Fishing Report

Happy New Year

December 29, 2019

The staff and skippers of Tradewinds Depoe Bay would like to take this time to wish you a very Happy New Year and a most prosperous 2020.

We are currently running fishing trips during the winter months when we find some ocean weather to get you out there.  Give the office a call for weather updates and to make reservations.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season

December 19, 2019

The staff and skippers from Tradewinds Depoe Bay would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and holiday season.  We will be running fishing trips over the holiday period into the new year when ocean weather permits.  Call our office for trip times and details.

2020 Bottomfish regulations

December 12, 2019

Very few changes for the 2020 Bottom fish regulations which came out today.  Everything is the same except for the following:

  • One fish bag limit for China, Copper and Quillback rockfish combined
  • The seasonal 40-fathom depth restriction is June 1st-August 31st.
  • All depth fisheries is January 1st-May 31st and September 1st-December 31st.

Whats the same:

  • General marine bag limit is 5-fish.
  • No more then one of which can be a Cabezon from July 1st thru December 31st or until quota is reached.
  • Bag limit for Lingcod is (2), flatfish (25), and offshore longleader is (10).
  • Yelloweye rockfish are prohibited at all times and in all waters.

Good weather predicted and Free Fishing Weekend

November 25, 2019

As bad as the ocean weather has been the past week and into the start of this week so far the ocean forecast for the holiday weekend beginning on Friday sounds really good with light winds and a four foot swell.  That is great news for Friday going forward.  It is also a free fishing weekend so you don’t have to pay the money for a license if you do not have one which makes the fishing trip less expensive.  On top of that when we got out on the waters before all of the bad weather the fishing was great with lots of really nice Lingcod in the fishing totes.  Give our office a call at 541-765-2345 for reservations.

Free Fishing Weekend

November 21, 2019

Free fishing in Oregon on Black Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving

It’s easy to #OptOutside in Oregon on the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving—you can fish, crab or clam for free anywhere in the state!

Oregon Fish and Wildlife hosts annual Free Fishing Days the two days after Thanksgiving. That means on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 29-30, 2019, no fishing licenses or tags (including a Combined Angling Tag or Columbia River Basin Endorsement or Two-Rod Validation) are required to fish, crab or clam anywhere in Oregon.

The Holidays are just around the corner

November 8, 2019

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season holidays are closer then you think and a great way to celebrate the holidays in gift finding is a charter fishing or whale watch trip out of Tradewinds in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  Our gift certificates have no expiration dates so you can use them at anytime in the future when you are in our area and set to go.  


As you can see in the picture we give a plastic card just like a credit card and we can make it worth any amount that you wish.  Just give our office a call at 541-765-2345 and we will assist you in your gift certificate purchase and mail it out to you.

November fishing information

Yes, as you can see by the recently caught fish in the pictures we are still open and running trips when the weather is good and we have enough interest to go.  So if you want to get in on some really good late fall/early winter fishing now is a good time all the way thru February.  It is a great time as you can see to catch Lingcod and some really BIG ones.  Our office is open everyday for shorter time periods but when the ocean and weather is nice you will find someone there to assist you.  If not, just leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.  Also remember, you can reserve online off our Tradewinds website.

Still running bottom fishing trips with great results

October 10, 2019

Hey folks…even though things have certainly slowed down since a very busy summer we are still running trips especially on the weekends with good crabbing taking place and some really nice Lingcod being caught like the one shown in the picture recently.   The rockfish bite is still very good.  So give the office a call and enjoy the ocean and some good fishing as we have trips scheduled for Saturday, October 12th.

Also, as a reminder this weekend will be the final weekend of crabbing as the season closes on the 15th of October to re-open on December 1st.  

The off-season is here

September 26, 2019

This is the time of year where the weather quite often makes getting out on the water sometimes difficult and there are less folks coming to the coast for fishing and whale watch trips.  We will run reports when we have reports to give you but there will be times when we have no reports for you.  There are some times not only in the fall but also the winter when we have really nice weather so don’t give up on booking a trip. Best thing to do is call the office and ask them about trips we have booked and weather forecasts. We will be back to full time daily reports in the spring.

Tuesday thru Friday September 24-27 Report

September 24, 2019

Only one boat out from the harbor this morning on a seemingly rough ocean with a forecast to get even worse by the end of the day.  No Tradewinds boats crossed the bar this morning.  The next three days look like questionable ocean weather with a possible good day on Thursday.  The weekend is still in question with a predicted 8-foot swell but that is a long way off and hopefully will come down from that forecast.  We will keep you informed.

Monday September 23rd Fishing report

September 23, 2019

Welcome to Fall everyone.  

Our fishing trip this morning was cancelled as we had an overnight swell which was suppose to be fine by the morning but it was anything but fine.  There was a 9-10 foot swell out front of the harbor so we cancelled our trip.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) looks a (little) iffy and the rest of the work week after that looks not very nice with 10-11 foot swells Wednesday thru Friday.  We will see about the weekend.

Sunday September 22nd fishing report

Bottom fishing and crabbing

It really depended which boat you were on and what you were fishing for.  If you were bottom fishing you had limit trips with really nice rockfish with a few Lingcod in the mix.  Crabbing however pulling pots from the deeper water was very slow today.


Very slow Salmon fishing on Sunday with only one fish was caught on the trip.  The good news on the Salmon on this trip was the one really lucky person who caught that fish came home with a 18-pound Chinook.  It was really a nice fish.  On this trip crabbing in the more shallow water was pretty good.  With the deeper water crabbing bottom fishing today was not very good and the Salmon boat crabbing in the more shallow water makes you think the crabs have moved back to the more shallow water which they like to do in the summer months.

Remember SALMON will be open every day thru the end of this next week.

Some pictures from Saturday’s Lingcod catch

September 22, 2019

Lingcod bonanza on Saturday

Saturday September 21st report

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Bottom fishing slowed down today for the 3rd day in a row with average catches but fish on the 5-hour trips were hard to come by but quite a few folks did really well with hard work over the trips length.

One boat went offshore for the deep water Lingcod and limited on really incredibly large fish.  A little unusual was that you normally catch quite a few Canary rockfish out there in the 600-feet of water we fish in but they were either off the bite or on vacation from that area.  Only 1-really large Tiger rockfish was caught but the Lingcod limit made up for it.


So far this weekend the Salmon catch was very slow with very few fish finding there way into the nets.

Tuna and/or Halibut

We had one offshore boat out yesterday and today but there were no reports from either day.  Will try to find out some information by tomorrow.

Sunday update:  We did have two Tuns trips on Friday and Saturday and both trips produced about three fish per passenger without really knowing how many folks were onboard each trip.  But going by normal Tuna trips there were somewhere between 10-12 passengers and we averaged on these trips between 30-37 fish.

Tradewinds Charters-Best of the Best of Lincoln County

September 21, 2019

Tradewinds Charters Depoe Bay was informed this morning that they have been selected the Best Whale Watching Charter and Best Fishing Charter in there best of Lincoln County Awards. We received this award from the Newport News Times newspaper.

We love our customers and appreciate your business.  Thank you for choosing us.

Salmon fishing for the rest of September

September 20, 2019

(Season Update)

From Friday, Sept. 20 through Sunday, Sept. 29, anglers can keep any legal sized salmon they catch in the ocean on the central Oregon coast after fishery managers increased the popular non-selective coho fishery to seven days a week for the final week of the fishery.

The ocean non mark selective coho fishery between Cape Falcon and Humbug Mountain opened Aug. 31 on a schedule of each Friday through Sunday and open for all salmon including coho. During the first three open periods of the season, anglers have landed a total of 8,935 coho out of the quota of 15,640, which leaves leaving 6,700 coho remaining to be caught.  Fishery managers believe they can open it up every day for the rest of the month and still stay within the quota allowed.

Friday September 20th report


I believe we have one boat out today as it gets towards the end of the season and no word thus fat as to how well they are doing.  Will try when we hear something to bring you the results as soon as we hear something.

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Two boats out today and now word on what happened out there today.  From some the radio chatter the rockfish bite was pretty good today after a slower day yesterday. Hopefully we will. have more for you later this evening.


One boat came back in with one fish per rod but the radio chatter was that it was slower then that on other vessels.

Thursday September 19th report

September 19, 2019

Bottom fishing & crabbing

First time we have been out in five days and both fishing and crabbing was on the slower side today.  With the bad ocean weather and all the rain etc we have had over the past 4-5 days things get stirred up out there and it takes a day or two to get things back to normal.  Tomorrow and over the weekend will be better.

Friday & Saturday looks like nice ocean conditions

September 18, 2019

After 4-5 days of tough ocean weather we are looking at a nice patch of weather at least for Friday and Saturday of this week.  We do have openings for both bottom fishing and Salmon fishing which is open for another three day run Friday thru Sunday.  Give us a call for your reservation as the summer season “Officially” comes to an end & we welcome in the Fall season.

September 20-22 non-selective Salmon season

September 17, 2019

September 17 Salmon update

 Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. Non Selective Coho Recreational Season: The season will be open this Friday through Sunday (September 20-22. Through the third open period a total of 9,073 coho have been landed out of the adjusted quota of 15,640 coho. This leaves 42% of the quota remaining. Fishery managers will evaluate the status of the fishery early next week, and announce any changes to the season dates if needed at that time.

Monday & Tuesday September 16-17 report

We can write the report for today and tomorrow as we are experiencing very rough ocean conditions with gale force winds up for Tuesday.   Things are improving for Thursday and really nice fore Friday and Saturday.

Sunday September 15th report

September 15, 2019

All fisheries

The first really intense stormy period of the fall season hit the coast this morning and all of the fishing trips for the day were cancelled.  At the present time it is raining really hard with lots of wind and the ocean from the shoreline has lots of white on it.  The ocean weather report looks like some rising swells for the next few days with better weather in store from Thursday thru next weekend.

Saturday September 14th report


After a pretty good day on Friday the Salmon fishing was not as good on Saturday.  It started out really well for the 1st 2-hours or so and then like turning on a light switch it went downhill for the rest of the morning.  The fish that were caught in the first 2-hours were quite a bit smaller then the ones caught the week before.  This obviously was a different and smaller grade of fish moving thru the area.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Bottom fishing was red hot on Saturday morning with a scattering of Lingcod on the filet tables and the crabbing was also really good.  The fishing went very slow for the afternoon trips and then towards the end of those trips started to light up once again.

Friday Salmon update

September 13, 2019

(11:30am). A few sport boats and one independent charter boat are back in the harbor with limits of Salmon.  Hopefully our boat out on the salmon this morning is doing well also.   Hopefully  over the weekend there are lots of fish out there on the Tradewinds filet table.

Thursday September 12th report

September 12, 2019

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Very nice ocean this morning and very good fishing as well.  The one boat we had out today got a limit of r0ckfish but unfortunately the Lingcod bite was light probably due to the warm ocean conditions we have here in the area in the shallow waters.  Water temps are up towards 60-degrees mark.  Crabbing was also very good today.

This weekends Salmon fishing

September 12, 2019 – Non Selective Coho Recreational Season:

The season will be open this Friday through Sunday (September 13-15. Through the second open period a total of 7,950 coho have been landed out of the adjusted quota of 15,640 coho. This leaves 49% of the quota remaining. Fishery managers will evaluate the status of the fishery early next week, and announce any changes to the season dates if needed at that time.

Wednesday September 11th report

September 11, 2019


One boat out today and we will get you a report as soon as we get one.

(update). 32-Albacore Tuna on todays trip on the Starship…….. great trip!!!!

Bottom fishing and crab

One bottom fishing boat out on the inside reefs and they came home with a limit of rockfish and a few nice Lingcod.  Some of the fish were nice looking Canary rockfish.

We had a deep water boat out today and the boat limited on Lingcod and also came home with quite a few really BIG Canary rockfish.  Crabbing was good also with around 4-5 per person.  When you crab off the boats you have to help pull the pots up and you can get wet from the line going thru the pullers.  So one lady on one of our 6-pac boats came onboard with a few garbage can liners and made them into a nice throwaway top and bottom as you can see to the right.

Tuesday September 10th report

September 10, 2019


We do have a boat out today and hope to get you a report as soon as we hear something.

(Updated). The Mr Max came home with 40-really nice Albacore Tuna on Tuesday’s trip…really nice catch !!!

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Slow bottom fishing today in the morning until the last two hours and then as we got closer to the top the tide the fish lit off.  Some really nice Black rockfish and Canary rockfish along with some nice Lingcod.  Crabbing was fair today between 3-4 per person.

Monday September 9th report

September 9, 2019


This morning Tuna trip was cancelled due to rough offshore ocean conditions.  All should be better by tomorrow.

Bottom fishing

We did have a few boats out bottom fishing this morning and it was wet, windy and semi-rough when the rain squalls went by.  The fishing was slow also but both boats by the 5-hour trips end had most of there rockfish and there were some nice Lingcod caught also. The ocean weather is suppose to improve and be better beginning tomorrow and looks good thru the end of this week.

Sunday September 8th report

September 8, 2019

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Did not get much information but what we are aware of is that several boats are back in early today with rockfish limits and there were some nice Lingcod in the bunch. No reports on the crabbing today.


For the first time this September fishery we had slow fishing out there this morning.  There were some caught on every boat but all in all a slow morning on an ocean offshore where we were fishing we experienced some quite choppy and windy conditions.


Trips going out tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday.

Saturday September 7th report

September 7, 2019

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Bottom fishing was very good this morning especially in the rockfish with limits on most all boats but it was a fairly slow Lingcod bite again for the 2nd day in a row.  (The picture you see here was a 7-pound sea bass.  You see them this big just once in a while)  The crabbing made up for it though with really good scores on the crabs and for the first time since anyone can remember at least from Tradewinds was there were very few girl crabs.  We have been sorting thru just “gobs” of females all season long until TODAY.  One boat reported only one female and another had zero females.  The boys have taken over !!


From what the radio chatter was saying slower then yesterday but still quite a few fish going home with the folks out trying for them.  A number of Chinooks today we were told.


Two boats offshore today and we will get those reports to you by early evening.

(update) The scores were somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-5 per person on the boats out there.

The next trips out for Tuna will be Monday & Tuesday.

Friday September 6th report


One boat went out today and we will get some reports for you when we here how they did.


Trips going out tomorrow and we should or usually have day reports by early evening after they get back.


Salmon fishing today was really good as we had vessels who came back in with slightly over 1-fish per rod and little better.  Quite a few fish still out there and they are really nice sized specimens.  Lots of meat on these guys.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Rockfish limits on all of the boats today with a slower bite on the Lingcod.  Quite a few Lingcod caught today but it was mostly the throwback ones who were just little short of the 22-inch minimum size.  Crabbing after a slower day on Thursday was really good today with upwards of 4-6 per person on boats reporting.

Thursday September 5th report

September 5, 2019

Bottom fishing and crabbing

One report on the crabbing this morning was that it was slower which possibly might have to do with the ocean weather the past two days and the lumpy swell we fished in this morning.  Hopefully it will get back to normal by tomorrow.  The fishing on the other hand was really good in the shallow waters and slower out in the deeper stuff.  At the end of the morning trips all had limits on the rockfish or close to limits and one boat reported a decent catch of Lingcod.


The three day opener opens tomorrow morning (Friday) and runs thru Sunday.  No worries about that adipose fin and the catching on last weekends opener was pretty good on some of the boats.


We have a boat going out on Friday morning and the new regulations lets you catch 2-Halibut and retain bottom fish if you catch any as well.  Pretty cool!!!


Tuna going Friday and Saturday this week and maybe Sunday.

Some Bottom Fishing info for ALL


Due to recent inseason changes in regulations, there have been a number of questions about what the current bottomfish rules are.  Here are some clarifications:

  • Yelloweye rockfish remain prohibited at all times and in all waters.
  • China, copper, and quillback rockfish are prohibited for the remainder of the year.
  • Cabezon are prohibited for the remainder of the year when fishing from a boat.
  • The recreational bottomfish fishery is open to all-depths as of September 3.
  • Anglers participating in the summer all-depth halibut fishery can have both halibut and bottomfish (including lingcod) on the same trip.
  • Anglers participating in the nearshore halibut fishery can continue to retain bottomfish (including lingcod) and halibut on the same trip, but halibut cannot be onboard the vessel outside of the 40 fathom regulatory line.
  • The offshore longleader fishery regulations remain the same, no halibut or other bottomfish (lingcod) are allowed.
  • Descending devices must be onboard vessels fishing for bottomfish or halibut, and must be used when releasing rockfish seaward of the 30 fathom line

Salmon rollover for September announced

The rollover from the summer selective Coho salmon quota came thru and we are getting an additional 6,640 more Coho salmon to fish for so now we are up to a September quota of 15,640.   It appears now that we will almost for sure at least get thru the 3rd weekend going on the catch averages from last weekend.

Dates available:

September 6,7 & 8

September 13,14 & 15

September 20,21 & 22

September 27, 28 & 29

Wednesday September 4th report

September 4, 2019

Non-selective Salmon season

(updated) Wednesday 4:20pm

So far in this non-selective 2019 Salmon season we have already caught 58.3% of the 9,000 fish quota in the first two day opener last weekend.  The numbers we see are that most of the fish were caught Newport north to Garibaldi.  Hopefully we will get that rollover we have been hearing about to keep it going past this 3-day opener beginning this Friday thru Sunday, September 6-8.


Bottom fishing and crabbing

Crabbing on the filet dock looked pretty good and the bottom fishing looked really good.  There were a bunch of Canary and Black rockfish and a really nice assortment of Lingcod also.  The ocean was a little lumpy but the fish seem to like that on most occasions and everyone went home with lots of fish.

Offshore Halibut

Beginning this weekend, the Central Oregon Coast summer all-depth fishery will be open three days per week, Friday through Sunday. Previously it had only been open Friday and Saturday.A substantial amount of the annual halibut quota remains, so fisheries managers determined that the summer all-depth halibut fishery can be open an additional day each week.

Also 7-days a week except for the offshore halibut days the inshore Halibut season remains open thru October.

Catch tuna & other things

On a Tradewinds Depoe Bay Tuna trip you not only catch Tuna but possibly something other then Tuna…..maybe even a Blue Shark???

Tuesday September 3rd report

September 3, 2019

Bottom fishing & crabbing and anything else

We had one vessel out this morning as Labor Day has passed and sometimes that means that it will heart a little slower here along the coast.  Did not hear any reports on the fishing trips this morning but didi see the filet table had fish on it.  Nothing on the crabbing as well.

There are still lots of opportunities for your fishing needs left for 2019 as a little ocean type weather will be in here later today into tomorrow but after that the ocean weather looks good Thursday thru the weekend.

There will be Salmon fishing Friday thru Sunday and we will be getting a pretty good rollover from the summer season sometime tomorrow evening (we have heard ????).  The fall quota we are working on now was set around 9,000 fish and the (hopeful) rollover is a good little chunk which will be added onto that which might just get us thru September when it is closing for good for 2019.  One biologist said that the fish because of a certain bait fish in the area are still out here in front of Depoe Bay and more then likely will be here for at least the next few weeks.  The fish are getting bigger.

There is also  offshore Halibut on the weekends (Friday and Saturday) & Tuna any day of the week when we can put trips together.

Monday September 2nd report

Happy Labor Day everyone the unofficial end of summer and it has been a very good one for Tradewinds Depoe Bay


Bottom fishing and crabbing

Really good bottom fishing this morning with one boat back early with a boat limit and another one an hour later with some nice Lingcod and lots of Canary rockfish.  The crabbing was also very good with one boat reporting 6-7 per person.


One boat out today our 6-pack boat and we will get a report here by early evening and will pass it along to you.

Our 6-pack came home with 29 really nice Albacore Tuna…almost 5-fish around…Great Trip !!!


The season will re-open for the 2nd weekend go fishing this com9ng Friday thru Sunday, September 6,7 and 8th.

Sunday September 1st report

September 2, 2019


One boat out today and will hopefully have the daily numbers sometimes here soon.

30+…3 around per fisherman

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Bottom fishing was good on trips out of Tradewinds in the morning and the afternoon.  Quite a few nice Lingcod came home to the filet table in the afternoon trips and there were limits on the rockfish on both morning and afternoon trips.  Also, some really nice Canary rockfish on the afternoon go.  Crabbing was really good on the morning bottom fishing trips and two boats on Salmon trips had good crab pulls on there crab combo’s as well.


Somewhat like the day before with some boats doing fairly well and others struggling some.  It is really a case of being at the right place when a few of them are starting to bite.  For the 2nd day in a row it was a better mid-morning bite then early morning which certainly is a little non-traditional.

Saturday August 31st report

August 31, 2019


We do have a trip going out on Friday, September 6th and we do have a few spots left to fill-up if you are interested.

REMEMBER: the Halibut quota is such that they have increased the bag limit to 2-fish per person. which makes it a very nice trip.  Give our office a call if you can make it for some great Halibut fishing.

Deep water Lingcod fishing

Remember, on Tuesday September 3rd the ODFW has opened up fishing at all depths so we can go out on the 6-hour offshore Big Lingcod trips as they are sometimes called.


One boat out on the Albacore Tuna grounds and as soon is it gets within range coming home we will give you a report on today’s activities.

35+ caught on this day….


Today was the opening day of the non-selective season (NO adipose fin) and the fishing was a little slow on the opening day.  Some of the boats did better then others as being in the right spot at the right time.  The best bite of the day was later in the morning which is a little unusual from past times but we have had some decent fishing in the mid to late morning hours most of the summer.  The water temperature could also be a hinderance with well over 60-degree water.  The fish are there most of the chatter we are hearing but with warmer water they need to come up towards the surface for some better action.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Both our boats out bottom fishing this morning had good trips mainly because they were back a little early off there trips this morning but no specifics as of this time as well as the crabbing.

Fishing report August 30th

August 30, 2019

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Four boats out on the pond this morning bottom fishing and three boats came home a little early with rockfish boat limits and one also reported a rockfish limit and 9-nice Lingcod also.  Crabbing was also really good with all boats bringing home totes of crab with one vessel reporting 4-5 per person.  One boat was out on a late morning departure and will have the scores for that boat later in the afternoon.



Three vessels out on the Tuna grounds this morning and we will have updated reports as they come in.  Hopefully it will be a good day as the ocean sure is fantastic today.

Boats on there way home and the following is what we are told….another terrific day…

Kadaho 80 (final)

Mr Max 43 (final)

Starship 30 (final)


The non-adipose fin salmon fishery opens tomorrow morning, Saturday August 31st.

August 29th report – Thursday

August 29, 2019

Bottom fishing

Beginning on Tuesday, September 3rd, recreational bottomfish anglers in Oregon will be able to fish at any depth, including beyond the 40 fathom regulatory line. The depth restriction, which is used to limit yelloweye rockfish mortality, can be lifted earlier than planned this year because enough yelloweye rockfish quota remains to accommodate some additional opportunity for deep water lingcod and rockfish.

So anyone out there wanting to do some deep water offshore “Big Lingcod” fishing here is your opportunity at Tradewinds.

Bottom  fishing today was very good as there were some really big rockfish on display on the filet table late this morning. There were a few Canary rockfish in that catch but most were Black rockfish and Blue/Deacon rockfish.


Trips going out on multiple boat tomorrow (Friday and Saturday) August 30th and 31st.

Wednesday bottom fishing report 8/28

August 28, 2019

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Only one boat reporting in today thus far and that report was only 1-Lingcod short of a boat limit and 3-rockfish short of a boat limit so a good trip for this day.  Crabbing was also very good with 7-crabs per person.

Monday & Tuesday Reports Aug 26-27

August 27, 2019

Bottom Fishing & Crabbing

Just bottom fishing going on right now as the summer Salmon season closed down on Sunday.  The bottom fishing was good the past few day for the most part even though we have been fishing on some moderate choppy waters out there as we go thru a windy period which will end sometime this evening.  The weather thru this weekend beginning tomorrow sounds pretty good.  Crabbing was also good today but did not receive a report on Monday.


The Salmon fishing for the summer season closed down this past weekend with well over half of the available quota still remaining.  That should mean that we should get a rollover from the summer season into the fall non-selective season which means no worries about adipose fins.  That opens this Saturday and Sunday and then every other Friday thru Sunday until the quota runs out till the end of September.


We do have trips running out there this Thursday, Friday and Saturday and there might be a few spots left.  Call the office if interested.  (541-765-2345)

August 25, 2019

 Bottom Fishing & crabbing

We did have four boats out today all bottom fishing as no other fishing was on the books this morning.  One boat did report in and said that the current was extremely heavy and in the shallow water spots that can mean really fast and furious action and that was the case this morning.  Most of the boats observed folks getting off the boats with totes hopefully with fish in them so it looked like it was a good day.  One crabbing report said that the crabbing as it has been the past few days was very good.

Sounds like a very windy afternoon today and all day tomorrow but the rest of the week sounds really nice with nice days in the forecast.


Remember offshore Halibut takes place every Friday and Saturday until the quota runs out and it is a two fish limit.


Not sure when the next trips are scheduled so call the office at 541-765-2345 for more information.


Salmon summer selective season closes today and the fall non-selective season gets started next Saturday and Sunday, August 31st & June 1st.  It then goes to a Friday thru Sunday fishery until the end of September or until the quota runs out.

Fishing report August 24th

August 24, 2019


I believe we have three boats out on the Tuna grounds today and we will bring you updates and final totals as we receive them.

(6:30pm Tuna update) ((These are  #’s before official final counts were made)). Anyway you look at it with these or very close to these #’s a very good day…..

The Kadaho 76 (updated 9am 8/25)

The Mr Max  40

Starship. 25


Not sure of any Salmon trips out this morning.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the final day of the summer Salmon adipose finned fishery for 2019.  The Fall season non-adipose fin will begin next Saturday, August 31st thru Sunday, September 1st and then every other Friday thru Sunday in September as long as the quota holds out.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Have not heard how the inshore bottom fishery was going this morning but those crabbing on the trips we didi pick up some radio chatter that it was very good like the day before.

The deeper water bottom fishing was really good with limits on the rockfish (lots of Canary and Yellowtail rockfish with one Tiger rockfish) and a really good assortment of Big Lingcod.


No Halibut trips that I am aware of for this Friday/Saturday weekly opener with the 2-fish limit.

Thursday August 22nd report

August 22, 2019

Bottom fishing and crabbing

No reports on the crabbing but the bottom fishing was semi-slow this morning except for the last two drifts where they lit off a little and the boat got about two-thirds of the fish needed.

Fall season

The fall season must be peaking around the corner at us as we have had after two months plus of beautiful weather and ocean conditions a couple of semi-rough days here in a row.  Today was better then yesterday but the entrance to the channel was a little nautical both days.  The weekend beginning tomorrow sounds pretty good with better weather in-store for next week.


Not sure if any spots left as you would have to call the office but we do have trips over the weekend.  Give the office a call if interested. 541-765-2345

August 21, 2019


(2 fish bag limit)

Summer All-Depth Season—Open every Friday and Saturday until quota is met or Oct. 31. Quota remaining = 58,000 lbs. 2 fish bag limit effective Friday, August 23rd.

Bottom Fish

China, Quilback and Copper rockfish must be returned to the ocean as of 12:01am Friday, August 23rd. All other rockfish and Lingcod quotas and limits remain the same.

Note:We did have 2-vessels out this morning bottom fishing and they came back in really early as the ocean got very rough and the Depoe Bay bar was put under restriction.  The weather is forecasted to improve by tomorrow morning.

As we approach the fall season here is what is open to fish for….

August 20, 2019


Offshore season…Every Friday and Saturday until October 31st or until quota is reached

Inshore season… Open 7-days a week until October 31st until quota is reached minus any day the offshore season is open (Friday’s and Saturday’s)

Bottom fishing

Open 7-days a week


Open 7-days a week until they are out of the area…hopefully September is a good month also


Selective Coho season +Chinook….Open 7-days a week for Coho until August 24th

Salmon Non Selective Coho season +Chinook…Opens August 31st & September 1st & every other Friday thru Sunday in September until quota is reached


Tuesday August 20th report


One vessel out to the tuna grounds today and we will have reports later in the day or early evening on the results.

6:30pm update…65 Albacore Tuna on this trip…really great score!!

Bottom fishing & crabbing

All of the bottom fishing boats were back in somewhat early today after a really good bite up north off of the Lincoln City reefs.  There were some Lingcod on the filet tables but unsure as to the actual number caught today but it sure was a nice ocean to catch some of them.  Crabbing was also good with one boat reporting 5-6 per person.


Another decent day out on the Salmon grounds with a 1-fish per rod caught and able to be transported home.  Quite a few throwbacks but a good catch on a really nice trolling ocean.

Fishing report Monday August 19th

August 19, 2019


No boats out this morning but trips planned for later in the week.  for more information call our office and talk to one of our agents @ 541-765-2345.

Bottom fishing & crabbing

No reports on todays crabbing but hope to have one later in the day.  The bottom fishing started out slow but took off later in the trips and our one early boat came home with a limit.  No information yet on the Lingcod catch.


Not bad today with a take home catch of one per person.  Of course, lots of throwbacks.

August 18th report

August 18, 2019


The morning bite turned out to be lights out fishing for the 1st 45-minutes and then as fast as it lit up it died for the rest of the morning after that.  The one boat out on the salmon grounds put fish in the boat to take home quickly and quite a few throwbacks then the bite just disappeared. There were a few bites towards then end of the trip but indeed a strange morning.

Bottom fishing

The radio word was that bottom fishing like the salmon was slow this morning.  There were quite a few fish caught but certainly slower then what we are used to on an average nice ocean morning.  Crabbing also dropped off some this morning.


Two boats out offshore today and we will report the happenings when we hear anything and certainly on there return this evening.

(4:50pm) The boats are on there way back in and between the two boats we are bringing in around 115 fish……another great day with Tradewinds.

August 17th report

August 17, 2019


No boats out today but we do have them going tomorrow.


Fantastic fishing today offshore about 4-7 miles and there was action pretty much from start to finish on the five hour trips.  There are still lots of throwbacks probably about 60%+ of them going back.  But because of all the action there were also plenty of take-home fish….no limits but two boats reporting possibly about a fish and a quarter to a fish and a half per customer average.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Sounded like  fishing today was really good as it has been the past week or so and plenty of folks onboard achieved limits of fish.  Crabbing also was fairly decent today with 3-5 per customer depending on the boat.

Friday August 16th reports

August 16, 2019


Our Halibut boat went offshore and beat back in most of the onshore bottom fishing boats.  Thats how good the fishing was for the “flat ones” this morning.

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Really good bottom fishing on the shallow water reefs and the mid-water deeper water reefs this morning.   One of our larger boats camel home with north of 20-Lingcod this morning.  Good fishing for Canary and Yellowtail rockfish in the deeper water this morning.  Crabbing from a few of the boats reporting was between 3-5 per person.


(4;30pm)Our vessel fishing for the Albacore is still out there and have not heard any reports so far but we will bring them to you when the boat checks in.

6:30pm…35-40 fish we are told.


For the 2nd day in a row we had good salmon fishing with our one boat out looking for the “slippery’s” today came back in with 12 keepers and had to put back into the water over 20-the word was.


Thursday August 15th report

August 15, 2019


(update 2:30pm Thursday)  Still fishing and has 80+fish onboard)

(Update 3:35pm Thursday  over 100+ fish &  still fishing)

We do have one boat offshore today and another one heading out there tomorrow.  As soon as we get reports today and tomorrow we will post them.  Check back later in the day.  Not sure if the trip is full but if interested call the office @ 541-765-2345.


Another two day opener comes up tomorrow and we have a boat on its way out there. in the morning.  Not sure if the trip is full but if interested call the office @ 541-765-2345.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

The bottom fishing was really good again this morning with limits or really close to limits on all of the boats and there were some nice catches of Lingcod today.  Also, this is the final day of Cabezon fishing for 2019 and they were really on the bite with one boat coming within one Cabezon of a boat limit.  Crabbing was also very good today by all reports.


No Salmon boats out today as we were all bottom fishing but some reports from some of the sporty’s was that it was a red hot bite with one boat having a limit 20-minutes after putting the boats gear in the water.  It has also been very good in the afternoon for the past few days with one charter boat landing close to 40-Salmon on a afternoon trip but only getting to keep 6-7 of them.  Lots of action however.

Wednesday August 14th report

August 14, 2019


No boats out today but we will have tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.

Bottom fishing & Crabbing

Most of the boats are reporting good crab totals for the day and the rockfish bite was really quick this morning with limits obtained by all of the boats out this morning.  Not much of a Lingcod bite however this morning which does seem to happen more times then not when the rockfish are biting so heavily as they were this morning

Also, we have a request from the ODFW to voluntarily return Quilback, Copper and China rockfish to the water and not to retain them.  Most of the boats will be observing this practice as the quota has been obtained of these species and we want to preserve these species plus keep the rockfish season open for the rest of the year.


The Salmon bite out of the blue was very good this morning after it seems like 8-10 days of sporadic bite.  Lots of take home fish from the boats we heard about.

Halibut or Tuna anyone?

August 13, 2019

We have trips going out for Halibut on Friday (8/16) and Tuna Wednesday (8/14), Thursday (8/15) and Frida (8/16). If interested in one or any of these fishing adventures call the office as we still have some spots available.  The ocean is suppose to be very nice all three days with virtually only a small swell and light winds.

Monday August 12th report

August 12, 2019


No Tuna boats out this morning but they will start up again for tomorrow.  Yesterday one boat out there and brought home about 4-per person average.

Salmon fishing

Only one boat out there and that was a split trip combo and in the afternoon part of the trip they had a number of fish in the net but all had to be returned to the water as they were native Salmon. More boats out for tomorrow.

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Good morning trips today with limit catches of rockfish on all of the boats with only one boat reporting slower then normal Lingcod catch.  The crabbing on the only boat reporting was 9-per person.

Sunday August 11th report

August 11, 2019

Bottom fishing & Crabbing

Crabbing made a turn for the better today after a week or so of below average catches.  People were taking home on those reporting up to 6-8 each this morning.  

The bottom fishing was very good today both inshore and the deeper water catches.  The inshore boats had limits on the rockfish with no reports on there Lingcod catch.  The catching was not as good as past days but still in the 5-hour trip limits were obtained.

The deep water catch was excellent with limits on the rockfish (lots of Canary’s & Yellowtail) and lots of Lingcod. A few pictures of some of the ones caught are on this page.


No official reports on the Salmon but the office did say that the two boats out this morning that they saw Salmon filet’s coming up the stairs so we assume some were caught.


We still have one vessel out on the Tuna grounds and thus far we have not any report that has comm in.  Will get that to you as soon as we hear anything.


Saturday August 16th report

August 10, 2019

Bottom fishing

(Cabezon retention closes next Friday @ 12:01am August 16th) 

Bottom fishing this morning was really good inshore/shallow water fishing and the offshore/deeper water style.  The bass were really on the bite with boats limiting on the rockfish side of the ledger by 8:30am.  Have not received any word on the Cabezon or the Lingcod bite.

The offshore deeper water fishing was excellent as well with almost limits on the Lingcod and some really nice specimens as well.  The rockfish bite was also good especially for the Canary rockfish as the one boat out there reported close to limits on those critters.  No word on the crabbing thus far.


Still no word on the catch from yesterday but I can tell you that some of the carcass from the tuna is being used for crab bait so it must have been decent.  So Far today one large boat out there and a photo posted on some social media site shows a bucket full of upside down Tuna bleeding out and that was earlier this morning so it sounds like it is going really well.

(Afternoon update)

66 Tuna…..Great Day for Tradewinds




No word yet except from a boat on a combo trip who is right now currently trolling out there and they have 3-4 onboard Salmon and 4+ others having to be put back in the water with the adipose fin after doing the bottom fishing side of the trip earlier in the morning.

Fishing report July 9th

August 9, 2019


We have one boat out today and another going out this weekend and half because of the ocean weather is so beautiful and the warm water offshore for the first time in a few years the fish are here to catch and well within reach Depoe Bay on a 12-hour trip.  Will try to get the results today in this evening.

(Results). 3 fish per person


One vessel out Salmon fishing this morning had great action with lots of action which ended up with a delayed triple at the time we were bringing in gear at the end of the trip.  The one problem of the day is there are “many” throwback fish in the equation which does not take away from the fun of reeling in fish but certainly is a bummer at the end of the trip.  The good word is there are fish in the area and if you are lucky enough you might get one with the fin gone so you can take it  home.

Bottom fishing

The boats out bottom fishing this morning reported loads of action and absolute limits on the rockfish and I did see quite a few Cabezon and some Lingcod on the filet table. Some deepwater fishing on tap for tomorrow.

Wednesday fishing report

August 7, 2019


We have one Tuna boat out today and have not had a report thus far from this writing but we did hear that some sport boats have had good scores from 25-30 miles out.  Fantastic ocean weather so a good time to go out there so call our office for a reservation to get your Tuna for the freezer


One boat out this morning and had decent action but no take home fish with about 4-5 throwbacks with a adipose fin and other takedown bites.  Not a whole lot of fish out there right now it appears but Newport boats doing well south of there harbor the past few days from reports.  Hopefully those fish are on there way up to see us shortly.

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Another nice day out there with the rockfish on the bite with limits of them to the filet tables.  Some Lingcod in the fishing totes but the rockfish we saw today were really nice sized ones.  Crabbing was a little on the slower side today from all reports.

Tuesday August 6th report

August 6, 2019


We didi not have any Salmon boats out this morning but a friend who h as a sport boat limited out south of Depoe Bay and also had to throw back in quite a few.  So, there are still som fish around the area.

Bottom fishing & Crabbing

Bottom fishing was very good around the fleet this morning with good bites on every boat with limits or close to limits on the rockfish. There were decent catches on the Lingcod but not quite as good as the day before.  Crabbing remains consistent with most days producing 3-4 per customer.


We have a boat heading out to the Tuna grounds tomorrow so we will have some reports for you hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow. We certainly do have the weather for it as the next 5-6 days sounds like excellent forecasts on the ocean weather.

Some more Monday bottom fishing pictures

**. Nice Big Lingcod for dinner tonight


**.  One families bottom fish filets…WOW!!**

**  A young women with her deep red Vermillion

Ocean weather update

August 5, 2019

If you are planning a trip to the coast for a fishing trip and enjoy the Oregon Coast now might be the time. The Marine forecast all the way thru this weekend into the 1st day of next week is calling for perfect ocean conditions with almost no ocean winds in the forecast for the morning hours into the afternoon.  That makes fishing and in some respects catching them an even better opportunity.  Come down and go with the #1 charter office on the coast….Tradewinds Charters Depoe Bay.

Monday fishing report


One vessel out on the Salmon grounds this morning but no report as of yet.  Will pass it along to you later when it comes in.

Bottom fishing

Bottom fishing was spectacular this morning and you should have been here as the weather was good and the fish were biting.  Did not hear from all of the boats but those that did reported great catches and some really big fish being sent to the filet tables.  If you like deepwater fish like Canary rockfish today was a great day as the filet table had plenty of orange in it today. Lingcod  was also very good with some really nice size ones caught this morning.

Sunday fishing with Tradewinds

August 4, 2019


After some excellent reports from the day before on some afternoon Salmon fishing on Saturday we sent quite a few boats out today with not much luck in bringing home take-home fish this morning. There were some further reports of good action a little south of Newport, Oregon so those fish will be swimming by here very soon hopefully in a day or two.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

The bottom fishing was terrific today with most of the better action in the mid-waters with lots of Lingcod and some really big Canary and Quilback rockfish caught.  The bite was also good for the Black rockfish in the shallow water as well.  Crabbing today between 2-5 per person depending on the vessel.

Thursday August 1st fishing report

August 1, 2019

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing was very good with all boats reporting came home with limits today and some really nice Lingcod and Cabezon also caught.  Crabbing was also good today.


No report on Salmon as those out today for TW were all bottom fishing.

Tuesday July 30th report

July 30, 2019

Bottom fishing & Crab

The bottom fishing was excellent today with plenty of Lingcod and Cabezon on the bite and the rockfish ch8ipped in on the effort with plenty of them caught as well.  Crabbing was very good today on the combo trips.


The Salmon bite was good today especially the first few hours of the trips but were are still dealing with as far as we are concerned far to many throwback fish.

Monday July 29th report

Bottom fishing

Bottom fishing was really slow this morning for the first four hours of the trips except the Lingcod and the Cabezon were still biting fairly well. The rockfish were ALL missing in action.  The last hour they began to come alive and in that time quite a few of the folks onboard got there rockfish limits as well.


We were all bottom fishing this morning but did hear that Salmon fishing on some sport boats was going fairly well out there but no specifics to add to that.

July 28th Sunday report

July 28, 2019




Give the office a call as we are working hard to book Tuna trips as the Tuna have been caught inside 30 miles.  It is a great time to schedule a trip and if you have never Tuna fished before you are in for a real thrill.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing was really good this morning especially in the shallow water fishing with really big sea bass along with really good totals of Cabezon and some nice Lingcod hitting the filet tables.  Crabbing was a little on the slower side today as in the shallow water crabbing there were an enormous number of female crabs crowding the pots.  We just go the next time and find another place where the males are hanging out.


Pretty egged action this morning as one boat said if they could have kept all of the fish they netted they would have been limited and home early.  Lots of throwback this morning.

Saturday July 27th report

July 27, 2019


One boat we know of out after Tuna today and they are having a really good trip but is not back in yet with over 25 fish by the noon hour.  They are in close folks so book the trip now when they are close in as waiting might not be a good idea.


After a really good day of catching salmon yesterday today it was a little down again like it has been on a day to day basis.  Good one day  & not so good another day.  Nothing seems to biting on the afternoon trips or anything after mid-morning which has been a good time to catch them the first month of the season.

Bottom fishing was really good both in the shallow water for the bass and Cabezon and also really good outside in the mid to deep water for Canary, Quilback, Yellowtail and some nice Ling’s as well.  Crabbing remains good with 4-5 per person on a fleet average.


July 26, 2019

The Albacore Tuna have finally moved into range as some of the sport boats are reporting Tuna in a little more then 30 miles offshore from Depoe Bay.  We are currently booking trips on our two Tuna boats…Mr Max & the Kadaho,  Now is the time to give us a call and get in on the action.  There is nothing like reeling in a Albacore tuna as it will be a thrill of a lifetime not to mention the best tasting Tuna you will ever taste.

Friday July 26th report

Salmon fishing pepped up some today as Tradewinds found them quite a ways out in the 50-fathom area around 7 miles offshore which was an area that most of the boats were not going out that far to search.  We caught quite a few take-home fish and also quite a few throwback fish.  In other words it was really good action today.

The bottom fishing was pretty good today as we were experiencing rather cold water at the first part of the trip as we had 49-50 degree water temps. Toward the midway part of the trip we ventured out a little deeper to find some better water temps and the bite picked up also.  Caught quite a few Lingcod today with lots of Black bass and the boat fishing in deeper water caught lots of Canary, Quilback, Coppers & Yellowtain rockfish.

Crabbing was also very good today.

Thursday July 25th report

We are really  having terrific trips on the bottom fishing side mainly because the Lingcod after a absence of a few weeks are back on the bite which just makes the trips for our clients that much more special.  Crabbing is also great and it has been very steady around 4-7 per person depending on the boat each day (Just an overall average).

Salmon fishing has slowed quite a bit at this writing but we are still catching some fish and also throwing back quite a few each trip.  This is quite normal when the bite goes downhill at times in the summer as we are awaiting a new school to move thru our area up from the south.  It will happen here pretty soon and we will let you know when it happens.

Wednesday July 24th report

July 25, 2019

Bottom fishing trips for us today were excellent with limits on the rockfish side and lots of Lingcod as well.  A perfect current on the reefs down south today gave the Ling’s a chance to compete for the hooks and the folks onboard our boats did a number on them.

Salmon fishing has slowed some over the past few days as we await the next school of Salmon to come up from the south to visit our area.  Quite a few caught today but with the throwbacks not as many take home fish as we have been getting lately.  This will change soon as the next group comes thru our area.

Tuesday July 23rd report

July 23, 2019

Salmon fishing was good this morning but unfortunately not a huge number of take home fish as there were many adipose finned Salmon returned to the waters out there.  The catch has been a little slower but we heard today just south of Newport there is another big school of fish moving our way as they had good fishing to the Newport fleet. They should be upon us hopefully by tomorrow…if not real soon as these fish are moving with the colder water and they are always moving north back to where they came from originally.

Bottom fishing was good today as they were biting not only in the deeper water but also after a few down days back on the bite in the more shallow waters.  The Lingcod have been on the bite now for the past 3-4 days.

Crabbing is about what it has been for the past month with good catches and some days really good catches.  Like fishing, crabbing is also day to day.

SundY July 21st report

July 21, 2019

Bottom fishing was slow if you fished in the shallow water and excellent if you fished or able to fish in the deeper water. The change over in the water temp might have caused the inshore fish to button there lips where the fish in the deeper water which had there lips closed for a long time with hot water are all of a sudden biting very well.  Not sure that is all accurate but makes a little sense possibly.

Salmon remains very good with lots of fish caught and many more fish biting hooks but still the thing you have to do is be lucky enough to sort thru the adipose fin wars to be able to take some home.  Sure are fun trips however with lots of action.

Crabbing was also very good today with averages depending on the boat between 4-7 per person.

Saturday July 20th report

July 20, 2019

Salmon fishing today was red hot with lots of fish caught but you had to be a little lucky to catch one of the ones without the adipose fin as the report was there was a larger percentage of throwbacks then the take-home variety.  The fish are gaining weight and some are really nice fat ones good for the barbecue.

Bottom fishing took a weird turn this morning with the red hot fishing for the rockfish we have had with all of the hot water in the shallows went away today with the northwest winds producing near average ocean water temps around 52-degrees. It was very difficult to find any biters even though they were clearly visible on the fish machines so they ventured off into the deeper water where they have not been biting at all and it took off right away.  All of the boats caught some Lingcod and nice big deeper water rockfish and one of our 6-pac boats limited on both Lingcod (quite a few over 30 inches) and rockfish.  The Lingcod had not been biting at all with all of the hot water but they sure made up for it this morning.  No word today on the crabbing.

Friday July 19th update

July 19, 2019

What a difference a day makes with the ocean weather.  As we had windy/choppy conditions yesterday with a forecast for the same and maybe a little more the morning fishing boats fished in almost perfect conditions (or close anyhow). The Salmon boats got quite a bit of action with quite a few take home fish but still had to battle thru the adipose fin throwbacks.

The bottom fishing boats found a little cooler water and the rockfish were on the bite this morning with lots of folks limiting out and others getting pretty close.   Crabbing was good and if the cool down of the water continues we are hopeful for the Lingcod to get back on the bite.

By the way the other day we had a boat out on an inshore Halibut trip and before the wind and current did them in they caught some nice flat fish.

Thursday July 18th report

All of our boats were bottom fishing this morning as anyone that did Salmon fish was back in early not due to catching fish but rough ocean conditions offshore.  The ocean did get better after an hour or so but we are experiencing some northwest winds especially in the afternoon hours and offshore.  The northwest winds in a way are a welcome sign to us as we need them to cool the very hot water we have right now up in the mid 60’s.  Hopefully we will have decent conditions in the morning hours to run our morning trips as we do need the winds right now.  Bottom fishing was Ok this morning but it was choppy out there and it took most folks the whole trip to get there fish.  Crabbing was very good for those participating.

Tuesday July 16 fishing report

July 17, 2019

Salmon slowed this morning (some) with water temps up & around 64 degrees.  The water which has effected the Lingcod catch now seems to be working on the Salmon as well in shallow water.  Things seem to improve as we get out into deeper water. The rest of the bottom fishing seems to be going very strong with really BIG rockfish being caught and a lot of Cabezon on the filet table.  We have good news with some northwest winds coming to the area this Saturday and that will begin the ocean water cool down and improve all of the fishing.

Just a HALIBUT reminder

July 15, 2019

REMEMBER, this Friday  July 19th we are heading offshore for some HALIBUT fishing aboard the KADAHO.  Some really nice weather predicted for Friday.

Monday fishing report July 15

Bottom fishing was very good today with limits on the rockfish and some really nice Cabezon but very few Lingcod on the filet table.

Salmon fishing was also pretty darn hot but the adipose fin restriction really got in the way of some of the boats total of take-home fish. Thats state law so nothing we can do about that except to try again another day.

Sunday July 14th report

July 14, 2019

Bottom fishing was excellent today even though we did not have a boat out today primarily on a bottom fishing trip. We did have three boat out on combo trips with Salmon fishing going first and they came home after doing really well on Salmon with a great catch of rockfish and some really nice Cabezon with a few Lingcod.  Crabbing also was very good from the reports.

Next weekends Halibut offshore opener

July 13, 2019

Halibut offshore fishing opens for another couple of days Friday and Saturday, July 19th and 20th and we do have some spots open on both days.  Give us a call for some great offshore deep water Halibut fishing.  There are some nice ones out there they have been getting all season long so time to get yours.

Saturday July 13 report

Salmon fishing was good again but you needed to be fortunate enough to catch the ones that had the healed adipose fin.  As it always is in the summer Coho salmon fishery some get the ones in the net that have the healed fin and others don’t which is the determining factor in taking fish home.

Bottom fishing was good today especially for Cabezon and rockfish but not very many Lingcod caught as it has been now ever since this hot water has come into the inshore waters.  We need some northwest winds to cool it off a might

Crabbing was good as some folks came in with 7-8 plus per person.  Good crabbing and most are fairly full of meat to as they harden up after the molting season.

Friday the 19th Halibut

We still have four spots open on our first offshore Halibut trip of the year, next Friday July 19th, on our new boat the KADAHO. Give us a call at 541-765-2345 to make a reservation on the best looking & equipped boat in the bay and get your flat fish to go home to the freezer.

Friday July 12th report

July 12, 2019

Bottom fishing remains very strong even with the hot water (62 degrees) as even today we are told of quite a few Lingcod biting.  The crabbing also is decent with around a 4-5 average around the fleet per person.

It should be Tuna conditions but still no reports of any of the fellas close by so we can get to them.

Salmon also remains pretty good especially with the hot water.  They are not usually liking 60 plus degree ocean temperatures but they are still biting.  The results today was a somewhat slower  bite with the better biting occurring towards the end of the morning with slower conditions at the start of the trips.  One boat had a number of Chinook onboard as the pictures to the right shows a few of those black mouth critters.

Thursday 7/11 report

July 11, 2019

Bottom fishing this morning was excellent with limits on the rockfish but did not get a report on the Lingcod.  Crabbing was also very good rebounding from a slower start to the week.

Salmon fishing was red hot with three of the boats out there limited and we had another also Salmon fishing but no report from that vessel.  There are many-many throwbacks hitting the nets so the entire five hours was needed on the boats that limited.  The Coho’s are getting a little bigger and as of July 7th we have only caught statewide in our zone 17% of our allotted quota.  That is good news as its gonna last quite a while at the present catch rate.

July & August Halibut opener’s

We still have one more July offshore Halibut opener on July 18th, 19th & 20th.  W have a few spots still open on the 18th and quite a few spots still to go on the 19th and 20th.  The Summer season as it is called opens the first weekend in August (the 2nd and 3rd Friday and Saturday) & we have spots open on those dates also. If interested in a flat fish onboard our new vessel the Kadaho gives us a call at 541-765-2345.

Wednesday July 10 report

July 10, 2019

Somewhat unusual two days of rain that will end late this afternoon with wind and a moderate swell in and around the Depoe Bay area.  All will be out of here by tomorrow morning with summer conditions returning in time for morning fishing and afternoon trips as well as whale watching.

In the meantime we do have three boats out this morning (the larger ones) two of which are Salmon fishing and one bottom fishing.  Easy morning reports are that the bottom fish are biting pretty good and the Salmon also showing some decent action offshore.  More reports later when they come in.

(updated) One boat was back in early with a limit of Salmon and the other boat was experiencing quite a few throwbacks but still had a really nice total of take home fish.  Bottom fishing was very good as well.

Tuesday July 9th report

July 9, 2019

Salmon fishing remains very strong somewhat surprising after a number of years in a row of mediocre Salmon fishing.  No complaints understand but I guess the “powers-to-be” at the ODFW knew something when they gave us a 90,000 fish quota.  Hope they keep on biting.

Bottom fishing has been the same for the past several weeks with excellent rockfish biting but the Lingcod bite has slowed to a trickle.  Mostly because of the warm water we are experiencing these past few weeks.  Again, what we need for the Ling’s to pep up some is some Northwest winds to cool things down.

Crabbing was a little off the mark today for the first time in a month but for sure it is just one of those days and things will pick back up very shortly.

Monday July 8th report

July 8, 2019

Excellent bottom fishing this morning with some Lingcod, a good number of Cabezon and of course lots of limits on the other rockfish.  Lots of southerly winds in our forecast with some higher wind speeds in for Wednesday and then back to great conditions after that.  Salmon fishing was also really good today with one boat back in early with a limit and another back in on time but had a nice catch.  Crabbing as it has been remains strong.

July 7th fishing report…Offshore Halibut News

July 7, 2019

Here we are at the end of the 1st full week of July and the weather is about as perfect as it can get and the fishing is going really well.  First off, for the Lingcod fisherman it would be nice to see some northwest winds to help cool the water down some.  Fishing in the mid-water (deeper say about over 100 feet or so) is quite poor at the moment as the amount of bait we have in the water right now is astounding.  It for some reason (??) goes mostly away when you get say inside 50-60 feet of water and the fish are biting in those depths.  This time of year not a whole lot of Lingcod to be had in the shallow stuff where more to be found in deeper water.  Just drove by the ocean a few minutes ago and did see white caps out on the pond so that is a little good news for deeper water fans.

Anyhow, the bottom fishing was really good with not many Lingcod going to the filet tables but we here at Tradewinds caught quite a good number of Cabezon today.  The bass caught today and yesterday were really nice sized ones as well.

Crabbing remains very strong with averages around 5-7 per person even though as we stated before some softer ones in the mix.

Salmon fishing today from the scuttlebutt was slower this morning then with about an hour left like yesterday lit off pretty good.  Did not hear the results of the boats out there looking for “slippery’s” but sounded like they were getting quite a few with quite a few throwbacks and some nice Chinooks also.

There are some offshore halibut dates still open in July and then of course the Summer season as they call it opens in August so call the office to book your offshore fishing adventure for the flat ones.  Tradewinds knows where they are.

July 6th report

July 6, 2019

Bottom fishing was really-really good today about a mile north of the city and they were really BIG rockfish.  Everyone on every Tradewinds boat got a limit on them including some but not a whole lot of Cabezon and Lingcod.

The Salmon bite was really good again even though some of the boats reported having to throw back quite. few with the adipose fin attached.  There were also plenty of the ones that just got off the hook on the reading into the boat.  The Coho are getting bigger by the day with some nice 8-9 po8nd fish beginning to show up.  There are also some nice Chinook salmon biting the hooks if lucky enough to hook up one.

Crabbing remains very good with a few softer ones beginning to show but still have a good percentage of the meat in the shells.

Remember, we are open for business for offshore halibut since we now have the Kadaho working for us.  A very nice and clean 50-foot Delta just ready to take you out for a flat one and there are some good dates remaining for the summer fishery.  Call our office for the details.

Friday July 5th report

Did not hear any report from our one boat Salmon fishing today as all of the others were out on the bottom fishing pond.  However, the sport boats were still coming in early with limits so we can only assume that fishing is still really good.  Several of us are Salmon fishing tomorrow morning.  Bottom fishing also remans strong with real good catches of rockfish and we did see quite a number of Cabezon on the filet table.  Crabbing as we can see some customers pulling “up those pots” a real fun experience also is very good but we are finding a few softer ones as the molting process is well underway.  Still quite a bit of meat in even the softer ones.

July 4th fish report

July 4, 2019

Early morning report was that Salmon fishing was terrific today with limits on one boat and the others also Salm0n fishing were doing really well. More later as the bottom fishing boats come back in.

Happy Birthday America

July 3, 2019

Have a great holiday everyone from Tradewinds !!

Wednesday July 3rd report

Decent Salmon fishing this morning with about a fish per rod on the average.  Quite a few throw back fish this morning and lots of action but sorting thru the wild and hatchery fish is what we have to do with the state regulations.

Bottom fishing was excellent this morning with limits on the rockfish but not a great deal of Lingcod this morning but those we caught were really nice ones.  Crabbing remains strong.

“Welcome Home”

Tradewinds Depoe Bay would like to welcome back HOME the Kadaho and the Starship .  They are back with us after a few years in another charter agency and we welcome them back.

The Kadaho is a fifty foot Delta operated by Roman M. Smolcic and he fishes offshore for Halibut and Tuna as well as inshore fisheries Salmon, bottom fish and crabbing.

The Starship operated by Kain Crawford is a really nice 6-pac boat who fishes Tuna offshore, inshore Salmon, inshore Halibut and bottom fishing and crabbing.

The bats are docked in the same spots in Depoe Bay they have always been so easy to find and go down and say hello.  Call Tradewinds at 541-765-2345 to reserve spots on these two great vessels.


The picture to the right is the KADAHO docking for his first trip back this m0rning 7/3/1

Tuesday July 2nd report

Fishing was excellent today no matter if you were salmon or bottom fishing.  One boat limited on salmon and the other had a good catch of salmon but to many throw-backs.  All of the bottom fishing boats limited on the rockfish but the Lingcod continue to be a slower catch right now.  Crabbing remains in the 4-6 per person area.

Monday July 1st report

July 2, 2019

Great salmon day with one of our boats getting  much better then 1-fish per rod.  There were also lots of throw-backs (adipose finners) and on & off fish so in other words lots of action.

Bottom fishing was also really good with all of the action in close to shore in shallow water which means lots of bass type fish but not many Lingcod caught.  The opening day of Cabezon saw a few brought back to the filet table.  Crabbing was around four per person average.

Sunday June 30th fishing report

July 1, 2019

An absolutely beautiful day out on the ocean water today with warm temperatures along with just a flat ocean.  Can’t get much better then it was today.  The Salmon action was pretty good in the morning hours for a few hours and then it dropped off to very slow late in the morning and especially in the afternoon hours.  When the sun beats down on the water and the water is as warm as it is right now approaching sixty degrees the fish most likely are diving down to deeper water.

The bottom fishing was very good in the morning hours as well but the Lingcod bite has slowed quite a bit over the last week..  More then likely one can contribute that to the sixty degree water temperatures we are having right now. A few days of northerly winds will take care of that.

Crabbing is really good right now with averages coming in around the 5-6 per person mark.

Tomorrow being July 1st the Cabezon fishing opens and that will be something else we can count on out there as we have seen quite a few them coming up on the hooks so far this spring/summer.

Nice picture to the right of some folks having there limits Sunday morning of black bass and a Lingcod on the filet table.

Saturday June 29 report

June 29, 2019

Bottom fishing was pretty good this morning but the water is up close to 60-degrees and does the same thing as the cold water does. It makes the fish a little sleepy.  The bite was slower then it has been the past week but again, as we try to emphasize, those that worked hard at it got a good number of fish.  The Lingcod bite was just so-so and the crabbing has been and again today was excellent.

Salmon fishing which has been good the past few days got off to a decent start this morning and then fizzled as the sun hit the water along with the warm water.  Hard to even say, but we need some northerly winds.

We got  report out in 60 fathoms of water Saturday that a sport boat out there salmon fishing hooked into two Albacore Tuna.  No further information available but that might mean that Tuna trips might be starting soon.

Friday fishing report 6/28/19

Good fishing this morning with one of our boats out Salmon fishing which lots of fish caught but of course lots of those had to be returned with the adipose fin intact.  We did however bring home quite a few.  Bottom fishing was excellent with just a few Lingcod caught but some of the bigger rockfish we have seen in a while heading to the filet tables.  Crabbing was also very good today as you can see by the picture of a family with a full tote and an additional half/tote for there efforts this morning.  

Thursday June 27th report

June 27, 2019

The ocean is just so flat right now with hardly a swell predicted over 3-foot for the next 5-6 days and that means outstanding ocean conditions for fishing.  The Salmon really bit this morning and that is so good news with the big quota we have for the summer that we might just get a good catching salmon summer.  Have not had a really good one for several years.  The bottom fishing was also good today with lots of rockfish caught and some nice Lingcod as well.  The fishing is really picking up and crabbing has also gone form just so-so to pretty darn good over the past week.  A great time to go fishing.

Pic’s from June 25th

June 25, 2019

Two nice Salmon caught on the Sea Fever as the report was they were putting the gear in and down went two dancing  rods.  One Coho and one Chinook Salmon

Pictures from Monday 6/24

The granddaughter of one our our most loyal customers shows her cooked and cleaned crab catch and the work done on the boat that day to pull the crab pots to the surface on the Morning Star.

Saturday June 22nd

June 23, 2019

Nice Lingcod caught on the Sea Fever our 6-pack boat @ Tradewinds Saturday.

Thursday June 20 Fish Report

June 20, 2019

For the third day in a row we had fairly slow fishing around the entire fleet.  The water did warm up a little for this morning but the fish were hard to find and when we did locate them they were slow on the bite.  Even so, we did have many hard working anglers onboard our boats this morning and those that worked hard as it is normally came out OK with decent catches.  All the signs are things are changing after all those northwest windy days we have had and we should see a change in the bite hopefully TOMORROW.  We did catch some nice rockfish and Lingcod today and have a few pictures posted here for the days catch.  Sorry folks, but we have to be honest with you as somedays fishing is just slower then we would like.  The fishing was great but a little slow on the catching. Crabbing on the other hand is picking up, not as many girl crabs in the pots and up to an average around 4-per person.

Wednesday June 19th report

June 19, 2019

The fishing report is similar to yesterday with very cold water in the high 48 degree area.  This consistently over the years has made catching especially rockfish nothing short of hard work and hard work is what our customers did this morning.  Besides what some of the boats experienced very late in the morning trips which was a “frenzy” of biting fish it was a one fish here and one fish there morning.  One of the boats caught a nice bunch of Lingcod about one and a half per customer onboard.  Crabbing today came in on two boats reporting about three per customer.  Looking at the ocean waters this afternoon around 3pm the ocean was free of the wind chop we have been having it seems forever so hopefully tomorrow and beyond will see ocean temps warming up and better biting fish.  Nice picture of this young girl with her really nice Lingcod she caught

Remember, this Saturday, June 22nd is the opening of a predicted good Salmon season along the central coast with 90,000 fish selective quota (healed adipose fin).  If we are able catch half of that in take-home fish this adipose fin summer Salmon fishery era it will be a most successful summer of Salmon fishing.

Fishing dates 7-days a week June 22nd thru August 25th

September fishery 9,000 fish quota non-selective fishery August 31 & September 1st & each other Friday thru Sunday in September thru September 30th or until quota is caught.

Tuesday June 18th fishing report

June 18, 2019

For a 2nd straight day we had a nice morning of ocean weather report to give you but the fishing rumors were that it was a all around slower catching day today.  Yes, it is fishing and catching comes with hard work and for those who did that there was some success this morning but the Lingcod catch was very slow today. Crabbing remains around 2-3 per person.

One inshore Halibut trip and we heard there were some takedowns but no flatfish to show for the day.  So far in the Central Coast area for inshore halibut it has been quite slow and even the offshore Halibut fishing since May 1st has been spotty at times.  Summer is just a few day away so hopefully with Salmon opening this weekend the weather and the catch reports will get better.

Sunday fishing report 6/16/19

June 17, 2019

In the first of the morning hours for about an hour and a half the ocean was really windy and rough but as it does quite a bit of the time for the final 3+ hours we had nice conditions which produced lots of Lingcod and rockfish.  A few pictures from the morning catch.  Crabbing remains a little slow even though we are getting 2-3 per person. Lots of girl crabs crowding the pots so hopefully they will do what they do most summers is move to deeper waters.

Lots of Fish !!

June 15, 2019

Lots of fish caught by Tradewinds vessels the past few days by the Sunrise, Mariner, Mr Max, Morning Star and the Sea Fever.  Here are just a few. 

“SEA FEVER” – Tradewinds New 6-Pack Now Available

June 14, 2019

Our brand new 6-pack vessel the 32′ SEA FEVER made his maiden run this morning and from last report was catching fish.  He runs Bottom fishing trips, Salmon fishing  trips & Inshore Halibut trips as well as adding crabbing as Combo’s to all of those trips.  The boat has really nice fishing tackle onboard with a really skilled US ARMY veteran operator anxious to provide TOP DECK fishing trips for all of his clients.  Book your next fishing trip with Tradewinds on our new 6-pack boat as fishing on 6-packs provides you with no big boat crowds and a much more personal experience.  The boat for your next Oregon Coast fishing adventure.


Tuesday Jone 11th report

June 11, 2019

Two vessels out this morning on a bumpy ocean initially but after the first hour the ocean turned beautiful and we had pretty good success out there catching fish.  Both boats caught a good number of Lingcod as well as the rockfish and the crabbing appears to be picking up with one boat averaging about five per person.

Tuesday June 4th report

June 4, 2019

Had two boats out this morning and both were fishing ups north off of the Siletz River reefs.  It was a strange morning with the current as it began at a straight up and down 0.0 speed in knots.  By the time a hour or so had past it was all the way up to 1.4 knots.  Kinda strange to see a rise in current speed that quickly in a fishing trip.  The office was a little choppy all over this morning without hardly any wind at all probably having to do with the minus tides we are having this week in the morning  hours.  None-the-less fishing was good with limits on the rockfish but not a great deal of  take home Lingcod this morning but quite a few caught that we had to throw back.  Crabbing was slow on the one boat reporting.

Monday June 3rd fishing report + some nice weather coming

June 3, 2019

We had one vessel out this morning and the reports was really good fishing like the weekend was on a nice ocean with lots of really nice sized canary rockfish in the catch.

We also are happy to report a real nice weather week in the forecast with low swells and not much wind in that forecast.  The official start of summer is still a few weeks away but the good weather is beginning to show up in some good stretches now and we are looking forward to a good summer of weather after a rough spring.

Sunday fishing report

June 2, 2019

The forecast this morning was just like the windy-choppy forecast we have had the past few days but today after a brief start to that wind and choppy waters the ocean went to a really nice condition and the wind went away.  The result was really good fishing for all of our boats out this morning with plenty of Lingcod and rockfish to go home with out customers.

Saturday fishing report

June 1, 2019

It was a good day out on the water today even though it was like yesterday, quite on the windy side. Nice Canary rockfish in the picture above.  There was no ocean so to speak (light swell),  so the wind just produced a little bit of uncomfortable  moments but they were not that many of them.  Heard crabbing was around 2-3 per person with lots of girl crabs in the pots which of course have to be returned unharmed.  Lingcod fishing was good on some boats and not so good on others as a heavy current kept bouncing the bottom to a minimum.

Free Fishing weekend

May 30, 2019

This will be a good weekend to go fishing not only because the weather will be good with a 3-foot swell predicted but it is also a free fishing weekend.  No fishing licenses are needed to fish on our charter boats this weekend so give us a call for some savings.

Tuesday fishing Report

May 29, 2019

One boat out today and the fishing was great with close to a limit of Big Lingcod, a rockfish with really nice Quilback, Canary & Yellowtail’s.  Not a small model in all of them.  Not a Black bass in the bunch which is quite strange in this fishery.  No crabbing on this trip this morning.

Memorial Day fishing report

May 27, 2019

Had two boats out this morning and both boats had good days with close to limits on the rockfish and decent Lingcod fishing but less then one per person.  Hopefully as the ocean cleans itself up after a week of bad weather things will get better out there.  There was a huge amount of bait in the water this morning not sure if that has anything to do with the rough seas we have had lately but time will tell as we begin to get into the summer fishing months.

Friday fishing report

May 24, 2019

Went out there this morning on a decent ocean with a fairly decent forecast but as it does especially this time year the forecast happened much earlier then it was listed.  It turned into a rough ocean the last few hours and the fishing was only so-so but we did have a good Lingcod bite per person with a little over one per rod.  The rockfish bite was slow today.  Crabbing for those participating was 4-per person.

Better ocean weather on the way

We do have a fishing boat out this morning on a decent ocean after 4-5 days off the water.  .  Tomorrow sounds a little on the “iffy” side but Sunday moving forward looks like good weather thru the forecast period well into next week.  Maybe, (Hopefully) summer weather is beginning to show up.

Late spring weather issues

May 22, 2019

We are in the midst of some late spring bad ocean weather which might be here for the rest of this work week but as spring weather can be it can change overnight and be really nice the next day.  Today, however is not very nice out there and we will let you know when things look like they are changing.

Almost everyone came back in Thursday

May 16, 2019

We saw 6-vessels leave the harbor Thursday morning, two charter boats going Halibut fishing three charter boats going bottom fishing and one loan small private sport boat going to do something.  Interestingly enough the only boat to stay out was the private sport boat.  All of the charter boats were back in within an hour as the forecasters missed this forecast badly. Not hardly any swell but rainy, windy and 5-6 feet of wind chop out there.  Most uncomfortable !!!  Hopefully better tomorrow.

Finning Bass then the winds came

May 14, 2019

Had one boat out Tuesday morning and came upon what looked like a ocean of finning bass feeding on the surface about a mile to the north of Depoe Bay.  Really fun fishing when this happens where you basically just cast out, let it sink for a few seconds and literally set the hook.  The fish came to the boat fast and furious.  Not a bad scenario for this day because it was not long after the fishing began that a heavy wind which produced a heavy wind chop came thru the area which made it a most uncomfortable ride as well as tough fishing conditions.  They had the limit on the rockfish so home came the boat into a calm harbor.

Monday morning fishing round-up

May 13, 2019

Had several boats out this morning on the bottom fishing reefs and both of them brought home really good bunches of fish for the folks onboard the two boats.  One of the boats had 11-nice Lingcod onboard but the crabbing still remains a little on the pokey side but it is still historically from past years a little early for good scores on the sport boats.

Another beautiful ocean and terrific fishing

May 12, 2019

Had another great ocean day with calm seas, no wind, no rain and it all even got better with terrific fishing.  The boats reporting caught lots of Lingcod with good size to them and limits of rockfish.  The crabbing was also good and getting better with one boat averaging around 3-per person and another close to 4- per person.  More good weather for next week with the exception of Tuesday which looks like a wind day with great weather returning Wednesday.

Saturday fishing round-up

May 11, 2019

We had all five boats out this morning (four bigs and one tiny one) and all came home with really good trips.  Crabbing was decent with three of the boats averaging a little over 2-per person but one of the boats found the sweet spot so-to-speak and brought home 55- crabs on the boat.  The fishing was also really good with all reports we heard from had pretty close to full limits of rockfish and quite a good number of Lingcod the reports said.  The ocean was really nice and we expect that to continue well into next week according to the forecasts we are seeing.

Beautiful Spring Forecast

May 9, 2019

The forecast all the way thru the forecast period which goes into a few days into next week is telling us to expect  beautiful conditions no matter if you want to fish or whale watch here on the Central Oregon Coast.  We are forecasted to get beautiful calm seas with no rain and hardly any wind in the forecast to speak.  Should make for great fishing conditions  & if you choose whale watching to easily spot and take good pictures of  the whales.  Easily qualifies for a good time for a whole family outing on the ocean waters.  Give us a call and make the reservation.

Saturday fishing report

May 4, 2019

The winds let up enough overnight that we had a pretty nice morning out on the pond and all of our boats were booked and out there.  From all reports the rockfish bite was really good with limits we heard on all or most of the boats.  The Lingcod bite we did not hear much about but one boat limited on those as well and actually found those easier to catch then the rockfish.  Not totally unheard of but a little rare.  No report on the crabbing but the last report we did hear was that the commercials were beginning to pick up there pots and that the catch was improving some already.

Weekend Fishing and Crabbing & the Weather

April 29, 2019

Had some nice weather this weekend and we got out for mostly limits on the fishing side and it seems that crabbing might be improving as one of our boats reporting came home with three per person.  Might not seem like a great number but as more of the commercial crab boats are taking there pots to shore for the summer less competition means more crabs for the sport fleet.  It should continue to improve as we get closer to summer.

Another good piece of news is that the spring weather might have finally arrived for the ocean forecast as the next 7-8 days by forecast looks really nice with sunny skies and nice calm seas.  We are open and fishing seven days a week so come on down and book a trip with Tradewinds.

Best summer Salmon forecast for 2019 in years

April 16, 2019

We are in store for a really good summer and fall salmon season if the forecast for this year turns out to be correct.  We have the largest quota of Salmon available to us in many years on the 2019 quota

The hatchery mark selective Coho Salmon season from Cape Falcon to the OR/CA Border will be open from June 22 through the earlier of August 25 or the quota of 90,000 adipose fin-clipped Coho Salmon.  There will be a more limited non-selective Coho Salmon season from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. that is scheduled to be open each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday beginning on August 31 and continuing through the earlier of September 30 or the quota of 9,000 non mark selective Coho Salmon.

Better weather in the forecast

April 15, 2019

Sounds like things will begin to improve by Thursday of this week.  No forecast yet for the weekend but Thursday and Friday look decent so far.

Preliminary Salmon season information

April 13, 2019

The entire Oregon Coast is poised to have a large fin-clipped coho salmon season, with options calling for a statewide quota running between 80,000 and 105,000 fish. The 80,000 fin-clipped coho option also includes a season on wild coho, with an 8,000-fish quota.  The final season will be adopted by the PFMC at there meeting in California ending on April 16th.

Good News – Bad News

April 10, 2019

The Good News is that after over a week of bad weather we did get a boat out this morning on a fairly decent ocean at sail time.  The rockfish bit really well but it was a real struggle getting the Lingcod to bite this morning.  Come about the last hour or so of the trip the Bad News happened and the Bad Weather came back in and really quickly.  Now folks we are back into a bad ocean forecast for at least thru the weekend.  Mostly high surf and rainy conditions in the forecast.  As normal we will let you now when things improve.

Bad Weather Folks

April 7, 2019

We have some pretty bad weather down here now with oceans up over 20 foot at times.  We will let you k now when things b begin to get better and were guessing not until at least the start of next week.

Wednesday fishing report

April 3, 2019

Really good fishing this morning as all of our boats out today spent the trip just a mile or so north of Depoe Bay.  We awoke to some wind on the waters this morning and even though there was very little swell to deal with the ocean had the swell that was there hitting you it seemed from a  few different directions at the same time and the swell(s) were very close together.  It was very fishable but at times a hand was grabbing the rail to hold on.  None-the-less the catching was excellent with limits of a  nice variety of rockfish but we were down on the Lingcod catch this morning.  The current with that wind was moving a little over 1-knot which made staying close to the bottom where those guys live difficult.

Limits Lingcod, Rockfish & even Crab

April 2, 2019

One of our boats came back in on a Tuesday morning trip with a  Lingcod limit, a Rockfish limit and a Crab limit.  The crabbing was really a strange one as it has not been all that great here this early spring but today they were around the pots one can only guess and it was a limit for the one person crabbing with only two pots out there.

Beautiful Saturday Ocean

March 30, 2019

The radio sounded like it was good fishing for all our boats out on the bottom fishing grounds Saturday morning with lots of fish being caught for the passengers onboard.  One of our boats came home with 2-crabs per person and a limit of rockfish and Lingcod. As you can see the ocean was warm with blue skies and lots of. enthusiasm in pulling up those crab pots.

Excellent fishing Friday with great weather all weekend long

March 29, 2019

Have some nice pictures from the boats this morning of some nice Lingcod caught along with excellent catch on the rockfish and lots of variety in the catch.  The crabbing remains only fair as as we have spoke to the ocean is like a mine field out there and when the commercial boys pick up there pots for the summer it will get better.  One of the pics below is on a nice young lady doing her part along with the guys onboard in pulling up the pots.

Thursday fishing report

March 28, 2019

Another nice day to fish out on the pond despite a windy wet forecast that never happened .  It was actually really nice.  The fish bit with limits on the rockfish and I did see some really nice Lingcod on the filet table as well.  The weather tomorrow (Friday) thru the weekend into the first part of next week sounds really nice so would be a great time to come down and do some spring fishing.

Fishing continues to be very good

The fishing has been quite good over the past 3-4 days with plenty of rockfish hitting the filet tables as well as a pretty good number of Lingcod as well.  The Lingcod range in size from the just legal length of 22 inches to some really nice sized ones in the 30+ inch range.  Crabbing is just fair with still so many commercial pots out there yet we are competing with them for the crabs.  As soon as most of them begin to pick up there pots it will improve and that should be happening pretty soon here now.

Spring break fishing

March 25, 2019

We have been fishing on some oceans decent enough to fish on but a little windy, rainy and moderate swell days especially Monday morning.  The catch has been decent with a fair amount of Lingcod caught with nice variety in the rockfish as well.  Did not hear how the crabbing did the past few days but it has been around 2-crabs per person recently not unusual this time of year with as many commercial pots still out there.

Monday fishing in the wind

March 18, 2019

The ocean was really nice this morning with pretty much flat conditions except for the occasional really heavy winds that hit the waters occasionally this morning. Some of them were reaching 20-25 knots.  Sure made crabbing a little tough!!  However, in between all of that one of our boats came within one Lingcod of a limit and 2-rockfish of a limit.  Crabbing was not great but we had one boat report of 2-3 around.

Fishing a little slow on Sunday

March 17, 2019

With a 9-foot swell and a running current the fishing today was slower then it has been with the one boat we had out this morning.  Monday is suppose to be a much nicer day so hopefully we will see an improvement not only in the ocean conditions but fish that are hungry and have there mouths open.

Beautiful day and good fishing

March 16, 2019

Good fishing on the ocean waters this morning with an improvement on the Lingcod bite up on the northern fishing grounds and the rockfish were biting as well.  Really cold water the past few days which always takes the bottom fish bite down a bit but it improved this morning on all of our fishing boats reporting.  Crabbing still remains a little on the slower side with so many commercial pots still out there but we are seeing them starting to bring them to the beach now so our turn is coming.  Some nice pics of some of the Lingcod caught today.  

Too rough today but fishing was great yesterday

March 10, 2019

The ocean is doing what it does this time of year, really nice one day and not so nice the next day.  Have upwards of a 10-foot swell offshore this morning but yesterday it
was virtually flat.  We had great whale watching in the afternoon and really good fishing with lots of Lingcod and the usual variety of rockfish. A few pictures included of some of the Lingcod and a really nice Vermillion rockfish.

Fishing and weather

March 6, 2019

Good weather will be with us thru Saturday, March 9th and the fishing is really good right now.  Late winter-early spring has always been a good time to fish especially for the Lingcod as this is when the spawning cycle takes place and the bigger Lingcod are in the more shallow waters. Lots of nice rockfish being caught as well. The weather on Sunday of this weekend looks like a growing swell might approach the area.

Getting ready for springtime

March 2, 2019

As we approach the beginning of spring now that we are in the month of March our office will be open everyday to get ready for the Spring Breaks and the summer tourist season beginning Friday, March 8th. Our office will be open to take reservations for both fishing and whale watching and answer your questions as our good ocean weather is is starting to happen. Give us a call and watch for our discount coupons which will be appearing on our website soon.

Fish on the bite

March 1, 2019

We finally got some decent weather today with more good ocean weather tomorrow. While the State of Oregon is getting thru heavy snow in parts of Oregon where travel has been more then just difficult the ocean is really very nice. Strange how things shape up weather wise at times. The Lingcod were on the bite today as well as the rockfish and we expect the same tomorrow.

Winter fishing when the ocean is nice

February 15, 2019

When we get out in these winter months you can get some really nice fish especially some really big Lingcod.?

Central Oregon & Idaho Sportsman Shows

Tradewinds just completed five very successful days in Portland at the Expo center at the Pacific Northwest Sportsman Show. We now will be moving on to Redmond, Oregon for the Central Oregon Sportsman Show. The dates of this show are February 28th thru March 3rd. We hope to see you all there. We will also the same four days be in Boise, Idaho for the Idaho Sportsman Show so hope to see you folks from the surrounding Idaho area at that show as well.?

2019 Inshore Halibut Season

February 7, 2019

Oregon ODFW has delivered its recommendation to the Pacific Halibut Commission for the upcoming 2019 Halibut season. Tradewinds as of this writing will not be running the offshore trips which will begin in the first week in May until that quota is reached. We will however run the inshore Halibut trips which open on June 1st. Below is the recommendation that the ODFW has made and you can pretty much plan on this to come to light and be accepted. The good thing about this fishery is that you can also catch Lingcod and bottom fish on this trip where on the offshore trips you only can catch one (1) Halibut and that is all you can bring home.

Nearshore: Opens June 1, seven days per week, inside the 40-fathom line, through the earlier of the quota being caught or Oct 31. Quota = 32,591 pounds

Portland Sportsman Show

January 28, 2019

Hey Folks…Hope you are planning on visiting the Portland Sportsman Show scheduled for February 6-7-8-9-10 at the Expo Center in Jantzen Beach along the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon. Tradewinds Charters will be there and will have some valuable discounts for you so look us up and lets get ready for the 2019 season. The season quota for fish will be the same as 2018 but we will be able to fish out in deeper water this year which is where some bigger fish reside. See ya there.