Fishing Trips

“Quit Wishin’ Go Fishin”

Tradewinds fishing charters are for both experienced and first time fishermen. Our crews will provide you with all the fishing gear, instruction, and personal help you will need. In addition to top-notch fishing tackle, we also provide hot coffee and raingear if needed. Fish cleaning is available at our docks. There are also local businesses that will vacuum pack your catch, quick-freeze and ship it home to you all in one easy step. “Fish On” is the call heard around our vessels as excited anglers hook and battle fish. Not only is fishing great sport and fun for all ages, but the fish you catch are yours to keep, take pictures of, and best of all, eat. All the fish you catch are fresh from the Pacific and are excellent eating.

We have a whole variety of trips for your fishing fun. Our most popular trips are our 5-hour bottom fishing and our 5-hour bottom fishing with crabbing. You will catch the prize of the Oregon bottom fishery; Lingcod along will many different varieties of rockfish such as Cabezon and sea bass. You might even get lucky on a bottom fishing trip and catch a Halibut or a Chinook salmon when in season. We also have spring and summer trips for Coho and Chinook salmon which are seasonal on yearly quotas. Starting in the spring how about bringing up a fighting Halibut from deep water or between October 1st and March 31st fish deep water for the Big Lingcod. In the summertime fish offshore for the fighting Albacore Tuna. If you have never had an Albacore Tuna on your fishing line you are in for a treat and a real tug-of-war. From our Charter Rates Page, you’ll see how reasonable the prices are for all of our fishing trips. We offer group rates as well as valuable coupons on our coupon link off the homepage of the website.