Fishing Report

Daily fishing report-August 1st

August 1, 2021

Bottom fishing continues to be a little slow but has improved some over the past few days as the water warms up.  We are almost up to 50-degree water and that its normally a good sign for the bottom fish to begin to bite.  We will see tomorrow.

Salmon fishing is absolutely spectacular these past two days.  (Don’t those filet’s look just inviting to your taste buds?) As soon as you get your lines in the water it seems fish are on immediately.  Both boats out for TW today cameback early with limit catches along with a few Chinook salmon.  The Coho salmon are getting bigger by the day it seems.  This has been a great year for salmon the majority of the season once they actually showed up in the area the later part of June.

Daily fishing report-July 31st

July 31, 2021

Bottom fishing is continuing to improve by the day as the water begins to warm up from all the northerly winds we have been having.  Radio reports from the boats this morning found all of them were getting the fish to bite much better than in the past week.

Crabbing continues to be very good in the 4-8 per person range depending on the boat and the day.

The salmon bite this morning was as good as it gets. It was extremely difficult to keep the lines in the water as pretty much as soon as you got a line in the water a fish was on it.  The only problem might be if you were unlucky enough to land to many of the salmon with the adipose fin still attached.  One of our vessels was back in by 9:45 with a limit of really nice Coho salmon.  They are getting really big it seems by the day with some of them in the nine pound + range.

Daily fishing report-July 30th


Salmon fishing today was feast or famine.  One boat came back with 17-take home salmon (The Kadaho) and the other boat came home with none. One nice King salmon was past of the salmon catch (picture).  It’s good to be in the right place at the right time.

In the bottom fishing side of things it appears that things picked up some but again (right place right time).  It seemed like the deeper water spots were the ticket for success today for the morning boats with doubles coming up for the reporting boat the Mr Max.  Another boat bottom fishing late morning and early afternoon came within one for a limit on Lingcod and one fish short on the rockfish (Again right place right time).

Daily fishing report-July 29th

July 30, 2021

Salmon fishing was excellent today and the fish had moved in closer to shore from the day before.  We did not get limits but the Kadaho brought back in from our math one fish per rod average and the action was tremendous.  The deckhand told us that the throw backs was 30+ so everyone was reeling in fish and the luckier ones got to take some home.

Bottom fishing remains slow in the colder water closer to the shoreline and we are hoping for the northerly winds to begin letting up so the 47-degree water temperature will begin to rise which will cure the problem. One positive about this cold water is that the Lingcod don’t seem to mind it as we are bringing home some really nice ones.

Daily fishing report-July 28th

July 28, 2021

Another tough day out on the water with the bottom fishing bite which was slow for everyone.  The salmon bite was better but today there were just to many throw back fish and not many take home fish.  We will survive here and wait for another day hopefully tomorrow.

The weekly ODFW salmon update

July 27, 2021

As of July 25th we have caught 34,867 Coho salmon in our area from Cape Falcon to the Oregon/California border. That comes to 29.1% of the 120,000 fish quota.  It looks like odds on favor of the summer salmon season will last thru the August 28th quota date.  So there should be hopefully lots of days of really good salmon fishing till the end of August.  Depoe Bay so far has landed 3,805 harvested Coho salmon and had to release 4,054 with the adipose fin. Depoe Bay is averaging 1.05 fish per each angler on a salmon trip both sport and charter.  

Daily fishing report-July 27th

The bottom fishing improved somewhat today with everyone doing a little better than the same boats that fished yesterday. One boat was able to get out to the deeper water reefs and really did a number on the Canary rockfish along with a few really nice lingcod.

Crabbing was really good today as it has been here lately with somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-6 per person.

Salmon after yesterday extremely slow day rebounded and the catch today was decent on the take home fish and pretty good on the number of throw back fish.  There is no control over the ones with or without the adipose fin so you just hope you get lucky.  As you might know in the summer salmon fishery the native fish with the adipose fin must be returned to the water unharmed.  Where the hatchery fish the ones with the healed adipose fin we can keep.

Salmon report-July 26th

We have had a good salmon season so far with many good days of catching Coho salmon out there.  We have had a few lulls in the action from time to time but there has been this summer more coming thru the Depoe Bay area.  A report we have heard it might just be happening again here soon. A report just to the south of Newport is that there is a heavy bite going on around Seal Rock just a few miles to the south.  Those fish will be coming thru our area soon so we are hoping for something to pick up here in a few days hopefully.

Daily fishing report-Monday July 26th

July 26, 2021

It was one of those really rough days that charter boats see only a few times each year with difficult fishing both on the bottom fishing grounds and the salmon grounds.  Tomorrow however is another day and we will be out there working even harder to find the fish wanting to bite.

Daily fishing report-July 25th

Bottom fishing was much better today even though the weather was windy and choppy where the fishing took place. Much better bite with the Sunrise boating this really nice Lingcod in the picture provided.

One salmon boat out there this morning and the ocean weather offshore was better then it was inshore where the bottom fishermen were. Weird??  Anyhow even in cold water, windy choppy conditions our one boat put eleven fish on the boat.  Pretty good day and good to know we have fish still around.  They are nice big fat ones and getting bigger by the week.

Crabbing was decent today and one boat leaving them out overnight brought back around 100 of them.  

Daily fishing report-July 24th

July 24, 2021

The salmon bite today was minimal as we had rough ocean conditions along with a very thick fog.  Normally August type weather but here we are in late July.  Our one boat out there came home with 6-take home salmon and had a number of throw backs as well.  Tough conditions for any fishing this morning.

The bottom fishing was like the salmon bite which also was minimal. The northerly winds have made the ocean temperatures drop from a very good 50+-degrees down close to the 47-degree mark.  The boats reported lots of fish showing but only a few were biting.  One boat did produce quite a few Lingcod and the Cabezon seemed to be biting on all the boats as well.  The other rockfish the ones that give the numbers were rather slow this morning.

Daily fishing report-Friday July 23rd

July 23, 2021


Salmon fishing this morning was “Crazy Good” with so much action it was virtually impossible to keep all the rods in the water. The boat we had out this morning on the salmon grounds was done by 9am…Really nice fish also with over half of them in the 8-9 pound range.  Without question the best salmon season we have had in many years.

Bottom fishing

The boat are not all back yet but it sounded like things were going really well on the bottom fishing grounds including this young man catching a great looking Canary rockfish. One of the boats out on the bottom fishing grounds today was the Mr Max and he found the fish in biting mode up north off the Lincoln City reels for a really good day.

Daily fishing report-July 22nd

July 22, 2021

Salmon fishing was excellent this morning for the two vessels out there enjoying non-stop action for the first  two and a half hours of the trip.  After that the salmon thru the off switch and it was “scratch fishing” for the remainder of the trip. Before then we boated lots of fish with one of the boats getting to only needing one fish to limit and the other boat had lots of take home fish.  Both boats reported lots & lots of throw back fish.  Good morning all the way around.  Including a few photos of todays salmon  catch.  

Don’t know a hole lot about the morning bottom fishing boats but two of them limited early and were back to the dock a hour or so before the original landing time.

No reports on crabbing today.

Daily fishing report-July 21st

July 21, 2021

Salmon fishing today was just like it has been here lately with plenty of action but we still are sorting thru the native and hatchery Coho salmon.  Some days have been better than others in that sorting but other days there are many more native throw back fish than take home ones.

Bottom fishing today was very good with limits or very close to limits on all four bottom fishing boats out this morning with one boat almost bring home a limit of Lingcod with one short of that limit.

Crabbing was decent today with some the boats doing better then others.  They seemed to have moved in to the more shallow water and the boats crabbing in that shallow water seemed to do better than those crabbing out a little deeper.

Still lots of quota left for salmon

It has been by any measure a really good salmon catch year here in the summer of 2021.  With the 120,000 fish quota we as of July 18th have caught 22% of that quota equaling 26,346 fish caught in our area. Here in Depoe Bay weharvested 2,932 Coho salmon and 205 Chinook salmon averaging 1.05 fish per rod per angler trip.  Over past years this is a pretty good salmon year with good opportunities for folks to catch a take home salmon.  We have also released 2,960 Coho salmon and  42 underside Chinook salmon.  So as yon see lots of fish biting and lots of fun for our passengers.   The season selective summer fishery runs thru August 28th.

Tuesday fishing report-July 20th

July 20, 2021

Salmon has remained constant these past 4-5 days with good action pretty much from start to finish but about 1-fish per rod on the average over this stretch of time.  Lots of action as we said but also lots of throw back native salmon with the adipose fin which must be returned to the waters unharmed.

Bottom fishing was good from some radio reports heard but not red hot.  I seems these past 2-3 days we have come home with lots of rockfish but the shallow water Lingcod fishing is fairly slow. We are getting some Lingcod but maybe only about 4-5 on a big boat and on some boats more.

Crabbing remains to be very good in the 4-6 range per person.

Daily fishing report-July 19th

July 19, 2021

Bottom fishing was just average this morning with one of the boats being in the right place at the right time and had quite a few fish bite the hooks.  Some of the boats got to that spot a little late and struggled with the catch this morning.  One of the boats went out from the shallow water and caught quite a few lingcod and one Halibut but the rockfish bite on this boat was quite slow.

Salmon fishing was as it has been the past 3-4 days with lots of action and quite a few take home fish but there were also lots of throw back fish with no limits this morning but all in all a really good catch.

Crabbing was really good again this morning with in the neighborhood of 5-6 per passengers participating.

Sunday fishing report-July 18th

July 18, 2021

Bottom fishing was hit and miss for the boats today with one doing really well and others having some good drifts but only an average catch today up along the Lincoln City reefs.

Salmon on the other hand was really decent this morning with one boat limiting on some really nice 7-8 pound Coho salmon and the other boat also having a good trip with a nice catch but lots of throw back fish.

Crabbing continues to be really good especially in the shallow water spots up north along Gleneden Beach.

Daily fishing report-July 17th

July 17, 2021

Good to talk about the best report of the day and today that would be the crabbing.  All of the boats out today for TW had really good reports on crab with an estimated 5-6 per person. That is a good score as they seem to be beginning to get to the shallow water where it is easier for us to get to them. They are in pretty good shape also with not many of them are real soft and many of them really hard.  A good thing to add to your fishing trip if you like crab.

Salmon fishing this morning was pretty much hit and miss with one boat having quite a bit of action but not many take home fish.  They other boat did not have as much action as the other but took home six leagal fish.  Go figure on that one??

Bottom fishing was excellent this morning with very few lingcod being reported but an excellent grade on the rockfish with some of the Black rockfish weighing in along the 5-6 pound range.

We do have a Halibut boat out today and we will try to report the outcome to you later in the evening.

This is the first Tuna report of the year as the news from offshore is not good as far as charter boat getting out to where they are.  The last report we heard was over 100 miles offshore much too far for our fleet to get to them.  Hoping for a August & September fishery so we will keep you informed.

ODFW Halibut season report

July 16, 2021

The Central Oregon Coast Subarea (Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain) summer all-depth halibut fishery will open every week (Thurs – Sat) starting August 5-7, until the quota is met, or October 31. High winds during the spring all-depth fishery caused bar restrictions and/or bar closures up and down the central Oregon coast, severely limiting the number of anglers able (or willing) to participate in the fishery. With much of the spring all-depth quota remaining, we are looking to provide anglers more opportunity to harvest halibut this year during the summer all-depth fishery


During days open for all-depth halibut fishing in the months of June, July and August, EITHER a combination of sablefish, Pacific cod & other flatfish species OR longleader rockfish may be retained when halibut are onboard the vessel. Longleader gear fishingmay be combined with a halibut trip, but only outside of 40 fathoms, and once rockfish are on board, no further halibut fishing is allowed.

Daily Fishing report-July 16th

The bottom fishing was excellent today as the water warmed up into the 50’s and the bite of the rockfish was on in the more shallow water reefs for rockfish. Several of the boats took advantage of the nice ocean conditions and ventured out into the deeper water one in the 120-foot range and the other in the 150+ range.  The rockfish limit was not achieved on either boat but they were close but the Lingcod bite was just fantastic with one boat limiting passengers and crew.  Look at the specimen in the picture to the right which was a 43-inch  fish weighing in at 30+ pounds caught on the mr max.  We call those types two names: a “Big Boy” or “CodZilla”. Theater picture shows the fish spread out for a Kodak moment on the filet table.

Salmon fishing three days ago was fantastic but the following day only average. The next day it was pretty good that being yesterday but today it cooled off for a slower bite. Tomorrow is another day.


Thursday fishing report-July 15th

July 15, 2021

We had the Coast Guard buoy tender out in front of the harbor servicing the buoy’s we use here for navigation.  (Nice ocean huh?)

Bottom fishing report only available on one of the boats fishing the deeper water  as the rest were fishing in the more shallow water and no report as of yet.  The one boat was fishing in the 120-140  foot range and it was terrific fishing with a boat limit including crew on the Lingcod with many of them 15-20 pound specimens.  They also sent back to the file table a good selection of Canary and Black rockfish.

No reports on the crabbing today.

The salmon bite was much better today then yesterday with somewhere around 1 take-home fish per customer with other boats a little less then that.  It was better by quite a bit then yesterday with lots of throw back fish.  Sounds ike some more good fishing is heading our way out of the reports from the south.

Fishing report-July 14th

It was bound to happen and it did on two fronts.

The salmon bite went downhill this morning as the fish have either moved further north or the cold water just made them dive into deeper water which is out of reach for charter vessels. There was still action and we did catch some but not like it has been. We also heard that Newport experienced the same thing so we are thinking the great school of fish we had here for close to a week have moved north where they naturally go.  Now we wait for the next school of fish to get to our area out of the south or deeper waters.  We will keep you informed.

The bottom fish bite also took a nose dive today as it was a real struggle to get anything to bite as our catch scores were quite low today.  The 47-degree water has a lot to do with that.  The ocean weather was improving this afternoon and some areas were showing 49-50 degree temperatures so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Oregon Salmon Index Update-July 13th

July 13, 2021

So far thru July 11th (Sunday) we have caught 14,103 Coho salmon out of our 120,000 fish quota.  That puts the percentage at 11.8% of the available quota caught.  Most of the fish caught are from Winchester Bay north which is helping us to keep the season open.  The south coast is hardly seeing any Coho salmon caught which is historically about right where they have more of a Chinook salmon catch.  Newport has the greatest number of fish caught as it has many more angler trips going out then any of the other ports..

Lets hope that things keep going for us here in Depoe Bay as a few of the skippers I have talked to who have chartered out of Depoe Bay for many-many years all say that this is the best salmon fishing we have seen in 30+ years.

Tuesday fishing report-July 13th

Bottom fishing improved a little bit from yesterday asn the 47-degree water is slowly starting to warm up and the fish are responding better today then they did yesterday and a few days before.  The Lingcod bite is pretty good as they seem to like the colder water better then the rockfish do.

Salmon fishing today remains excellent even though it appeared from one viewpoint that there was a tiny-tiny bit less action then the past few days. It was still fantastic as we had limits on our boats today.

Crabbing remains just around a little below average from past years at this time with possibly 2-3 per person depending on the boat.

Monday fishing report-July 12th

July 12, 2021

Bottom fishing was decent today with the rockfish bite a little slower then normal but still good catches.  The really good news this morning was that the Lingcod were biting better then the rockfish bite and lots of them came to the filet table today.

No word on the crabbing this morning.

Salmon fishing today was again phenomenal.  Two boat out this morning and both back early with limits for passengers and crew including a few King salmon.  Some pictures of todays catch included.

Sunday fishing report-July 11th

Bottom fishing was a little slow up in the north area off Lincoln City we were told and was really hot down south of Depoe Bay.  A few lingcod were caught but not all that many today.

The crabbing report was pretty good for the boats out in about 60-70 feet of water off the beach area north of Depoe Bay with one boat bringing in 40+.

Salmon fishing continues to be excellent with three boats today limiting and the fish are gaining weight it seems by the day.  There were a few in the 8-pound range today and one nice King salmon reported.  The picture on this report off the Mariner and his limit catch in about 3 1/2 hours.

Saturday fishing report-July 10th

July 11, 2021

Crabbing continues over the past 3-4 days to get a little better each day as (they might) be finally getting into the more shallow waters.  Its just easier for us to get them in the more shallow water and much easier for the folks on the boats to pull-up the pots.

Bottom fishing was good today with lots of rockfish and quite a few Cabezon once again hitting the filet tables. There was a fair assortment of Lingcod in the mix as well.

Salmon continues to be red hot with the Mariner back into the harbor with a limit by 8am just two hours after leaving the harbor.  As you can see from the pictures the folks onboard display there catch and take a look at those beautiful filets.

Friday fishing report-July 9th

July 9, 2021

A fishing report today depended on where you were.  Some of the boats up north reported slow fishing and one boat fishing south had a really good bite which a good number of Lingcod.

Only heard the report from one boat from the morning and that boat reported 7-8 per person certainly better then what it has been lately.

Salmon fishing was really good again but maybe just a touch slower then the past few days.  The only thing that made it a touch slower is that there were too many throw back fish and not enough to limit on the take home fish.  But as you can see from the pictures really nice and very healthy Cobo salmon.


Thursday fishing report-July 8th

Bottom fishing today was very good especially the more shallow water with lots of rockfish and lots of Cabezon hitting the filet tables.

 Crabbing was only fair with pots full of crabs but most of them were the girl crabs but there were quite a few boy crabs in with all of the girls.

Salmon continues to be spectacular with limits on our two morning boats and an afternoon boat went out and limited in about an hour with two nice King salmon hitting the hooks.  One is in the picture below.

Wednesday fishing report-July 7th

July 7, 2021

Salmon fishing was without any argument absolutely amazing this morning with Non-stop action.  One of  our boats was quite a good distance south down by the Yaquina Head lighthouse and the other off Whale Cove five miles out about 220 feet of water. The one picture shows the catch off a smaller vessel with a family charter with there limit catch.  Really nice lookin fish this morning including this nice Chinook salmon.

Bottom fishing was decent today but not Red Hot.  Good catch of rockfish and saw some nice Lingcod on the filet table as well.

Crabbing has been up and down the past week but today was one of the “UP” days as we had some decent catches in deeper water this morning.  

Tuesday fishing report-July 6th

July 6, 2021

Salmon fishing was pretty decent today but possibly not as good as it was the two previous days.  One of our vessels out today got two-thirds of the fish needed and spoke to having to throw back about a dozen wild salmon and had another dozen fish on and lost.  So not limist but good action for the folks onboard.

The bottom fishing we were told was a little on the slow side with some good drifts early in the trips then they pretty much turned off towards the end of the trip.

Monday fishing report-July 5th

July 5, 2021

No TW boats out on the salmon grounds today but we will have the next three days for sure.  The word was that they are still around in good numbers but the folks are having to throw back many of them because they still have the adipose fin which makes them wild fish so the experts say.

Bottom fishing today was spotty even though most of the boats for TW came home with limits of rockfish or really close.  Quite a few Cabezon were caught today as that season opened July 1st.  Not many Lingcod were reeled in today as the Northwest winds returned this morning cooling down the water and then there is the abundance of bait fish in our area presently.

Crabbing we were told did improve slightly this morning.

Sunday fishing report

July 4, 2021

Happy 4th of July America

In what appears to be huge numbers Salmon as even with all of our vessels this morning bottom fishing all of the boats were reporting either salmon being caught and returned (barbless hook rule) or salmon chasing lures.  They hardly ever stay in one spot for long periods of time so better call TW and get on down here.

Bottom fishing this morning was a little slower then it has been with all of the big boats fishing really close to home but in a five hour trip it appears that all got the job done on the rockfish anyhow.  The Lingcod bite has been slow the past week or more probably because of the amount of bait in the water. Here is one of the Lingcod which was still hungry and bit a hook on the Mr Max. The fish have to be plugged full of bait/food.  Interesting that the rockfish are even biting with this amount of bait but they are coming up with mouths full of the stuff.

Remember its Cabezon season as well . (see pic to right)

No word yet on todays crabbing but it has been quite slow especially for this time of year.

Afternoon salmon trip at TW

The Coho’s are Here !!!

Saturday fishing report – Salmon Alert Below

July 3, 2021


The Salmon appear to be here.  A few sport boats known too this reporter are catching quite a few this morning on a rocky ocean but if your catching who cares…RIGHT?  The TW charter boats all bottom fishing were catching Coho salmon while bottom fishing so the secret is out.  Better give us a call and get down here and get some salmon for the freezer.

few bottom fishing boats bay in already with rockfish limits and one boat caught quite a good number of Lingcod in the deeper water.Kinda a wishy-washy ocean this morning but it seemed to be getting a little better as the morning went on.  Someone needs to tell the Ocean Gods that summer is here.

Crabbing is back to being a little poky again.  It should be about the time that the crabbing starts picking up for the summer but not yet especially in the shallow water.

Friday fishing report

July 2, 2021

Three boats out this morning and one was back in in less then two hours and the other two came under the bridge right on the 5-hour trip mark.  No information came our way but from what was being said on the radio fishing must have been pretty good.  If we get some more information later in the day we will pass it on to you.

Thursday fishing report

July 1, 2021

No trips out today due to rough bar conditions.

Some good Salmon news (maybe)??

June 30, 2021

Was looking at the ODFW Salmon index information and for the first time there is an indication that the fish are on there way up to our area and pretty soon it looks like. The ports of Brookings, Charleston and Winchester Bay in southern Oregon have shown marked increases in the number of salmon being caught this past week with quite a few take home fish as well.  There is also increases in Florence and Newport so hopefully in a few days things will get going around here.  Keep your fingers crossed and tune back in for the best and most accurate information on the ocean fisheries around.

Wednesday fishing report

We had 2-3 vessels out this morning and they were all spotted up around the Government Point area about a mile north of the city at that time in the morning. The boats were out at 6:30pm and all three were back in early (actually quite early) with rockfish limits.  No word on the Lingcod catch.

One of the boats salmon fished for a while with nothing biting.

Crabbing was only mediocre this morning as most of the boats here the past few weeks have been putting their pots right out front in the deeper water.  The bite out there went from really great about a month ago to really bad about a week or so ago then began to pick up some this past week.

We have a Halibut boat going out the next three days and there is one spot open for Thursday only.

Summer weather here beginning Wednesday

June 28, 2021

Looking for a nice day to be on the ocean and do some fishing?  The weather reports were seeing show a little windy day and choppy conditions for tomorrow. The weather for the future ocean forecast shows light winds and nice ocean conditions for the rest of the week thru Sunday.  Come spend our nations birthday weekend at the Central Oregon Coast and book a fishing trip with the best fleet of skippers on the coast at Tradewinds Depoe Bay.  The fishing should be really good.

Monday fishing report

No salmon trips today as we are trying to inform the folks of the fishing being quite slow and awaiting the arrival of more fish.  When that happens the TW fleet will be on them.

The bottom fishing was “red hot” this morning with doubles coming pretty much on every line it seemed.  The Mr Max reported in that he was done very quickly on the rocklish limit and spent a few more hours out there trying to lure a few Lingcod to bite the hooks.  Only a few of the Ling’s bit the hooks today.  Kind of a bouncy ocean so the boats after about three hours called the trips and came home early.

Crabbing is better the past few days in the depth of 80-100 feet and we have been bringing back in some decent scores.  Hoping these crabs begin to move into the more shallow water so not as much of a chore for the passengers pulling them up.

Sunday fishing report

June 27, 2021

We had all of the vessels in the Tradewinds fleet out fishing today except for one and the fishing was almost identical to yesterday. With half or so of the boats limiting on the rockfish with a few Lingcod and the others coming close to a fishing limit but ending up just a few short.

The good news of the day was the crabbing with the catch numbers beginning to get much better again out in the slightly deeper water maybe in the 80-90 foot range.

Saturday fishing report

June 26, 2021


Had one boat out on the salmon grounds this morning and there were not many fish but we did get this nice take-home Chinook salmon.  We had one other throw back Coho salmon and the word relayed to us this afternoon is that they might be here in 7-10 days as we are getting some good reports out of Coos Bay and Brookings.

Sounds like we also had a good bottom fishing bite with several boats limiting out on the rockfish with some nice lingcod and a few others that did not quite meet the limit standard but had really nice quality fish but just a few short.  The Kadaho just weighed into this report with 21-limits of rockfish and 10-11 nice Lingcod fishing really close to home.  A cool picture of a couple kissing there dinner tonight.  Great day on a nice ocean especially after the fog lifted.

Friday fishing reports

Sorry but NO fishing reports turned in for this day.

Thursday fishing report

June 25, 2021

One boat back in early follow by another boat back in early and that means limits of rockfish on those vessels.The 50′ Kadaho left a few hours later in the morning because of a minus tide for safety reasons on the bar entrance and also finished up early in the later part of the morning.  He had a limit of rockfish and a few over 20-Lingcod on his catch like the one to the right..  Thats a really nice catch on a really beautiful late June fishing ocean.

Wednesday fishing report

June 23, 2021

We had two boats out on the bottom fishing reefs this morning and one was back in a little before 9am.  That would mean a limit of rockfish for that vessel and we noticed that the boats were fishing close to home just al little on the north side of the harbor.  The ocean looked fairly nice this morning with a little light fog/fog rain in the area.

Tuesday fishing report

June 22, 2021

Another good day out on the Pacific bottom fishing with the Kadaho reporting with a really solid rockfish bite as you can see from the picture to the right.  Looks like the Kadaho was fishing out in the deeper water with all of those beautiful Canary rockfish in the fish totes.  You can also see some nice Lingcod in the tote as well under the canary’s.  Not quite as good Lingcod fishing this morning from yesterday but it was pretty darn good for the summer months with the one passenger catching his limit this morning not the “Cod”.

The weather is improving after 4-5 days of wind, fog and rough seas as it look more like summertime weather this morning.

Monday fishing report

Four big boats out on the ocean this morning with all four bottom fishing with one on a 8-hour combo with salmon and bottom fishing. Only one boat reported in the Kadaho and he had a terrific trip on the bottom fishing grounds with total limits on the rockfish and also not a limit but really close to one on the Lingcod as well.  Take a look at some of these great pictures of the catch today.

Sunday fishing report

June 21, 2021

Salmon fishing is still pretty slow but with some information from the south we do expect things to begin to improve here pretty soon.

Crabbing folks this weekend came to a low point so far this year where there were very few caught.  We advise you folks out there who have crabbing plans when going out fishing with us to check with the office on how things are going day to day.

Bottom fishing was excellent over the entire weekend even with fishing in pea soup fog on Sunday and windy and choppy conditions.  There was no swell so to speak so that made it a little more comfortable.  Lingcod fishing was decent on Saturday but slowed some on Sunday.

Saturday fishing results

June 19, 2021

The salmon bite today was not good with one fish caught that had to be returned and a few other take downs.  Pretty disappointing based on the predictions of a great season but I assure they just have not shown up yet in our area.  We will always give you the accurate information that we have to date and will certainly very quickly let you know when the do arrive here off of Depoe Bay.

The bottom fishing like the salmon fishing was sporadic as we just have very cold water down in the 47-48 degree zone which is not good for both salmo0n and bottom fishing.  We have had a lot of northerly winds here that past few days and from early Friday to this afternoon the water temps have dropped around 10-11 degrees.  Fish get cold also.  One boat did find some biters and limited on the rockfish and had 6-7 Lingcod as a add-on. The heavy winds will  be dropping off sometime tomorrow as the heat in the valley subsides.

Thursday fishing report

June 18, 2021

It was a pretty nice morning on the bottom fishing reefs even though it was a little windy out there but no swell so to speak.  All of the boats from the reports we heard got limits or very close to limits on the rockfish and one boat came home with 8-9 Lingcod.  Crabbing was not good today at all as there were not many crabs in the shallow water reels up north.

Wednesday fishing report

June 17, 2021

Two vessels out for TW this morning and it looked like one was fishing up north and the other just out in front of the harbor.  No reports were available so far this evening.

Tuesday fishing report

June 15, 2021

A good day out on the pond this morning with 3 big boats and one 6-pac boat out there on the bottom fishing grounds.  No salmon boats out there for TW this morning.

The bottom fishing was excellent with limit reports coming from all of the boats out there with lots of really nice sized black and blue rockfish and a decent assortment of Lingcod. Some of the pictures added here show some of the nice “COD” and two of them Cod-zilla in the size range.

 Crabbing was mixed with boats in one area of the deeper water spots did not produce much but another boat had decent crabbing just about 4 to 5 football fiends to the north.  So go figure?? One of the pots on a big boat did really well in a “super secret spot” that only a very few know about!!

Monday fishing trips

June 14, 2021

We had the entire fleet out this morning with half of them fishing bottom fish and the other half on the salmon grounds.

On the bottom fishing side all three boat got limits on very close on the rockfish side but not a whole lot of Lingcod bit the hooks today which were legal.  One boat reported lots of “shorties” but only a few legal ones they were able to bring home.  Crabbing was better today but the deeper water crabbing has slowed down some which leaves us to believe that maybe they are settled into the shallow water like they do in the summer months.

On the salmon side not much action at all.  One boat had the best score with two take home Coho salmon and the other two had one fish and none on the other with several take downs but nothing that could be kept.  When the ODFW opened this season earlier this year then ever before in the past 10-15 years there was skepticism abound on how good it might be in the first 2-3 weeks.  There are some out there but they were quite small ones in the 4-5 pound range.  They will get bigger as the summer goes on and so will the numbers of fish caught in our area also as the summer goes on. Last year we had a quota around 18,000 fish and this year because of the way the ODFW makes these predictions they gave us 120,000 fish.  So we know it should be a good summer of salmon catching we just have to wait till they get here.  Normally the Coho salmon start out more on the south coast and work there way up here and in past years as far back we can remember the better fishing normally started to get better late June into the rest of the summer.  So stay tuned for accurate reports and when to give us a call for better salmon fishing.

Sunday fishing report

June 13, 2021

No salmon boats out this morning as all who did go this morning on a steady rainy day we’re doing the bottom fishing thing.  No word on any crabbing that was done or a Lingcod catch but one boat was home with about half the trip left with obviously a limit on the rockfish.  The other boat we heard from fishing was going very well up off the Lincoln City Reefs.

Yesterday the salmon boat we did have out caught  2-legal take home Coho salmon and had two others on and possibly a few other takedowns.  That was the salmon action on the five hour trip.  The fish that were caught were in the 4-5 pound variety which really is typical for this time of the year on the Coho salmon.  There might be some good news in that we have a few fish already here this early in the season as we normally the past 10-years or so have not even began the season till late in June.  With a 120,000 fish quota we feel that they will begin to show up in larger numbers hopefully soon.  We do have one trip for tomorrow already scheduled and a few more during the week.  We will give you the accurate account of the salmon action here as we get it.

We also have Halibut trips this week and if interested give us a call or see the website REZ system for the dates this week we do have trips headed out.

Did hear some Tuna news the other day and that the conditions we are seeing thus far offshore do give us some positive hope that this will be a good season and the fish will be coming in our way more so than the past few years.  We will keep you informed and normally this season might start sometime late June or the first part of July.

Mid-afternoon Saturday fishing report

June 12, 2021

Don’t have hardly any information for the day on either the salmon or the bottom fishing.  I did hear early this morning that one salmon boat had a triple on and were able to keep one of them as assuming the other two had adipose fins and had to be returned to the water unharmed.  Will try to get some better information for you along with a bottom fishing and crabbing report later in the day.

Too Rough on Friday

June 11, 2021

Windy, wet and rough ocean today.

It’s a quick hitter so all should be a “GO” for tomorrow.

Thursday fishing report – No boats out on Friday due to weather

June 10, 2021

Four vessels out on the bottom fishing reefs on Thursday morning and in a unusual occurrence the best bottom fishing for both the rockfish and the Lingcod was within five minutes of the harbor.  The skippers dropped there crab pots out front and saw some signs of fish in the area and dropped in on them and it was terrific fishing.  On most occasions our skippers venture up north off the Lincoln City reef area but one of the things our skippers are good at is recognizing the signs of where the fish might bite.  So it was a great move by the TW big boats to fish close to home as all of the boats fishing their limited out on the rockfish with some nice Lingcod like the one in the picture caught aboard the Mr Max.

One boat ventured up north to the deeper water off Lincoln City and found tons of fish but not many of them were biting but they caught about half a limit of rockfish and some nice Lingcod was the bonus.

Crabbing was fair today in the deeper water spots out in front of Depoe Bay but has dropped off some over the past few days.

(Friday Trips)

Our office has cancelled all trips out of Depoe Bay on Friday as we have a quick hitting weather system coming in tonight and Friday.  The good news is that it will be out of the area in time for all activities for Saturday.


Wednesday fishing report

June 9, 2021

Three of our vessels out this morning and all three had great trip out there.  One boat fished fairly close to home (Kadaho) and the statement was, “we could not keep the fish off the hooks”!  There are days like this and makes one wonder what happened to the same fish in virtually the same spot from biting just a few days ago.

Crabbing remains strong in the pots coming from the water around 80-110 feet.

The coming weekend right now looks like good weather for the opening of the 2021 salmon season with a short hiccup on Friday.

Tuesday report

June 7, 2021

We’re back in action tomorrow morning with a full fleet lineup as we go after the Lingcod and rockfish on morning trips.  The weather looks really good in the morning but the last two days even kept the “Big Boats” tied to the docks!

Looks like decent weather for the remainder of the week with a weak front that might bring some rain and some wind for Friday.  The forecast is going back and forth but right now looks better than it did yesterday.

Remember Salmon opens up Saturday morning.  Fish On !!!

Fishing trips cancelled Sunday and Monday

June 6, 2021

We have rough ocean conditions down here today that will run into tomorrow as well.  The Depoe Bay bar is closed to all sport boats and uninspected passenger. vessels (UPV) and also a little rough for the inspected passenger vessels.  Tradewinds management determined for the safety and comfort of our passengers we will cancel trips till Tuesday morning where the ocean weather looks much improved.

Saturday fishing report

June 5, 2021

We are happy to report that the fishing improved greatly from Friday but it was still just a moderate bite but most of the chatter was that those that worked at it for the full trip did pretty well.  One boat fishing in the moderate depth did pretty well on the Lingcod as well.  Crabbing if you get them in the right spot has been really good.

Remember folks the 2021 ocean Coho salmon season opens up a week from today, June 12th.  We have a 125,000 fish quota so according to the estimates it should be a banner year.

Friday Fishing report

We think the whales and the fish in the ocean at least around Depoe Bay went on strike today.  Fishing was really tough this morning and the whales did not show up at all this afternoon especially strange after the last few days has been really good.

Some really nice Lingcod were caught but the usual rockfish (Blacks, Blues & Canary’s)  were strangely absent this morning.  Talk about hard working skippers.  They were all all over the place up north trying to find biting fish and we found some but not like we are used to.  One good thing was the crabbing as it was really terrific today.(

As everyone says once in a while tomorrow is another day.

(Offshore Halibut Day)

We also had a Halibut boat out today and the Kadaho came home with a limit of nice “flat fish” and back in port by 1:30pm far ahead of the other vessels out today.  They ranged in size from 32 inches to 43 inches. Tomorrow’s trip has been cancelled due to some weather approaching the coast by mid day which is bringing a growing swell with it.

Thursday fishing report

June 4, 2021

Two boats out Thursday morning and both had to go up to the Lincoln City reefs to find the biting fish as closer to home fish were lazy at first light.  When we found them though up north they lit off fairly well as both boats got there limits of rockfish and there were some nice Lingcod in the mix as well.

Crabbing was really good today as well as long as you were placing the pots in the deeper water from 75-100 feet as we were getting 5-8 per person which are some of the best scores the season so far.

Wednesday fishing report

June 3, 2021

We had a few boats out this morning with one fishing (Morning Star) the inside reefs and found lots and lots of finning rockfish feeding right on the surface of the ocean water.  That is just plain fun fishing as you can cast out as far as you can and wait a few seconds start to reel in and get ready for heavy biting fish.  Thats what happened also as the boat limeid on fish and also had a great catch of crabs as well.

Another vessel opted to fish the deeper water and was out to the 240 foot limit (June 1-August 31) and limited out on the rockfish mostly Canary and Yellowtail’s. The boat also had a really good catch of Lingcod …some really nice sized ones.

Tuesday fishing report

June 2, 2021

Not a whole lot of information from Tuesday but. we did have two vessels out on the bottom fishing grounds and one was back in about two hours early.  That usually means good fishing on the rockfish but no word on the lingcod bite.

More rockfish regulations begin Tuesday, June 1st

May 31, 2021

(June 1st 2021)

The China, Copper and Quilback rockfish will no longer be allowed to retain for the rest of the 2021 sport fishing season.  We have met the quota for those particular species according to the ODFW<

Memorial Day 2021

May 30, 2021

Hope you have a great Memorial Day with your family and friends and remember those who served and are presently serving our country in the armed forces here and around the world.


We had three boats out fishing today but we did not leave till the 10:30 am hour as the fleet participated in the annual Fleet of Flowers Memorial a tribute to the armed forces and the fleet which leaves to go out into the ocean daily. It was a very small tribute today as it was not publicized for normally a very large crowd attends this event annually.

The picture to the right is the Coast Guard Helicopter dropping a wreath of flowers in the middle of the Fleet of Flowers boats this morning about a mile offshore from the Depoe Bay harbor entrance.

Good trips for rockfish but not a whole bunch of Lingcod today but the Black bass were biting on the inside reefs and the Canary and Yellowtail rockfish were biting on the outside reefs.

Crabbing remains quite slow right now but we should be seeing some improvement soon as historically June we begin to see more male crabs approaching the more shallow reefs.   Lets all hope that begins soon.

May 29-30 Weekend of fishing

All of the TW vessels had a good weekend on the fishing grounds with most boats coming home with limits or at least close to limits on the rockfish.  Some the boats fished close to home along the Government Point reefs where others travelled a little further up to the Lincoln City reefs.

Mostly Black rockfish being caught as that is the most prevalent of the fish we catch out of the Depoe Bay port.  The Lingcod at least for this weekend were in the deep water with quite a few of them landed out in there 150-220 foot depths.

Crabbing remains quite slow after a decent week about a week ago and now all we seem to be watching are the  female  types aha few males mixed in with them.  Not sure if it good news bout just today large amounts of females started to be caught many more then in past weeks and that might mean the arrival of the males might not be too far off.  We will see.

Remember we have a All Depth Halibut opener coming up next Thursday thru Saturday and the opening the 2021 Salmon season kicks off June 12th with a 125,000 fish quota.

Friday fishing report

May 28, 2021

No fishing trips on Friday as the ocean is much too rough out front of the harbor and a rough opening to the harbor entrance.  Things should be OK by tomorrow.

Thursday fishing report

No vessels left the Tradewinds dock this morning as we had a pretty windy day with rough ocean conditions out there and it was pretty wet.

The word from the bosses is that fishing tomorrow will be a no-go.  Saturday looks much better.

Wednesday fishing report

May 26, 2021

Three boats out this morning on an ocean the boat operators dream about.  The ocean was beautiful with sunshine, no wind and an almost flat ocean.  Pretty darn near perfect conditions for folks to go out on a fishing trip.

The boats fishing the inside more shallow water reefs both had good trips this morning with near limits on the rockfish but just a few lingcod biting the hooks this morning.  The deeper water boats choosing to fish outside found more Lingcod this morning and a good catch of the rockfish as well.  Only one boat reported in on the crabbing but one vessel dropping pots in the shallow water diid not find many in the pots.  The crabbing has been off and on the past week or so as we wait for the better crabbing to come to the shallow water spots.

Monday report

May 24, 2021

Not a very nice day over here at the coast today (Monday) as it is windy and very wet and the ocean has picked up a bit overnight so we have cancelled all fishing activities for the day.  Will be back at it tomorrow.

Sunday fishing report

May 23, 2021

The weather this morning was forecasted to be really nice with a very small swell and only 5-10 knots of wind.  The swell was not much but it was quite windy as the morning went on with wet conditions out there.  Tomorrow the forecast is for 15-20 knots of wind, rain and not much swell.  Things look much better from Tuesday thru the rest of the work week.

The big boats or most of them were fishing this morning on the Government Post reefs for the 2nd straight day and the fish for the first part of the trip were really biting and everyone was catching.  Not sure what the outcome of the trips were but it sounds like good scores for the vessels.

The deeper water fishing today was for the 2nd straight morning very slow on the start of the trip but like yesterday really took off after about three hours and produced a good catch of Lingcod and a limit of rockfish. 

Crabbing remains a little pokey but does show signs of some more crab are entering the shallow water spots which makes it easier for the boats to drop pots and of course for the passengers to pull them up.


Saturday fishing report

May 22, 2021

Saturday fishing was really good for the Tradewinds fleet with all of the bigger boats congregating on the finning bass off of Government Point about a mile north of the city.  Sounds like it was great catch for all.

One vessel ventured up to the deeper water reefs off of Lincoln City and once the current calmed down a little the Lingcod and the Canary rockfish began to bite.  Limits on the Lingcod and the rockfish.  

Crabbing remains mediocre from the reports heard with about 2-per customer participating.

(Afternoon trips)

In afternoon fishing the Mr Max is having an excellent catch on a beautiful ocean with a terrific catch so far of rockfish and 10-Lingcod in the fishing totes so far.  A few pictures from that afternoons catch so far.

( Halibut Report)

The Kadaho came back in with limits of the “flat fish” as you can see from the picture and another great photo of some “Quite Large Lingcod” also caught today.  A great day for Tradewinds Depoe Bay on this beautiful Saturday in May.

Thursday fishing report

May 20, 2021

We had a really nice ocean out there for the most part with very little wind until later in the morning.  We did have a steady 6-foot swell which did rock the boats around a little but nothing that kept the folks from fishing.  The inshore light tackle boats the radio said had good catches mostly limits fishing on the shallow water reefs. No info on theLingcod catch.

One deep water boat fishing in the 180-220 foot range had a really nice limit catch of mostly Canary rockfish and really nice sized ones.  They also boated nine of the 12 Lingcod needed.

 Crabbing was better in the deeper water pots today but they are starting to show up in the shallow water off the beach so won’t be long till we are getting good catches in there.

The weather sounds really good thru the weekend into the first part of next week so the extended forecast is telling us.

We have a Halibut offshore boat out there today and we hope to have that report for you later in the day into the evening.

(update-4:15pm)  Our Halibut boat reported in that it was a slow bite in the morning hours but they took off in the afternoon and are currently on their way home with a limit catch of Halibut. Tradewinds Depoe Bay the best place to go for offshore fishing.

Tuesday fishing report

May 18, 2021

Nice ocean out there this morning and the one vessel we had out there today reports that the fishing up north on the normal grounds was quite slow even though there were many stacks of fish showing.  The boat reported that he ran back south to some deeper water spots and ended up limiting the boat on rockfish mostly the Canary brands and also boated seven of the  twelve Lingcod needed. Brought home a few Sole/Flounder as well.   A good morning.

Monday fishing report

May 17, 2021

The ocean had finally straightened out with a real nice ocean with hardly any wind to speak.  That made for good fishing and so good that the Sunrise reports had limits of rockfish early in the trip. They searched around for some Lingcod and caught a few of them before returning home a little early.   The picture to the right shows a really nice sized Canary rockfish and a happy customer displaying it on the dock after returning home.

Sunday fishing report

May 16, 2021

The report from the boats this morning was excellent fishing for the bottom fish and the Lingcod were also on the bite with one boat landing 32 of those critters. One lucky fisherman even caught a nice Halibut as we have posted a picture of that “flat fish” to the right.  Some of the rockfish were coming in some spots this morning on every hook like the guy in the picture who landed two at the same time.  The ocean was still a bit windy but certainly better then it has been the past 4-5 days.

Saturday fishing report

May 15, 2021

Only the big boats ventured out this morning as we are still in this windy pattern that we have had since the 1st part of this past week.  Tomorrow we are suppose to see some moderation but the better days will begin by the forecast beginning Monday. Hopefully we will get some nice weather next week as we lost all of our Halibut trips this week due to offshore ocean conditions so we will wait to see what this upcoming Thursday thru Saturday brings us.  

It was a rough go today out there but the fishing was really good with lots of limits on the rockfish.  Not a really good Lingcod catch today but the ones that were caught were really nice ones like the one in the picture to the right.  Crabbing today was cancelled on all boats.

Thursday fishing report

May 14, 2021

The Kadaho reports the results of his trip out to the bottom fishing grounds today and was able to get up to the spots off the Lincoln City reefs and had a terrific trip.  They came back only four rockfish short of a total limit for the boat and the Lingcod were on the   bite      today ( the picture shows a few of the super Lingcod catch) as well and had close to a limit of the “toothy critters” as well.  A little windy out there today but not much ocean on top of it so a good day all the way around.

Wednesday fishing report

May 12, 2021

Had a good day on the water this morning as the Sunrise reports an excellent rockfish bite with a fair assortment of Lingcod as well. The picture to the right shows one passengers catch with nice sized bass/rockfish and a few nice Lingcod to add to the catch.

It was a little windy out there today but not much ocean to cause any real issues with the trip this morning.  We expect wind thru the weekend but the swell is forecasted to be less than four feet max so should be a decent next four or five days for the fishing trips.

Sunday fishing report

May 9, 2021

A very good fishing day on Sunday with lots of fish caught on a sunny, wind free beautiful day on the ocean.  Mr Max reports limits on the rockfish along with quite a few Lingcod.  One passenger even caught a small Halibut to go along with his catch as seen in the picture to the right.  The ocean weather forecast sounds pretty good for the remainder of the week for now as we approach the first offshore Halibut openers of the 2021 season Thursday thru Saturday of this coming week.Don’t you love the picture to the right of the guy with a nice sized Lingcod and the smaller fish he is holding probably coming out of the Lingcod’s mouth.  

A couple of weather days

May 7, 2021

Thursday and Friday we had some bad ocean weather days with rain, wind and some heavier seas.  Things look better for the weekend.

ODFW announces bag limit reduction for sport bottomfish

May 6, 2021

NEWPORT, Ore – Effective Monday, May 10 the general marine bag limit is reduced to five fish (from six) per angler per day for sport bottomfish. The sub-bag limit of one China, copper, or quillback rockfish remains in place.

This change reduces the risk of early closure or more severe restrictions later this summer in the sport bottomfish season.

Sport bottomfish effort this spring is higher than in any prior year, continuing a trend from last summer. In 2020, following a spring slowing in some areas due to the pandemic, coastwide sport bottomfish effort climbed to one of the highest levels on record by the end of the year. Last year also saw higher total catch of black rockfish and lingcod than past years. Continued strong interest in ocean sportfishing is expected this summer.


Wednesday fishing report

Good fishing this morning with limits on the rockfish with a slower bite on the Lingcod’s.  Some really nice good sized Vermillion and Copper rockfish were caught today with a few in the pictures to look at.  Crabbing continues to improve slowly with some of the boats finding that sweet spot where their seem to be good catches.

Sunday fishing report

May 2, 2021

Mr Max just reported that the fishing was terrific this morning with limits on the rockfish and some really nice sized ones to boot.  The Lingcod bite like yesterday was little slower but there were some really nice ones caught like the one on display in the picture including “Buddy” the all important boat dog.



Later on in the morning the Lingcod did go on the bite after a slower first part of the morning.  The picture to the right shows some folks on the TW ramps waiting to get their fish filleted out.  As we reported yesterday the crabbing is starting to really get better so if you like crab for dinner it might be time to get out with us on a fish & crab trip.

Saturday fishing report

May 1, 2021

Another really good day out on the water for Tradewinds Depoe Bay with the Kadaho reporting in a really nice limit on the rockfish with over 130 fish on the boat at the end.  The Lingcod bite was a bit slower this morning with around 10-caught for the boat with a nice one in the picture to the right..  Really nice ocean with very little wind and calm seas for this mornings trip.  As we spoke to earlier in the week the crabbing is slowly getting better as the nicer weather moves the crabs into more shallow water where we can get to them easier.  There were 35-caught on the Kadaho this morning.

ODFW announces updates on Pacific halibut sport fishing season openings

April 29, 2021

Nearshore season:  Opens Saturday May 1st inside the 40 fathom curve until the quota of 32,808 pounds is met or thru October 31st. Remember that on days when the all-depth fishery is open, all-depth rules apply regardless of depth of fishing

Spring all-depth:  Open May 13-15 and 20-22:  June 3-5, 10-12, 17-19 & H=July 1-3 if the 172,244 pound quota is not met  back up dates are July 15-17 and 29-31.

Summer all-depth:  Opens Aug 5-7  and every other Thursday thru Saturday  until the 68,351 pound quota is met or October 31st.


Wednesday Fishing Report

April 28, 2021

Beautiful day on the ocean off of Depoe Bay with temperatures with reached as high as 63-65 degrees in Depoe Bay today on calm seas with no wind to speak of.  The Kadaho was out there today and had a terrific trip with limits all. around the boat on the rockfish with a really nice catch on the Lingcod front.The pictures to the right shows a few of those “Big Boys” caught this morning and take a look at that beautiful ocean off the stern of the boat on the way home.

Great Day !!!

Better Weather Day & Even Better Fishing On Sunday

April 25, 2021

Yesterday was cold , wet and windy and today was cloudy with no wind, rain or cold.  That makes for a good day and the fish were biting as well including some really nice Lingcod you can see in some of the pictures.  There were lots of rockfish limits and a really good catch on the Lingcod on the boats as well.

Crabbing appears as we get closer to summer to be picking-up with one boat (Sunrise) on a one hour soak caught thirty-two.  I wonder if that means if it was a five hour soak they would of had (160).  LOL !!

Saturday Fishing Report

April 24, 2021

(Report from Mr Max)

Interesting day out there this morning with an almost flat ocean which one would think is a good thing.  Flat oceans are good things but this one had wet conditions mixed in and to make that  a little worse it was “cold”.  That did not stop the fish from biting as all four of the large boats out for TW limited on the rockfish but the Lingcod bite was scattered about depending on the boat.  The boats fished pretty much right out front of the harbor a little north and south as there was wind in the forecast and no one seemed willing to make the venture up north and the way the fish bit that was a combined good decision from the fleet.  Tomorrow the weather is forecasted to be better as far as the wind and “cold” is concerned.

ODFW approves 2021 Halibut seasons

April 23, 2021

Central Oregon Coast Subarea (Humbug Mountain to Cape Falcon)

Spring All-Depth Season:  Fixed open dates are:  May 13-15; May 20-22; Jun 3-5; Jun 10-12; Jun 17-19; and Jul 1-3.  Back-up dates, if quota available, are:  Jul 15-17 and Jul 29-31.       Quota = 172,244 lbs.

Summer All-Depth Season:  Opens Aug 5-7, then every other Thurs, Fri, & Sat through the earlier of Oct 31 or the quota is caught.       Quota = 68,351 lbs.

Nearshore Season:  Opens May 1, 7 days per week, inside the 40-fathom line, through the earlier of  October 31 or the quota is caught.  Retention of bottomfish is allowed with nearshore halibut fishing, however on days when the all-depth fishery is open, all-depth rules apply regardless of depth of fishing (see the “New in 2021” section below for details).       Quota = 32,808 lbs.

Sunday morning fishing report

April 18, 2021

Fishing is a funny thing from time to time where you might have great luck fishing for one thing and not so good luck for another. On the Mr Max today their were limits of rockfish as quick as you can do it with the fishermen catching all the rockfish by 9am on a trip that left the dock at 7:30am.  But as it is from time to time the Lingcod bite was slow today with some nice ones caught but they were tough finding them even though the skipper spent several hours just targeting them.  Thats fishing folks!!!

Crabbing today is like it has been with about two per person on those participating.

Saturday fishing report

We sent out a full fleet of charter boats on a really nice ocean. Charter boat Mr Max reported in on a really good bottom fishing day with near limits on the rockfish population and unlike yesterday it was also a really good Lingcod day.  The picture here is one that was caught that weighed in at 34″ which comes under the definition as a “Big Boy”. We also sent out two boats in the afternoon on an afternoon beautiful ocean and still hopeful for a fishing report.

Excellent news to tell you right now is that the ocean is just perfect for fishing and should be that way thru at least Wednesday and we have trips going out every day.  Give us a call if interested or try our brand new reservation system on the website.

Another good extended weather forecast

April 17, 2021

Good ocean weather with no rain forecasted thru next Wednesday so if the weekend does not work for you possibly consider playing a little “workweek hooky” and enjoy some nice coastal weather with a really nice ocean.  The fishing has been pretty darn consistent for Tradewinds fishing boats (and Lingcod) and there is a great time for all.

Crabbing is still a little pokey even though some of the boats are getting close to two per person on an average.  All of this good weather will soon be moving the critters into the shallow water reefs here pretty soon.

Friday morning fishing report

April 16, 2021

Another beautiful day out on the water and the fishing was really good but not quite as good as the two days past. It was good enough for the young man to catch his first Lingcod and the story goes that he was “Quite Excited” about it.  Fun for the entire family on a Tradewinds Depoe Bay fishing trip.

There was also crabbing on this trip and from all indications the catch was decent but not like it is going to be here in another month or so as the summer ocean conditions take hold.

2021 Ocean Salmon season approved by PFMC

This represents the best quota we have had in many years.  Now we just have to hope that the fish show up in our area.  If they do it is going to be lots of FUN !!

Call our office or book online for Salmon trips this summer

Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. (Depoe Bay Area)

  • March 15-May 15, open for all salmon except coho, except as listed below for mark selective and non-mark selective coho seasons;
  • May 16-October 31, open for all salmon except coho, except as listed below for mark selective and non-mark selective coho seasons;
  • June 12 – August 28 or 120,000 marked coho quota. Open area extends to the OR/CA Border. Open for all salmon, all retained coho must be marked with a healed adipose fin clip;
  • September 10-12, and each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the earlier of September 30, or 14,000 non-mark-selective coho quota. Open for all salmon,  Open days may be modified inseason.

Thursday fishing report

April 15, 2021

Talk about a really nice day on the ocean waters.  The Depoe Bay bar was so nice it took the US Coast Guard a very short sentence to describe the bar conditions.  The weather is warm and sunny and “YES” the fish were biting. Mr Max reported a great day in the catch with Ling’s and a great variety of the rockfish. Really nice Lingcod caught today as you can see from the picture and the waters were nice enough to get out in the semi-deep water where the orange fish (Canary’s  & Vermillion) rockfish hide out.  A great day on the water and in the fish catch.

Fishing charter weather Wednesday thru Sunday

April 13, 2021

The weather coming up beginning tomorrow thru this whole weekend sounds like the best extended ocean weather since last fall.  Five days of low winds and light seas await all of you fishermen looking to get out on the ocean and catch some fish and some crabs.  Beautiful sunny weather is in the forecast thru the whole period.  There are still spots open all five days so give us a call to reserve your spot or use this website to make your reservation online.

 “Fish On”  !!

Ocean weather update – April 12th

April 12, 2021

Certainly by Wednesday the ocean will be in really good shape and Thursday and Friday look really nice with almost no wind and virtually flat oceans forecasted.  The heavy swell we have had since Saturday has remained with us now a day or two longer then expected but really nice spring weather is in the forecast in just a day or two.  Give our office a call for scheduling information.  

Saturday April 10th

April 10, 2021

12-13 foot swells out on the Pacific as we speak on Saturday afternoon and much too much ocean to be fishing on.  Things look about the same for tomorrow morning/afternoon so check with our office tomorrow on conditions.

Things do look much better Monday thru Thursday so far into next week.

Wednesday April 7th fishing report

April 7, 2021

Sounds like it was another nice day out on the Pacific and also sounded like the fish were biting especially on the Mr Max.  In the first two hours after the boat left the dock and ran to the grounds we normally fish in about a half hour north this great picture came to us.  That is a nice Lingcod and it is one of those green ones that everyone wants to catch.  Pretty excited fisherman fishing off of the bow of the Mr Max this morning.

Tuesday morning fishing report

April 6, 2021

Great fishing on the pond this morning with the Lingcod really on the bite with 42-of them landed on the Kadaho this morning along with a near limit on the rockfish bite. The ocean was really nice with no winds but they did come up later in the morning like they have been doing for the past three days.  Have some great pictures to share with you from this mornings catch.

Give us a call as the spring time traditionally is the best time of the year to be fishing for the “Toothy Lingcod”

Morning fishing report / 4/5

April 5, 2021

The ocean was quite a bit better than forecasted and we had several boats out this morning.  No reports as of yet but the filet table was busy so I suspect they had good trips.  Will get back later when the reports come in.  The weather for trips for the rest of the week looks pretty good for you folks wanting to play hooky from work.

Happy Easter Everyone

April 4, 2021

Saturday fishing report

April 3, 2021

Not much information from the fleet today as all our vessels available were out on the pond today on nice ocean weather once you got away from the shoreline.  There was a 7- foot+ ground swell out there today right along the beach but outside in most of the places we fish it was a really nice warm spring day. One boat reported that it was a slow bite until the last hour of the trip and then the current picked up from almost nothing to over a knot and the fish lit off for limits.  Will try to update later if more information comes in.

The afternoon. trips are coming back in and the reports were good fishing in the afternoon.  This picture was taken above the filet table on a couples fish.  Lots of nice Lingcod.

Friday morning fishing report

April 2, 2021

Decent bite this morning on the inside reefs and outside reefs…decent scores on rockfish and the outside bite on the Lingcod produced quick limits…we even had a few boats crabbing today but no word thus far on the results.  Will post more later.

Friday update….

Fishing was good today across the whole fleet but we had to work for them today as the drifts were changing on every set-up.  Sometimes they were moving to the west and other drifts were moving straight north.  Later in the morning they even moved south a few times.  That makes the boats spin and creates a tough situation but we got it done.

We did have one crabbing boat out this morning as we have not been selling any of those trips as the catch has been poor.  But today we saw a little improvement with 25-crabs coming back on one boat.  Still only about 2-per person but it is starting to improve.  As the weather gets better the crabs will move in closer to shore and we will begin to see some better scores.


Wednesday morning ocean report

March 31, 2021

Boats are headed out this morning as we speak and the ocean is in good shape this morning and the forecast shows for good conditions thru the upcoming weekend.  Fishing trips will be going out every day thru the weekend.

Bad weather upon us

March 30, 2021

Since mid-day Sunday we have had very rough ocean conditions but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Things should begin to settle down later this afternoon (Tuesday) and be decent for Wednesday morning.  The even better news is that the forecast looks good thru the weekend as well.   Maybe a little stretch of spring weather coming up.

Sunday morning fishing trips March 28th

March 28, 2021

Quite the morning out on the ocean off of Depoe Bay this morning as all of our boats were out and we stayed very close to home due to pending rough ocean conditions coming mid-morning.  We got around two good solid hours of fishing before the winds and the rain came.  The one saving factor was that there was no ocean on the water meaning the swell height was only around three foot.  Once the winds came the wind chop increased to 5-6 foot and then of course the driving sideways rain.  It was still safe out there and fishable for our passengers.  Sounds not ver pleasant huh?  It wasn’t but as it seems to be always true the fish bite like fleas in these conditions and there were close to limits on the rockfish bite on all boats and lots of Lingcod as well.  So we will cal it a good day.

Saturday March 27th fishing report

March 27, 2021

TW had fishing trips out both morning and afternoon today and the results from what we were able to pick up was pretty good.  After a few bad weather days sometimes fishing on the first decent day can be slower but for the two boats who checked in it was very good.  One boat limited out his boat in three hours where another boat on a morning & afternoon trip had caught 46-Lingcod today.  Not a bad day.

The word on crabbing as it is this time of year is pretty poor.  In locating the commercial crab pots they are still quite a distance offshore in deep water which means possibly the crabs have just not moved into more shallower water where charter boats can get to them. When things improve we will let you know.

Some of the afternoon Lingcod caught on the Kadaho this afternoon and there were many of them . WOW !!

In Memory of Captain Dustin

The Tradewinds family is grieving the loss of one of our beloved Captains.  Captain Dustin Couch has been a part of our family for 20 years.  He started out as a deckhand, and soon discovered his passion of being on the ocean.  It was clear that being a captain was in his blood and he did it well.  He loved taking out different people everyday and sharing that passion.  He quickly became a highly requested boat captain in our fleet.  Captain Dustin had a contagious  personality and a heart of gold.  He brought so much joy to everyone around him. We will cherish the memories that we were blessed to share with him.  He was and always will be a part of the Tradewinds family.  The Tradewinds fleet will be taking Captain Dustin out on a final voyage out to sea.  Fair winds and following seas Captain.

Fish On!

Wednesday March 24th report

March 24, 2021

Had four boats out this morning on an ocean forecast which was really nice in the morning hours up till about 10am.  At that time the rain and winds were forecasted to return and they were right with this forecast.  However, we got three good hours of good fishing in up off the Lincoln City Reefs and brought home good catches of Lingcod and rockfish.  One boat had a limit of rockfish and most of the Lingcod and all of the other boats did well as well.  It was a cold morning out there where a good pair of insulated gloves would have been a good item to have with you.  Sounds a little more rough ocean stuff for tomorrow which is forecasted to clear up for Friday thru the weekend.

Sunday afternoon trip

March 22, 2021

We had one full bottom fishing trip aboard the Kadaho Sunday afternoon and the skipper opted to fish closer to home to avoid a rough ride home in southerly winds in case the winds which were forecasted came up earlier then forecasted. The Kadaho which had a terrific day boating  75+-Lingcod on the day and well over 200+ rockfish caught them on the reefs closer to home as well as a morning trip further up north.  A great day for all of our vessels morning and afternoon.

During this spring break time the forecast we are seeing right now shows some good days to get out there and a few wet-rougher days.  We watch our forecasts closely so to give our clients the best possible day to fish both in ocean comfort anode course catching the folks onboard fish.  Its a great time of the season to catch Lingcod so give the best charter outfit around a call for reservations.

March 21st fishing report

March 21, 2021

Three boats out this morning and another one out this afternoon as we found some decent ocean weather to get out there after 3-4 days tied to the docks. It was little choppy this morning and was really cold for the first couple of hours but the folks out there who worked at it came home with really good catches.  One boat limited out on both Lingcod and rockfish it was reported.

All the boats out this morning

March 13, 2021

We had four boats out today (Kadaho-Mariner-Mr Max-Sunrisre) and  reports were all four had really good trips with plenty of rockfish and Lingcod hitting the filet tables.  It was certainly a little chilly at the start of the trips with clear skies overnight but temperatures improved as the trips made their way into the morning hours. The ocean stayed nice all morning long as we fished up north off the Lincoln City reefs about 8-NM north of Depoe Bay.  This is a great time to be bottom fishing as obviously with the pictures from the past week the Lingcod are inside in shallow water spawning as they do every year this time go year.

Beautiful Ocean and Great Fishing

Boats out today on the Pacific and our Tradewinds vessels did not disappoint.  We brought back to the TW filet table 26-limits of rockfish and came really close to a limit of the prized Lingcod.  To make it even better the ocean was a beautiful blue and a great ocean to fish on. After a really rough winter hopefully we will have lots of nice days coming up as we approach springtime and the beginning of spring breaks starting the end of next week.  We must be getting close to spring as this weekend we turn our clocks back an hour on Sunday morning.


Ocean Chinook Salmon Season

March 11, 2021

The planned ocean Chinook salmon season (all-salmon-except coho) will open as scheduled from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. from March 15 through May 15.  The bag limit will be two salmon, except closed to retention of coho, with minimum size limits of 24” for Chinook and 20” for steelhead.

The recreational ocean salmon fishery off Oregon in March, April, and early May typically has very low effort and Chinook catch.  Fishery managers and industry representatives agreed that this opening would not create any difficulty in developing the remainder of the ocean seasons for the 2021 fishing year.  Season alternatives will be reviewed and a final season recommendation made at the Pacific Fishery Management Council public meeting April 6-9 and 12-15.

Early springtime Lingcod fishing

March 10, 2021

We have a the Kadaho out as we speak and they are really doing well on the Lingcod this morning.  The early spring even though we are not quite at spring yet is always a really good time to fish specifically for the “Toothy Critters” as many of the “Big Boys” are in on the more shallow water reefs in their spawning cycle.  As you can see from the tote we have a great variety of rockfish as well.  Great Day !!

Call our office for reservations and ocean forecasts in the coming days or you can reserve on our brand new reservation system on our website (

Very early salmon season information

March 8, 2021

Salmon Mascot

Just some preliminary information collected from the Salmon ODFW meeting held on February 25th, 2021. By all information already known we should be in store for a decent Coho salmon season this summer. The following illustrates what was some of the input at the meeting about the (selective season-only can keep adipose fin clipped fish) and the (non-selective -keep any legal sized fish caught). As was stated above this is preliminary information only as the final decision will be made by the PFMC along with the ODFW at there April meeting, April 2-11. Please visit the PFMC’s website at for details.

Selective season (June-August)

Coho: Mark Selective – Opening date? (Sat. June 12th? Sat. June 19th? Sat. June 26th?)
Ending date? (Sun. Aug. 15th?, Sun. Aug. 22rd?, Sun. Aug. 29th?,or Sept.?)

non-selective season (September)

Open September 11th – Prefer to start non-select Sept. 11th away from the
holiday to extend the season – Sept. 11-12 first opening; 8-12K quota plus
rollover from mark selective

Were up and running fishing trips

March 1, 2021

Yesterday, (Sunday) were had our first fishing trips out on the pond for bottom fishing of the new 2021 season. We had two vessels out (Kadaho & Mariner) and the report was mixed. Some of the folks onboard caught some nice fish but all in all it was a slower day. The ocean weather this winter has been really terrible with lots of rain and heavy seas. Just this past Friday into Saturday there were swells out there 20-25 foot. It is a common occurrence after a rough stretch of ocean conditions that it takes a few days to get things back in order. Certainly not making excuses but this websites fishing report has ALWAYS tried to give you folks out there a true assessment of our fish catch. Guaranteed, things will soon get better.
Also please check out our brand new reservation system on our website ( as you will notice we have all of our trips outlined on specific days. If the color of the trip is GREEN that indicates we are taking reservations on that day. If it is still RED then we are not booking those trips as of yet because of weather conditions. The office staff will change them from RED to GREEN when we feel it will be a good day to be out there.

Some great Salmon season news folks

February 26, 2021

Salmon managers are predicting that the Salmon run for Oregon and Washington will be near triple than past years. Most are predicted in the Columbia run with 1,590,000 but those fish make it by Central Oregon Coast ports as well so hopefully when the final numbers for our area come out we will have a great season. So be prepared to get your reservation for a Tradewinds Charter Salmon fishing trip for the summer and fall. Normally the ODFW has they’re final numbers and the fishing dates and length of the summer/fall season sometime in early April. This is the best news in five years and maybe decades for coastal Salmon runs.

2021 pre-season Salmon meeting notice

The 2021 Ocean Salmon Industry Group meeting (OSIG) is scheduled for Thursday, February 25, 2021. This pre-season planning meeting will provide a review of the 2020 seasons, take a first look at the 2021 salmon forecasts, and develop a set of Oregon preferred recreational and commercial ocean salmon season concepts via public input to take forward through the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) regulation setting process. The OSIG meeting will be held virtually on-line this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


The on-line meeting is planned to start at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 25. It is recommended that participants test their system prior to the meeting to iron out any technical problems they may have (option is available to call in by phone). There will be a lunch break between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM that will also give participants time to formulate concepts for proposals. Links to the agenda and briefing materials for the meeting will be posted at as they come available in January and February.

2021 Halibut regulations approved by IPHC for Central Oregon Coast

Note: The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission will finalize the 2021 sport halibut regulations at their meeting on April 23

Central Oregon Coast Subarea

Spring All-Depth Season:

  • Fixed Dates: May 13-15, May 20-22, June 3-5, June 10-12, June 17-19, and July 1-3.
  • Back-up Dates (available if quota remains): July 15-17 and July 29-31.
  • Quota = 172,244 pounds.

For the Central Oregon Coast spring all-depth fixed dates, based on input from last week’s public meeting, the online survey, and anglers calling staff directly, staff are recommending 18 fixed dates, skipping weeks with a morning low tide that is lower than negative two feet. There were some recommendations from the public for a more conservative approach (15 fixed dates instead of 18), though the majority preferred 18 fixed dates. The ODFW staff recommendation is based on trying to balance all of those considerations of opportunity, quota risk, safety, etc.

Summer All-Depth Season: Opens Aug 5-7, then every other Thurs, Fri and/or Sat until the earlier of quota attainment or Oct 31. Initial quota = 68,351 pounds. Any overage taken during the Spring All-Depth fishery will lower the Summer All-Depth available quota.

Nearshore: Opens May 1, seven days per week, inside the 40-fathom line, through the earlier of quota attainment or Oct 31. Quota = 32,591 pounds.

New things coming for Tradewinds Charters Depoe Bay

Hey folks…. the news will be coming soon out on a brand new state of the art reservation system for Tradewinds in the next few weeks along with other exciting news as we begin to gear up for the 2021 fishing and whale watch seasons. Making reservations for your next fishing trip and/or whale watch cruise will be made so much easier for our great customers and we will have much more information in the coming weeks.

We are currently running fishing trips on weekends and will be up and running full-time on March 1st. Also don’t forget those spring breaks beginning towards the end of March and hopefully some real nice spring weather. Keep in touch.

Reminder:  2021 sport bottomfish regulations take effect beginning Friday, January 1, 2021

December 31, 2020

The 2021 recreational bottomfish fishery will be similar to 2020, with one change: the daily general marine fish bag limit is six (6) fish per person per day.

Other regulations (same as 2020)

  • Yelloweye rockfish are prohibited at all times and in all waters
  • Open at all depths Jan.1 through May 31 and again beginning Sept. 1 through Dec. 31
    • From June 1 through Aug. 31, restricted to inside of the 40-fathom regulatory line.
  • There is sub-bag limit of one (1) for China, copper, OR quillback rockfish
  • Lingcod daily bag limit is two (2) fish, separate from the general marine fish bag limit. Minimum size of 22 inches.
  • Cabezon daily limit is one (1) with a season beginning July 1, 2021.
  • Skates and rays are not part of the flatfish group; they are part of the general marine fish group. The general marine fish regulations (bag limit, depth restrictions, etc.) apply.
  • Descending devices are mandatory; and must be used to release any rockfish outside of 30 fathoms.

The end of 2020 & into hopefully a better time in 2021

December 29, 2020

As we wind down the end of this crazy year, we wanted to give our amazing customers a quick update.  Due to restrictions set in place by the Governor of Oregon, and the “Extreme High Risk” category that our county is currently in, we are unable to run any trips.
In order to be in compliance with current mandates and ensure the safety of our customers and staff we are currently on hold until some restrictions are lifted in the county.  We appreciate your understanding and hope that you know that we are  anxiously awaiting being able to get you out on your next excursion as soon as it can be done safely.

Happy Holidays & New Years from Tradewinds Depoe Bay

December 14, 2020

We hope all of our past and future customers have a great holiday season including a much anticipated 2021.


ODFW adopts 2021 ground fish regualtions

December 11, 2020

The ODFW adopted a general marine bag limit of 6 fish for recreational anglers for the 2021 season.

Also new for 2021, longleader fishing will be allowed on all-depth halibut trips during the summer bottomfish depth restriction (June-August). This provides anglers a new opportunity to retain midwater rockfish when retention of most groundfish would otherwise be prohibited on all-depth halibut trips to limit bycatch of yelloweye rockfish. Fishing for halibut must be completed before retaining any rockfish on the same trip.

The one fish sub-bag limit for China, copper, and quillback rockfish and the one fish sub-bag limit for cabezon (with season opening on July 1) will continue in 2021. Seasonal depth restriction (40 fathoms) will again be in effect from June 1 through Aug. 31, 2021.

From All Of Us @ Tradewinds Depoe Bay

November 22, 2020

Is this some good 2021 Salmon news from the ODFW?

September 29, 2020

Hopefully this resonates into a good season for us next year

Coho salmon are making a strong appearance in the Columbia River system this year and counts at Bonneville Dam are well above the ten-year average. Included in that group are the Lostine River Coho, reintroduced by the Nez Perce Tribe (NPT) and ODFW in 2017. The first two adult runs in 2018 and 2019 returned less than 200 fish to the Lostine River, but in 2020 Lostine River Coho are poised to make their best showing since reintroduction.

The Fall Season Is Upon Us

September 20, 2020

This next week begins the fall season as things really begin to slow down as we approach a time of year where most of the activity weather permitting occurs on the weekend dates.  We will have a fishing report from time to time but daily reports will comeback around the spring break times in the spring of 2021.

September 20th fishing report

Fishing and Crabbing

Crabbing improved quite a bit today as the boats after 3-4 days of not-so-good crabbing ventured around and found some good spots where we were able to improve the crabbing totals for Sunday.  How long it will hold up is anyones guess as we get into the fall season.

Fishing on Sunday was excellent with all of the inshore fishing boats did very well as most were fishing down south of Depoe Bay on some spots we do not hit very often.  Some of the boats came home with limits on the rockfish. One boat fishing in the usual spots up north but out  in the deeper water did really well on the Lingcod and also came very close to a rockfish limit

Saturday September 19th fishing report

September 19, 2020


Sounds like we have run our last Halibut trip for the year as this time of year the Halibut are migrating and we had quite the slow trip today.  We will be seeing all of you Halibut folks next sporing.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

The deep water fishing today was a little off as there were so many tide rips offshore that it made it very difficult to get a drift correct.  On top of that the fish were either to there or not biting.  Caught a few and came back into mid-water depth and caught quite a few lingcod and a good number of rockfish.

The inside fishery all day long was very good with limits or close to limits on all of our boats.  Crabbing has slowed down quite a  bit since a great summer of crabbing and we are still getting some.

September 18th fishing report

September 18, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

One vessel out on this Friday and they limited on the rockfish with no report on the Lingcod bite.  Crabbing seems to have gone on a slightly downhill direction after one of best crabbing summers ever. It was bound to happen even though the catch is still somewhat decent but just not as crazy good as it was this summer.


We have a trip going out Halibut fishing Saturday morning on what will be on a beautiful flat ocean.  We will give you a full report on the catch Saturday evening.

September 17th fishing report

September 17, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Excellent bottom fishing on this day on a beautiful ocean with quite a bit of fog this morning.  One vessel came within one Lingcod short of a boat limit and easily limited on the rockfish with lots of Black, Canary rockfish with some nice Sea Trout also.  Crabbing on this boat today was really bad as a favorite spot all summer was empty almost of crab today.  Time to look for a new spot.  One of the other boats was also doing really well on the fishing side and will have a crab report later in the day.

(Crab Report) As we mentioned earlier the crab report from one of the boats was not very good and the other vessel out today reported a better catch but much lower then it has been most of the summer.  Maybe the crabs are moving elsewhere or they are just taking a day off.

September 16th fishing report

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Bottom fishing was very good today with limits on the rockfish with lots of really nice Black rockfish, Canary and Yellowtail rockfish.  Lingcod fishing was quite slow today.  Crabbing seems to have dropped off the past dew days with around 6-per person for those crabbing on the trip.

Fishing report September 15th

September 16, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

After over a week off due to the Oregon fires we got out there this morning and had a really good trip.  We limited on the bottom fish with a few Lingcod and also brought back in over 80-crabs for the folks onboard.  Sounds like great ocean weather thru the upcoming weekend.

Friday September 11th special notice

September 11, 2020

Tradewinds boats will be closed down for the entire weekend the office just announced this morning.  There is still smoke in the area and enough which might make some people feel uncomfortable being out in it.  Probably more important your only way into Depoe Bay would be from the south as highway 18 and points north are still closed.  We are hoping to resume operations by Monday.

Thursday September 10th special notice #2

September 10, 2020

Not only do we have issues with travel and air quality but now the phone lines are down in the Depoe Bay area and we don’t have access to the mailbox or phone messages and can’t make outgoing calls as well.  Verizon wireless seems to be down in the area as well.  Please be patient while these issues in the Oregon area are resolved.

We will update as we can.

Thursday September 10th special notice

Tradewinds Depoe Bay will be closed today (Thursday) and Friday for all ocean activities due to the continuing issue with air quality and access to the coastal regions.  We are still experiencing air quality issues and getting to Depoe Bay especially out of the north is very difficult at this time.  We will keep you abreast. of the issues as they happen and are hopeful for some good news for the weekend.

Wednesday September 9th special notice

September 9, 2020

Tradewinds Depoe Bay will be closed on Thursday, September 9th for fishing due to the Hazardous Air Quality alerts in our area.  We are hopeful with some changes in wind direction late tonight that we might able to fish again  Friday, September 11th.  All is subject to change however so please stay in touch with us on this website and thru our office.

Tuesday September 8th salmon season notice

September 8, 2020

The recreational non-selective Coho Salmon season from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. is now closed to retention of Coho Salmon for the remainder of the year. Angling for Chinook Salmon remains open through October within this area.

The non-mark selective coho season opened on Friday, September 4 and Saturday, September 5 on an adjusted quota of 4,650 Coho Salmon following the impact neutral rollover of coho remaining on the quota from the hatchery mark selective season which ended on August 16. The non-mark selective coho season was slated to run each Friday and Saturday in September through the earlier of the quota or September 30. The fishery opened with ocean conditions that ranged from fair to good and catch rates varied from fair to very good within the open area. Number of participating anglers was very high on the holiday weekend especially at Garibaldi and Newport. 

The preliminary estimate of catch from the two day opening totaled 4,372 coho leaving only 278 coho remaining on the quota, and not enough coho for another day of fishing.  Retention of all salmon except coho remains open through October 31, 2020 from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain.

Tuesday September 8th special notice

Special notice to our customers:

We were closed down today and we will not be running any fishing or whale watch charters on Wednesday due to the smoke from all of the fires in the Oregon area.  We are planning on having someone in the office tomorrow as today it was closed due to the poor air quality in Depoe Bay (Lincoln County, Oregon).  We are planning if the air quality improves to resume activities on Thursday and will keep you up-to-date when we have additional information.

Monday September 7th fishing report

Fishing and crabbing

All of our boats went out this morning and all had good trips for those fishing up north and one that ventured south of the city to find biting fish.  it sounded like up north it was a steady bite which produced close to limits on the boats and a very slow bite down south which had a big bite later in the trip to produce a limit.  Crabbing actually slowed some on all of the vessels fo the first time in several weeks.


After the first Friday-Saturday opening this past weekend we are hoping to get in a second weekend of fishing this coming Friday-Saturday.  There is some skepticism about the ODFW opening it back up as it sounds like there were hundreds of boat up and down the coast in the central area and that the bite was good just about everywhere.  We only had a 4700 fish quota so wee are waiting the word from the folks at ODFW on Wednesday.

Sunday September 6th fishing report

September 6, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

A rather tough day on the water as all the boats departed on a reasonably decent ocean ad was certainly fishable. As soon as the rods hit the water the fog moved in accompanied by rough water and wind. One boat got some “Fishermans Luck” and found a spot and caught a few Lingcod and very hungry Sea bass for a rockfish limit. The crabbing was very good again but it was an adventure for the very experienced captains to pick the pots in the rough waters. Suppose to by the forecast better tomorrow.  All of the afternoon trips were cancelled.

Saturday September 5th fishing report

September 5, 2020


As salmon fishing goes we all try to figure it all out after the trip is over.  One boat yesterday caught zero fish and ended up today catching nine.  One boat who had a really good catch yesterday wound with only one today.  Another boat had three yesterday and ended up with four today.  So go figure snd see if you can come up with a solution day to day.  The fish we caught on this two day opener were beautiful big fish (10-13 pound Silver salmon and a few larger Chinook salmon).  We will see if the quota has been used up and if we have a second weekend next Friday and Saturday.

Bottom fishing sand crabbing

Crabbing was very good again like it has been all summer.  Sounds like the big bite was off of Government Point just a short distance north of the harbor.  The boats that ventured up north to the Lincoln City reefs did well but not like the GP boats.  We have three boats out this afternoon on bottom fish and crab trips.

September 4th fishing report

September 4, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Crabbing has been good for so long hard to find anything more today about it so lets just leave it at that.  The bottom fishing started out slow but our boats kept with it and by the end of the trip came home with a good catch.  Not many Lingcod in todays catch.  The water after 10+ days of northerly winds has switched around to the south and that will hopefully warm the water and improve all of the fishing.  Sounds like really nice ocean weather for the next week or so.


Today was the opening day of the September salmon fishing which takes place every Friday and Saturday until the 4700+ fish quota runs out.  Today it took our boats several hours to find where they were and we found them offshore in and around 36-45 fathoms of water.  We did not bring home loads of them but we had lots of action many of which spit the hook after the bite or being reeled in.  They are beautiful big fish with 10-13 pound Coho (Silver’s) salmon and a few really nice 15+ pound Chinook salmon.  Since this fishery goes from above Tillamook to the Oregon-California border you’d better not wait past next weekend as it won’t lasting.

September 3rd fishing report

September 3, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing…some bad ocean weather

The last two days we have been battling rough ocean conditions which produced very few fish yesterday on the boats that ventured out. Today the Tradewinds boats stayed home with the same ocean conditions.  The ocean as we speak (late morning) is coming down and we will be experiencing a really good change in the ocean weather for fishing beginning tomorrow morning thru at least the middle of next week the forecasters are telling us.

Tuesday September 1st fishing report

September 1, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

From the reports which came in this morning it was a tougher day then most days are in the summer as the rockfish bite was a tough go today.  Like always those who worked hard at it came home with some fish.  Some folks did really well and others on the same boat not as well.  The Lingcod fishing in the slightly deeper water actually was pretty good today as is sometimes the case when the rockfish bite is off,  No report on the crabbing today so far.

August 31st fishing report

August 31, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Only received two reports today one from a inside/shallow water boat and one from a mid-water offshore boat.  The inside/shallow water boat did really well with many of his guests onboard limited out with the others coming close.  There were some Lingcod caught on the boat. The mid-water boat limited on the Lingcod and had a really good catch of the rockfish even though they had to change over to the light tackle to get that job done.  Crabbing was good today as it has been.

Sunday August 29th fishing report

August 29, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

The bottom fishing boats this morning met up with a windy choppy ocean that was fishable but uncomfortable to some.  Even with that we all caught fish and the folks came home with what they came for and some even took home a bunch of crabs.  Sounds like we will be dealing with windy conditions for the next 4-5 days as we have been for the past 10 days or so.  The fish still bite in the wind but it will be nice to get back to those really nice calm days which should be here this time of year.


Remember the September salmon fishery opens up this coming Friday and Saturday and every Friday and Saturday in September until the quota is caught.  We got a roll over of about 1700 fish from the summer fishery so hopefully we will get a few weeks of salmon fishing in anyhow.

Friday August 28th fishing report

August 28, 2020

Fishing and crabbing

Depending which vessel you were on determined how successful you would be.  Some of the boats did quite well and others struggled but came home with fish for everyone to freezer pack.  Crabbing was OK today but there has been a decline in keeper numbers the past few days with many-many underside males in the pots.

Wednesday August 27th fishing report

August 27, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Fishing in the mid-water reefs was really good for the first 2-hours and then it died. However, by that time a good assortment of rockfish and some really nice Lingcod..not one needed to be measured.  The catching in the inside shallow water reefs was very good as well with all the boats venturing up to the northern reefs off Lincoln City.  Crabbing was on some of the boats was a little off this morning with lots of undersized males in the pots but some of the boats did well as it has been all summer.  We will see how that all works out tomorrow.


ODFW news…… August 27th, 2020

Reminder: Recreational bottomfish fishery to reopen to all depths on September 1st

Beginning on Tuesday, September 1st, recreational bottomfish will again be open at all depths. The seasonal depth restriction of 40 fathoms will be removed. The depth restriction is in place during the summer months to limit encounters with yelloweye rockfish. Yelloweye rockfish remain prohibited.

During days open to both all-depth bottomfish and all-depth halibut, anglers may retain bottomfish and halibut on the same trip. Such dates include September 3-5 in the Central Oregon Coast Subarea, and will continue for every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until October 31st, or until the halibut quota has been met.

Wednesday August 26th fishing report

August 26, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Bottom fishing this morning produced very good fishing with lots of rockfish on all of the vessels out there this morning.  The weather forecast for the ocean waters was pretty much correct this morning with 15-20 knot winds but on the plus side there was very little swell so windy but easy for passengers to fish.

Crabbing was also as it has been all summer excellent.

September salmon fishing update

September non-selective salmon season in September

An impact neutral rollover of coho remaining from the mark selective summer season was made to the non-mark selective September season from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. This resulted in a net increase of 1,650 coho in the non-selective coho quota and a revised quota of 4,650 coho.

The non-selective coho season from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. is open each Friday and Saturday from September 4 through the earlier of the revised quota or September 30. Open days within September may be adjusted by further action.

Tuesday August 25th fishing report

August 25, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

The ocean weather report was another bad one with lots of wind but somehow we got thru the entire morning trips without a breath of wind.  The ocean was really nice out there this morning with maybe a 3-4 foot swell. The only wind they had was after we got back into the harbor and it was breezy in there.  Go Figure!!

Anyhow the shallow water fishing was pretty good this morning from all reports with lots of Black bass on the bite.  The mid-water rockfish were slower to bite with around 4-5 per person but the Lingcod bite out there this morning was really good.  For the 2nd day on a row the boats battled a 12.5 knot plus current or possibly it would have been a better rockfish bite out there.

Crabbing was by all reports very good once again.

Monday August 24th fishing report

August 24, 2020

The forecast for this morning was growing swell in morning, winds 10-15 with gust to 20 and rough seas.  None of the above happened and we had a very nice sunny ocean to fish on.  The boats that reported put on some nice Lingcod and the rockfish bite was only a moderate catch but everyone went home with some nice fish.

Crabbing remains excellent with most of the crabs now fully grown back from the molting and not many soft ones being harvested right now.

Halibut & bottom fishing news from the ODFW

Lots of Halibut and deep water fishing available

The Central Oregon Coast Subarea (Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain) summer all-depth Pacific halibut season is now open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday until quota is met, or October 31.  The added weekends will give anglers more opportunity to harvest the halibut quota.

The bottomfish fishery summer depth restriction (40 fathoms) will be removed allowing anglers to harvest bottomfish at all depths on September 1.  Bycatch impacts to yelloweye rockfish are low enough this year that beginning September 1, anglers will be allowed to harvest both all-depth halibut and bottomfish on the same trip.

Anglers are reminded that yelloweye rockfish retention is prohibited at all times and must be released using a descending device. Other prohibited species for the remainder of 2020 include cabezon and China, copper, quillback rockfish.

Sunday August 23rd fishing report

August 23, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

The inside fishing in the more shallow waters Sunday was quite slow with not many fish caught from the boats reporting.  The real show was in the mid-water bite where limits of fish were caught and a really nice assortment of Lingcod with quite a few over 28-inches in length.  Crabbing was also very good with around 10-per person from the reports heard.

Saturday August 22nd fishing report

August 22, 2020

Afternoon trips

Three boats out this afternoon and had to complete the trip with quite windy and choppy conditions.  One of the boats reported good catches where another reported slower results.  Hopefully conditions in the morning will be better..


Bottom fishing and crabbing

Three areas that we fished this morning all reported different overall results.  Those that stayed close to home and fished south found it a SLOW-GO most of the morning with the exception of a few drifts directly out in front of the harbor which actually saved the trip producing a little under 20-fish.  Other then that it was very slow.  Th0se that fished the northern inside waters in a moderate lumpy swell actually had the best results with decent trips reported.  Those that fished the deeper mid-water kind of had trips like the south people take about earlier where mostly a slow morning but saved by a few drifts.  Crabbing once again was terrific.

Friday August 21st fishing report

Bottom fishing and crabbing

All boats out today on a windy choppy ocean with some staying closer to home and others venturing up to the normal fishing  grounds off of Lincoln City.  All boats had decent trips with one limiting early and back in the harbor by 10:30am but the others came home with good catches.  Not many Lingcod in the catch this morning. Crabbing also was very good with 8-11 per person on the boats reporting.

Bottomfish and all-depth halibut allowed together beginning September 1

August 21, 2020



The Central Oregon Coast Subarea (Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain) summer all-depth Pacific halibut season is expanding to be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. These added openings give anglers additional opportunity to harvest the halibut quota.

August 20-22 was previously scheduled to be open. The next opening will be the following week, August 27-29, and continue every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until the quota is caught or October 31.

After September 1st you can also go on a Halibut trip and will be allowed to keep any bottom fish you catch.  That is a bargain.  Give us a call for reservations.

Thursday August 20th fishing report

August 20, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

The waters were pretty nautical this morning with quite a bit of wind which produced wind chop on the waters.  Thankfully there was very little swell on the ocean this morning so things even being choppy were still quite fishable.  Most of the boats had decent catches but did not hear about any limits caught this morning but there were some really nice Lingcod on the filet tables at the conclusion of the trips.  Picking crab pots this morning was a little difficult with the choppy waters ut the rewards were really great again with lots of crabs in the pots.

Wednesday August 19th fishing report

August 19, 2020

Bottom fishing and Crabbing

A simply gorgeous ocean out there this morning with zero wind and flat calm conditions.  We only had about a half of a knot of current which helped us move over the reefs which to some the operators are ideal for catching fish.  Quite a variety of fish caught today with the usual Black Sea bass and lots of Canary rockfish.  There were also lots of the fish that we can keep but hardly ever catch like Vermillion and Tiger rockfish.  Quite a few of them on the filet table today.  One boat had a decent catch of Lingcod as well and crabbing remains excellent.

Tuesday August 18th fishing report

August 18, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Bottom fishing was really good this morning with all boats out there reporting had a boat limit of the rockfish.  Not many Lingcod were caught this morning in shallow water or deeper water.  One of those days when they were off the bite.

Crabbing was terrific with two boats reporting 9+ per  person.

Monday August 17th fishing report

August 17, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Had really good results on all of our vessels out this morning both in the shallow waters as well as the deeper mid-water spots.  Some beautiful looking bottom fish and there were some nice Lingcod caught but not as many as the day before.  Like anything, all days seem to be different just like tomorrow will be different.  Crabbing remains very strong once again with around 8-9 per customer on the boats reporting.

First Timers

On an afternoon trip a few young folks onboard (picture enclosed) one of the boats for the first time out for ocean fishing caught almost a limit of fish bringing in 25-fish for there party of four people.  The fog went away about 12;30pm and the ocean was just beautiful.

August 16th fishing report

August 16, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

All of the boats were out this morning and everyone or almost everyone headed for the deeper water as that is where the better bite was yesterday.  Deep water fishing with light tackle is a challenging way to fish as it can be hard for novice fisher-people to find the bottom and feel the bites.  It sounded like some of the boats did really well with good catches and there were lots of Lingcod caught this morning as they seem to like the deeper water a little more.

Crabbing improved some today from the past 3-4 days with boats coming in with 4-9 per person depending on. the boat.


The summer salmon season came to an end today as now we wait for the non-selective salmon season to open on Friday and Saturday’s beginning on September 4th.  It will be open all Friday’s and Saturday’s thru September 30th or until a 3,000 fish quota is met.  These September seasons historically go quickly so if you want to go you should be making reservations with us.  More then likely because of the summer quota was not even close to being reached there will be some kind of a roll over so hopefully a few more then a 3,000 fish quota.  This season is a popular one as we do not have to throw back and Coho salmon that still have the adipose fin.  If it is legal size we can keep it.

First of the day fishing report August 15th

August 15, 2020

Deeper water bottom fishing

One of the large boats went out to the 120-foot+ depths today after a slow bite on the inner reefs and caught a nice bunch of rockfish along with a decent catch of Lingcod.  Sounds pretty good and maybe others will be out there in the morning.

Free Fishing Weekend

August 14, 2020

This upcoming weekend, August 15th & 16th is a free fishing weekend and no one needs a fishing license so it is a great time to come down and go fishing with us.  Saturday is pretty full with a few spots left but Sunday we have more spots available so make your plans for this Free Fishing Weekend with Tradewinds Depoe Bay.

Friday August 14th fishing report

Bottom fishing & crabbing

We have tough fishing reports once in a while and this is one of those but in the summer they are almost always a one day occurrence.  The bottom fishing had two fronts today which was most boats had a tough go of it this morning with the fishing quite slow was the report.  There were a few vessels that got in that “right spot at the right time” and had limits.  The Lingcod bite for one of the boats today was quite good as there were doubles on Lingcod and quite a few chasers.  Tomorrow is another day.

As we reported yesterday the crabbing has gone from spectacular to above fair but keep in mind that we are still producing 5-7 per person but certainly honestly not as good as a month long stretch of 9-11 average.  The pots still have quite a few legal males but what we are seeing the past 2-3 days are many more females and undersized males.  We knew it could not keep up from what we saw all July and the first third of August.  It’s still good however folks.

Free Fishing Weekend

This upcoming weekend, August 15th & 16th is a free fishing weekend and no one needs a fishing license so it is a great time to come down and go fishing with us.  Saturday is pretty full with a few spots left but Sunday we have more spots available so make your plans for this Free Fishing Weekend with Tradewinds Depoe Bay.

Thursday August 13th fishing report

August 13, 2020

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Good fishing today as the fleet was all out there on the northern reefs with limits or close to limits on all of the vessels.  There was even some nice lingcod caught on the shallow water reels this morning and some Cabezon.  Cabezon fishing ends today as tomorrow they will be off limits until next summer.  Crabbing was still very good but not as good as it has been with quite a few females showing up and sharing the pots with some younger crabs as well.  There is only so much room in the pots and the bigger males now are sharing that with the girl crabs and the younger guys.  Its still good as one boat had around 7-per person.


As we mentioned yesterday or the day before the summer salmon season ends this Sunday so if you want to go you have three days remaining.  Today not a whole lot of keepers caught but there was decent action out there with quite a few throwbacks and quite a number of fish on the hooks and off.

Wednesday August 12th fishing report

August 12, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

Good fishing as the filet folks were hard at work cutting all of the bottom fish that were brought back in this morning.  Still a big boat day in the morning as there was still some left over slop out there which kept the 6-pack boats in the harbor.  All was better by the noon hour and the weather the thru the weekend sounds really nice.

Tuesday August 11th fishing report

Another sit-on the beach day for the Tradewinds vessels as the ocean waters were worse today then they were on Monday.  That would be the bad news but the good news is that in the summer the ocean goes from not good to good overnight and that is what will occur for tomorrow.  Boats will be leaving for fishing trips at sunrise in the morning and we have 2nd trips going tomorrow as well.  The weekend also sounds good.

Free Fishing Weekend

August 10, 2020

It will be a FREE FISHING WEEKEND this upcoming weekend so if you are looking to save a few dollars this Saturday and Sunday is for you.  Give Tradewinds Depoe Bay a call and book a bottom fishing trip or fish for Salmon on the closing weekend for the summer salmon season.  After a few days of bad weather the ocean weather sounds good through the weekend.

Monday August 10th fishing report

No fishing trips today due to rough ocean conditions.  Things look much better beginning Wednesday.

Sunday August 9th fishing report

August 9, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

It was a big boat only day out of Depoe Bay as the ocean is experiencing right now a windy period suppose to last thru Tuesday.  It is also producing some choppy seas out on the waters.  The bite this morning was pretty good early and then tapered off as the morning and sea condition increased.  The crabbing was very good.

The next two days are marginal weather out on the waters so we will be looking at them daily in the morning but things will improve by Wednesday and beyond.


We have one more week of Salmon fishing during the summer season as next Sunday, August 16th will be the final day.

Saturday August 8th fishing report

August 8, 2020

Bottom fishing & crabbing

All of our boats this morning lined up horizontally and fished the same spot in search for the Government Point bass wars. We found them.  The ocean is getting ready for some wind and some swell so we all chose to stay closer to home and it turned out to be a good idea as the fish were really on the bite.  Not many Lingcod today but every boat took home a limit of rockfish.  Crabbing was great as it has been for over a month now.  Two more trips out this afternoon as we have afternoon trips  normally on Friday’s and Saturday’s.


We have all been bottom fishing lately at Tradewinds but some of our sport boat friends have told us that the bite has slowed down some since 5-6 days of good fishing.  However, they are still getting lots of bites and sorting thru the fish that have or not have the adipose fin clipped.  The summer season closes August 16th and then we begin the fall non-selective salmon season September 4th.

Friday August 7th fishing report

August 7, 2020

Bottom. fishing  and crabbing

Quite the day out there this morning.  On the way out several of our operators noticed a difference in the ocean waters even though it was a beautiful ocean and likewise a beautiful day.  The ocean had what they were referring to as a fall active swell.  They were long and wide which is considerably different then summer type ocean waters.  The NOAA forecast says the days will be beautiful but there will be some swell and wind to deal with mostly on Sunday but Saturday and Monday a lesser amount.

The fishing was red hot for those inshore shallow water boats as they made pretty quick work once they found those sweet spots as multiple fish on poles around the boats.  Limits on the rockfish on all boats with a scattering of Cabezon and Lingcod.  The interesting thing was the deeper water boat(s) who were fishing out a smidgen past the 30F curve where the Canary rockfish were also really on the bite and the large majority of them were really nice quality fish.  The bigger news was after a few weeks hiatus the Lingcod gave the boat a crew and operator limits on the toothy critters and some were 30+ inches in length.

Great day and the boats also came home with plenty of crabs to give our folks a great nice chest full of seafood to take home.

Thursday August 6th fishing report


No early evening report yet on the Halibut trip yesterday but did hear at the noon hour that the catch so far was quite slow. Hopefully it picked up in the afternoon.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

The bottom fish bite was fast and furious Thursday on the shallow water and they worked for a few hours on some Lingcod and were able to get a few one report was.  The deep water bite was also good yesterday with a slew of really nice Canary rockfish and some Yellowtail’s. The picture here shows a Canary rockfish caught out in the deeper water as probably a 6+ pound fish (a big one). Heard that crabbing just as good as it has been.


Wednesday August 5th fishing report

August 5, 2020

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Limits for all of the boats we believe as there were lots of rockfish caught but not many Lingcod in the mix.  The rockfish are on such a feeding fest that they give the Lingcod only a slight chance of getting to the hooks before them. Crabbing remains excellent but lots more girl crabs and smaller male crabs are beginning to show up.


We have a Halibut trip going out tomorrow morning so we will give you the info on that trip in the afternoon when the boat returns.

Deep water fishing

We have a deep water trip going out in the morning to explore the deeper reefs north of Depoe Bay inside of the 40-fathom limit.  Will have a update tomorrow as well when we get one.


Tuesday August 4th fishing report

August 4, 2020


Don’t forget about the Halibut trip going out in two days, Thursday August 6th on the Kadaho.  Trip  leaves the dock at 6am sharp.  We have a few spots still remaining so give the office a call and sign up for the remaining spots.


No trips out of Tradewinds this morning as we were all bottom fishing but the word from the sport boat folks giving us some info was that the Salmon bite was excellent the past few days and the fish had some real good size to them.

Bottom fishing & crabbing

Crabbing remains very good and is a great chance to get some crabs to take home as the numbers we are getting are spectacular.

Bottom fishing was good this morning but not as good as Monday as today unlike yesterday the folks onboard the boats had to work for it. Yesterday was put the line in the water and catch a a fish. Rewards were there however for those who put in the time and the effort.  Some nice Lingcod came in on one of the boats out this morning.

Halibut trip on Thursday August 6th

August 3, 2020

Our next Halibut trip is scheduled for this coming Thursday August 6th leaving the dock at 6am sharp. We still have a few spots open for the trip so as the Halibut weekends wind down for the 2020 season you might want to get out there and get your Halibut for this year or add to the ones you already have in the freezer.  Our last tip last Saturday produced some really nice one also.  The Kadaho our 50-foot vessel will be again going our for us on Thursday.

Monday August 3rd fishing report

August fishing brings cool ocean conditions (Tuna)

The waters is warming up and this morning it was above 57-degrees is some spots.  The birds were working al over the ocean on the inside with bait just about everywhere and all the sea birds were throughly enjoying the feeding frenzy.  In the midst of all of that were giant Japanese sun fish and a Blue shark was spotted in the area.  The coolest thing was a Thresher shark probably in excess of 12-feet in length.  Hopefully the warm water will assist in bringing in the Tuna from offshore.

Bottom fishing and crabbing

All of our boats were int he same spot this morning g up off the Lincoln City reefs and the bottom fish were on the surface feeding on all of the bait and we had great trips fishing for the finning bass and other species. It is so much fun to cast out as far as you can and as soon as the jig hits the water you don’t let it sink but begin reeling immediately.  The fish come up and hit the jig incredibly hard and they were also very large bottom fish.

Crabbing was also as it has beeb really good with lots f boats reporting at or near limits per customer.  

Sunday August 2nd fishing report

August 2, 2020

Bottom fishing and crabbing

All of the boats limited out on the rockfish and the fish we are seeing today are just very large specimens and loads of fun to catch.  On the light tackle they really put a huge fight that every one including the kids would be able to do.  Give us a call for trip times and get your reservation on the day that works best for you.

Crabbing remains fantastic with reports some of the boats were picking up limits for all participating in the crabbing.  Most of the ones we have been seeing are in good shape also as the molting process normally the late June/July time frame seems to be seeing the crabs regaining there weight.