little too rough out there Monday for most of the whale watch types and its hard to find them also on these days. Hope for better seas tomorrow.

Spring Break whale watching

March 25, 2017

The office report on whale watching was that we ran quite a number of whale watch trips on Saturday and we saw lots of whales on every trip. Good time to come down and see the whales and hopefully we get some nice spring break weather to view them in.

Some whales out there

March 19, 2017

Not as many as we had hoped for Sunday but there are some very quick travelers out there moving north very quickly but the word was they were not showing much activity. They would blow and then go down and make themselves hard to find. One skipper saiid they were zig-zagging instead of the preferred straight line travel.

The whales appear to be here a little early

March 12, 2017

Had a few trips out on some early whale watching trips to hopefully find some northerly migrating whales that might be here a little early. We did!!! They were 4-5 miles offshore but there were up to five that we did find out there. Find some nice ocean weather and hop onboard to see the whales.


Spring whale watching

Our office is open daily on good weather days on limited office hours and a good time to call us is after 10am in the morning. Our office will re-open full time daily beginning March 1st and all of our six boats will be available by the end of March. Right now the Morning Star and the Mariner are running whale watch excursions with the Sunrise, SeaSon, Mr Max and the Kimberly Ann sometime from mid-March to the end of March. The northerly Gray whale migration normally begins around the middle of March with the summer whale viewing beginning immediately after that. As the weather improves as Spring approaches we will be gearing up for the 2017 season.