Whale Watch Report for 10-9-2021

Saturday morning/afternoon whale watch news

Noelie Achen ( Vice President )

Morning news

Today we will be on our third day of good ocean conditions.  After close to ten days of bad weather it has been nice to get back on the water again.  It may be short lived as it appears we have another system coming in beginning tonight which might last thru the first part of next week.  So get down here today if you want to go out and see some whales before they leave the area on there southern migration.  We did get out today looking for the whales.

Afternoon news

Whale watching has been really good  so it is still a great time to get down here when the ocean weather is good and see the Gray whales.  It was really good Thursday and Friday of this week with the whales really close to home mainly right out in front of the city.  Today we found them but had to run a little ways up north to catch up to them.

It appears from the information we’re looking at that we might be off the water thru Thursday of next week due to ocean weather with trips looking more likely by Friday into the weekend.  Keep in touch with our office for the up-to-the-minute information.