COVID-19: A message from Tradewinds Depoe Bay

To all our valued customers:

Due to the increasing concerns regarding COVID-19, beginning March 22nd, Tradewinds Charters of Depoe Bay has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend fishing and whale watching trips until April 1st. Tradewinds has been abiding by all recommendations from the State of Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority, practicing social distancing, increased sanitization measures, and limiting groups of people to less than twenty. An example of the issues we are facing is that it is extremely difficult to aid customers with social distancing on whale watching excursions, especially when whales are sighted. Our office will remain open to take reservations for after April 1st.


Please take a deep breath, step back, and look at the bigger picture of what’s truly happening in the world around us. Fear, panic, and misinformation is being spread like wildfire through all platforms of the media, as well as our own government officials. Please remain calm, be compassionate, and maintain a sense of dignity. This pandemic is a very real and serious issue that needs to be addressed, and we hope that the virus is contained and eliminated as soon as possible. Common sense, washing your hands, and staying home if you’re exhibiting symptoms of illness should be the current norm. We believe the economic crisis will eclipse this pandemic in the near future. We urge everyone to remember that the pandemic will eventually end, but the consequences of this economic crisis will be long-lasting. Our nation will be dealing with critical supply shortages, food shortages, high unemployment, and families will be struggling economically to pay their bills.


In times such as these, we all need to come together within our communities. We have already seen companies in this industry blaming each other, and arguing over who’s “more” responsible or who’s doing the “right” thing. The truth is, none of us knows what the “right” thing to do is during this time. Our own government officials are telling us that the information they have on COVID-19 is primarily based on what little information is available, not research. It is important for all of us to come together, support each other the best we can during these difficult times, and remember that a healthy society and community is built on compassion and common sense.


The Harmon Family will re-evaluate this decision in the coming days, and will announce when fishing and whale watching trips will be resuming again. The Tradewinds Captains, Crew, and Staff all hope to get you out on the ocean very soon! In the meantime, we hope everyone out there stays healthy and safe.