Wednesday July 29th report

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Some of the best weather of the summer is with us now so a great time to come down and go out with Tradewinds on a fun filled bottom fishing trip.  As a bonus the crabbing has been some of the best results we have had in quite a few years with lots of crab coming into the docks.

We had decent fishing today with all boats bringing back lots of fish with fish biting periodically on the reefs this morning.  You go to one spot and they bite really well then go back for a 2nd helping and they don’t bite.  So you go to a new spot and they bite and then they don’t.  After five hours of fishing however if you stick to it you have a good brunch of fish to take to the filet table.  One of the vessels got into some nice Lingcod in the deeper water and on the Mr Max some nice Cabezon’s caught like the one in the picture attached.