Fishing Report

Saturday fishing report

June 23, 2018

Sure was a really nice ocean today as all of our boats were out today and we all were down south though somewhat in different areas. The fishing was outstanding with from what was said limits or pretty close to limits on the rockfish and they were really nice quality fish also. There were quite a few Lingcod also as they were on the bite as well. Not close to limits on them but quite a few just the same. Two boats had afternoon trips and one was back in less then two hours with a limit but with a current approaching 1.6 knots not much action on the Lingcod in the afternoon goes.

Friday fishing report

June 22, 2018

Good fishing down south and not very good up north. For some odd reason the fish up north in all of the bait in the water up there are so full they are not biting. One boat got quite a few Lingcod up there but average maybe 3-4 rockfish per rod. The boats that were down south all limited on the rockfish and the word was a good number of Lingcod. One boat tried crabbing again and it is still really poor.

Thursday fishing roundup

June 21, 2018

A really nice day on the ocean waters with calm winds as actually there was no wind at all. The day was overcast and the ocean possibly had a 3 -foot swell to it. The rockfish bite was just so-so this morning but there were reports of quite a few really nice Lingcod hitting the filet tables. One boat reported on the 2nd to the last drift for his boat the rockfish went on the bite and he came home with just two short of a limit. What made the fishing trip for all even better was an incredible whale watch show while they were fishing. Estimates up to a dozen + whales right in the area they were fishing and you could not of had a better show with some nice fish caught and loads of whale activity. All in all a great day.

Wednesday morning fishing report

June 20, 2018

Several boats out this morning and both fishing closer to home…one a little up north and the other a little down south.They met about an hour into the trip halfway between the starting points and ended up down south a mile or two. The smaller boat limited on rockfish and had a really terrific catch of Lingcod. The larger boat limited on the rockfish with a late bail of fish so goes the story and also some really nice Cod. Good day all the way around on a cloudy but really nice ocean morning.

Nice lookin’ Halibut

June 19, 2018

How about this big Halibut caught on a Tuesday morning bottom fishing trip

Still lots of bait but the fish bit the hooks as well

After several days of seeing so much bait in the water and not getting very many of the fish to bite today they bit the hooks as well. That was probably because they were so full of the bait in the area there tummy’s were already full. Today they liked both baits. One boat fishing closer to home was in early with the other boats venturing up off the Lincoln City reefs and the word was they were doing well also. No crabbing out there today as we are at least for the time being discouraging it as the crabbing has been so slow. Hopefully that will change and we will let you know when it happens.

Monday fishing report

June 18, 2018

The fishing out of Depoe Bay the past week or so unless you get to a spot with clear water and no bait has been tough. There is so much bait in the water but some of the folks who know say that it will go away. Can’t be soon enough for us. You go to some of the spots that always show fish and not that they always bite but they are there like its there home. These places are blanks right now as obviously the fish are following all the bait. Yesterday we were catching as many as you wanted 6-8 inch squids. They make great bait but they are not on any of our hooks. Had a decent catch today from our boats with maybe 3 rockfish around and one boat had quite a few nice Lingcod. Not crabbing right now as that also is pretty poor. Things will get better.

Sunday fishing roundup

June 17, 2018

Better fishing today but not totally for everyone. It was one of those fishing days where it was where you were fishing and depth seemed to make a difference. The word was from what was being said that the deeper you were the better the bite seemed to be. The good news of the day was that the Lingcod had a hungry day with quite a few of them on the filet table today. The bad news was that crabbing is still pretty much defined as poor.

Saturday fishing report

June 16, 2018

What a morning!! Our boats ventured 0ut to a minus tide wiggly bar crossing and returned to one of the toughest bar crossings in recent memory. It was really rough in there with the Coast Guard assisting all of us in crossing safely. Oh Yes…fishing with all of the wind and rough seas the past few days was very slow today.

Thursday fishing report

June 15, 2018

We had four boats out there on Thursday some had typical morning trips and one had a mid-morning departure. No matter what time we departed rockfish limits were caught on all of the boats but as it has been here for a while the Lingcod bite was slower certainly then what we would like it to be.

Wednesday fishing round-up

June 13, 2018

Two boats out today and we got out early as there was a pretty severe minus tide today around the -2.6 foot range. Hard for bigger boats to get out in that deep into a minus tide. We were rewarded for the early departure as the fish were finning about a mile north of the city and both our boats got into that and quickly limited out on the rockfish and they were almost all really nice sized ones. Heard that the fish bite after that was pretty slow. Spent a few more hours looking for Lingcod but found some but not a whole lot of them. The Lingcod bite as we have said here lately is a little slow but for sure it will pick up. Possibly having to do with so much bait in the water and also right now we are dealing with almost a 60 degree water temperature. One of the boats brought back in 18 crabs.

Tuesday fishing round up

June 12, 2018

Beautiful ocean this morning and the 6-pac boat home early with a limit of really nice sized rockfish but the Lingcod were off of the bite again today. They have been hard to come by the past week or so. May be too much bait in the water which has been out there now for close to two week now. The other boats were fishing up north off the Lincoln City reels and some of the radio chatter was that they were getting a decent bite up there as well.

Monday report

June 11, 2018

Two boats out and both had excellent catches will limits or near limits of rockfish with a little better Lingcod action this morning especially after a lull in caching them the last 4-5 days. Beautiful morning out there as well with only partly cloud skies with lots of sunshine and calm seas.

Sunday fishing report

June 10, 2018

It was a very wet Sunday out on the bottom fishing grounds with it seemed like rain squalls coming thru about every 20 minutes or so. Some of them were out and out downpours. Two boats out and both had very good rockfish trips with limits and or very close to limits. One of the boats even came home early with a boat limit. Not a real good Lingcod bite however which we have been seeing here the past several days.

Saturday fishing report

June 9, 2018

All of our boats were out this morning with the best loads of fish catchers we have had since early last fall as it looks like the summer season has begun even before summer actually arrives in about 11 days or so. Three of the boats ventured up north off the Lincoln City reefs where the other two stayed closer to home about a mile and a half or so to the north of the harbor. It sounded like the bite way up north was really good from what was heard and both of the boats closer to home limited early and were in by 10:15AM or so. The crabbing remains very slow from today’s early returns and the lingcod bite also is not up to par as it has been the past 3-4 days.

Friday fishing report

June 8, 2018

One boat out today and they fished about a mile or so to the north and limited on the rockfish but as it has been for a few days now not a whole lot of Lingcod on todays catch. Did not hear about any crabbing report today if they were fishing for them or not? The crabbing started out this year pretty good and has gone downhill almost to nothing about now. Kinda strange after 4-5 years of excellent crabbing years. Even stranger is that the commercial crabbers out in deeper water, some are having a banner year. That might mean that they will soon enter the more shallow water where we can get at them. Right now there might be more whales in the area then crabs.

Thursday fishing round-up

June 7, 2018

Two boats out today one fishing quite a ways up north and the other closer to home just north of the harbor. ?Both the boats it sounded like limited on the rockfish but very few Lingcod making there way to the filet table. ?Crabbing from the report sounds like it is still very slow.

Wednesday fishing report

June 6, 2018

Three boats out today and we all ventured out to the north outside of Lincoln City and found lots of fish but not many of them seemed to be biting. ?Just a tough day as maybe about 3 1/2 fish per person and also heard the crabbing was also slow again today. ?Possibly the reason was that there was a moderate swell out there which turned later in the morning into a growing swell where the outside waters reported 14-foot seas. ?It was not quite that big on the inside but it was certainly enough to make the Depoe Bay bar crossing interesting. ?Always crossing a rough bar in Depoe Bay a little scary but we all made it home safely.

Tough morning but good fishing Tuesday

June 5, 2018

We caught practically all of the rockfish we were allowed and the trip only lasted about half of the allotted time. ?Quite a few on the boat were under the ocean movement syndrome which attacks folks once in a while. ?It was a really nice ocean out there this morning but it was one of those days. ?Most of them kept fishing and we ended up coming home early but the totes had quite a few fish in them.

Monday fishing roundup

June 4, 2018

Two boats out today and all did well on the bottom fishing with a real good catch of Lingcod on boat vessels. ?The inshore Halibut on the first half of the trip did not get a flat one today. ?Did not hear the results of the crabbing but hopefully it was decent as it has been quite slow so far this spring on a whole.

Sunday fishing report

June 3, 2018

No matter where it was today onshore, offshore right next to the beach or crabbing all we heard was how rather slow the boat catching was today. ?We have those days just like every charter boat around does from time to time but thank goodness it does not happen all that often. ?The inshore halibut boat caught another really nice 45′ fish as you can see from the picture but at least it was a really nice day out there once again.

Saturday fishing round-up

June 2, 2018

The Saturday catching report was really good today with one of the boats talking on the radio about fishing in the mid-water as we call it out around 100+ feet or so. He had a good catch of rockfish but an even better catch of the Lingcod this morning. One of the boats limited on the rockfish and a few Lingcod plus the picture above shows the 48-49 inch Halibut they caught. WOW!!

Friday fishing round-up

June 1, 2018

Had a few boats out today one just bottom fishing and the other on an inshore Halibut trip. The inshore Halibut bite was fairly slow but the 2nd half of that trip the bottom fishing part actually turned out pretty good with close to a rockfish limit and a few Lingcod to boot. No report on the crabbing today. The ocean mid-week was forecasting wind and swell Friday thru Monday but the ocean today was simply beautiful with tomorrow forecasted to be better. Can’t see that as today will be hard to beat.

Inshore Halibut opens Friday, June 1st

May 31, 2018

Inshore Halibut opens up this weekend and we will see if the weather will be good enough to get out to where smaller boats that normally take these trips have to go to at least attempt to fish for Halibut. Quite a bit of wind the last 3-4 days which produced very choppy conditions especially late morning thru the rest of the day. The inshore season opens tomorrow, Friday June 1st and we have to fish inside the 40 fathom curve (240 feet). The neat thing about this fishery even though the catch is not normally close to the offshore catch but we also get to come back inside 30 fathoms and fish bottom fish, Lingcod and crab on the way home. Last year the inshore fishery was so slow that the season ended the end of October without getting close to the quota. The season before the season closed in early August. What will 2018 bring?

Free fishing this weekend

May 30, 2018

The best weekend of the year is coming up this upcoming weekend, June 2nd & 3rd as you can fish anywhere in the State of Oregon without a license legally. That means you do not have to buy any of the ODFW fishing licenses for any kind of fish you want to go out hunting for. At Tradewinds Depoe Bay you can go with us on bottom fishing trips and even have crab as a combo free of charge as far as the fishing licenses go. Give us a call and if you have not looked at the cost of fishing license is a great savings.

Tuesday morning fishing report

May 29, 2018

Had one boat out this morning and for those who fished the entire trip there catches at the end of the trip was very good but because of a ocean that was a little bouncy not everyone fished all of the time. The crabbing today was at the 1-per person mark.

Slower catching today

May 28, 2018

Had a decent ocean this morning as we prepare for a forecasted windy next 5-6 days and we worked hard to catch a decent catch but it was a slower day certainly then yesterday. No crabbing today as well.

Have a Great Memorial Day Holiday

May 27, 2018

Hope that your family as you meet together for your holiday destination that you also remember the women and men who have served our country over our country’s history.

Sunday fishing round-up

For the most part the boats out today which was all of them the fishing was excellent. The rockfish and the Lingcod were biting really well up off the Lincoln City reefs which was a welcome sigh of relief after 3-4 days of cold water and slower fishing. Three of the boats reported really good variety with Bass, Yellowtail, Vermillion, Sea trout & Canary rockfish making there way to the filet table. One boat reportedly one short of a Lingcod limit. Crabbing remains quite slow after a week of improved crabbing it seems that we are back to where it was before that.

Better fishing Saturday

May 26, 2018

After an off day yesterday on the catching the word was from what we heard was that the fishing was better then yesterday on a much improved ocean. One of the 6-pac boats came back with very close to a limit of fish but the crabbing on that boat was quite slow after a few weeks of improved crabbing. Lots of female crabs reported today.

Friday fishing report

May 25, 2018

Not to scare anyone off but today was one of those rare occurrences where the fish just for some reason did not bite. It was a very tough morning. Possibly the huge amounts of baby crabs in the water which the rockfish and other fish feed on when they are that small or could be the ocean temperature was down 6-7 degrees the past three days due to the heavier NW winds we have been having. On top of that the ocean was quite nautical (rough) this morning. The good news is tomorrow is another day and the ocean weather sounds much improved so lets catch some fish!!!

Wednesday fishing roundup

May 23, 2018

Had one boat out Wednesday morning and the report was a pretty good fishing day with some nice Lingcod making there way to the filet table with a good number of rockfish as well. No information on the crab count today and possibly there were no crabbers today. The ocean was different this morning with choppy conditions and a 6-foot swell. Sounds like the same for tomorrow and windy conditions for Friday with better weather coming for the weekend.

Tuesday fishing roundup

May 22, 2018

The word out on the waters Tuesday morning that fishing was really good despite the heavy current we have had to deal with the past 4-5 days. Currents above 1-knot have been common lately with today up in the 1-5 knot range at times. Makes things a little tougher. None-the-less our boats had good trips with limits of rockfish with a slight downfall in the Lingcod catch which you could relate to the heavy currents we talked about. Crabbing is slowly improving especially when our pots are able to be placed in the depth range around 80-foot which is somewhat deeper then we fish in the summer months. The scores today came home about 4-per person. Good day.

Beautiful ocean Monday and good fishing

Had two boats out Monday morning and both did really well with limits on the rockfish and there was great variety on both boats with some nice Canary and Back rockfish caught. Both boats averaged 1-Lingcod around (One big one) and the one boat crabbing harvested 3-crabs per person. Good day!!!

Nice Sunday fishing ocean

May 20, 2018

Had a nice ocean once again on Sunday but the current was still running at a fairly decent clip up around a knot+ or so. Sounded like all of the TW boats out this morning had decent catches with one boat bringing back in a limit of rockfish with some nice Lingcod as a bonus. Did not hear the result of the crabbing today but will pass along if we hear anything later in the day.

Interesting Saturday morning

May 19, 2018

Did not hear reports from all of the boats as all of our ships were out there loaded up this Saturday morning. Weird weather day with sunshine forecasted but we got something like fog, very cloudy and even something that might have been rain but might have been heavy mist. The fishing from what I heard was quite slow. Heard there were a nice number of Lingcod hitting the hooks (picture above) but the rockfish bite was not even close to average. The bright side of the day was one of our boats came home with 5-6 crabs per person which is a great improvement over what it has been. Inshore Halibut starts June 1st and one customer hoped it was today catching a very large Halibut and then had to endure the pain of seeing it thrown back in.

Warm water and minus tides

May 18, 2018

Had two boats out this morning and did not hear much but one of the boats had a total limit around the passengers including Lingcod in the totes. No report on the crabbing so hope maybe later in the day will have some more information on the happenings.

Fish still biting

May 7, 2018

Had one boat out today which was back in early with a limit of really nice sized rockfish that included lots of variety and color to the fish totes. The Lingcod bite this morning was a little slower then the past few days however.

Weather surprise this morning

May 6, 2018

Woke up to some pretty moderate rain showers this morning which was not in the forecast last evening. The harbor was also surprising with gusty winds around the docked boats and even more surprising was the choppy/windy conditions out on the ocean waters. No swell along with it which made it tolerable but still a pretty nautical morning although quite fishable. The boats were all catching fish but the word mid-morning was that the Lingcod bite was off some due to the heavy current we had this morning. Crabbing was also weird as on one boat for the 2nd consecutive day with every other pot having quite a few keepers in them (8-11) but the odd pots had 1 crab or nothing.

Saturday fishing report

May 5, 2018

All five vessels were out this morning and all of them had really good trips from the reports coming in. The larger boats all fished most of the morning in the more shallow water and caught limits or close to limits on the rockfish and all had a good number of Lingcod. One of the larger boars came in with the beautiful Vermillion rockfish in the picture above and this nice Lingcod at the bottom. One of the smaller vessels fished right out close to the 30-fathom line and limited on both Lingcod and rockfish and also came back with about 3+ crabs per person. That is certainly an improvement over the past month or so. Maybe they are beginning to move in closer to the beaches where we can get to them.

Lingcod and rockfish limits

May 4, 2018

Two big boats out today and both came home early with rockfish limits and one of the boats had a XL-Large group onboard and they brought in close to 40 Lingcod on there trip. WOW!!! On top of that “Beautiful Ocean” which will be here all weekend.

Thursday fishing round-up

May 3, 2018

Two boats out and both had really good trips with rockfish limits for all passengers onboard. One of the boats had 7-Lingcod for there 5-passengers to add to the total of fish. One boat crabbing had 3-per person which is a little better then it has been.

Tuesday fishing report

May 1, 2018

We did get out this morning but the wind which was suppose to go away stayed around and it was quite the choppy day out there. The fishing was not bad but certainly a heavy current and choppy conditions made things for the folks onboard a little tough. It sounds like beginning Thursday the winds will most certainly be down and the nice ocean fishing weather returns to the Central Oregon Coast.

Weather report update

April 30, 2018

The ocean today was somewhat choppy as we get thru a windy last few days but the long range forecast thru the weekend looks really good so it would be a good time to get down here for some great springtime fishing. We have trips going out tomorrow so anytime you can get down here you will find boats going out thru the weekend.

Sunday fishing report

April 29, 2018

One boat out this morning on a decent ocean but because of overnight wind it was choppy pretty much the whole morning. We got a limit of rockfish but only a few Lingcod hit the hooks this morning. Weather suppose to improve thru this week into next weekend as the forecast is showing in the long range forecast.

Good Number of Lingcod

All of our boats out this morning and not much information from the larger boats as they were all fishing together in on the shallows. We did hear that they were catching fish but not sure exactly what they ended up with nor any information about the crabbing Saturday morning. One of the smaller boats did limit out on the rockfish out in the deep water ad well as quite a good number of lingcod also hit the filet tables.

Slow at first-red hot later on

April 27, 2018

Our boats ventured up to the Lincoln City area reefs this morning and found lots of fish showing but hardly anything biting. One boat got a few Lingcod early and some deep water Yellowtail fish to bite but between the two boats we had about 15 fish total after a few hours. Then they both found different spots not far away from each other and the rockfish went on a non-stop bite until we had to tell the folks that we were limited out on the rockfish. The Black bass we caught today were really terrific sized ones also. Had some Quilback and Vermillion rockfish in the mix as well. The Lingcod bite was off today with only about 6-between the two vessels. Crabbing after a decent day yesterday was back to being quite slow this morning.

Thursday fishing round-up

April 26, 2018

The Lingcod fishing on Thursday was better then the rockfish catch as our boat this morning got a little over 1.5 Lingcod per rod and about 3.5 rockfish per rod. It was a pretty good day on a nice ocean but the best news at least for one day was the crabbing.
Four pots brought in about 15 keeper crabs which in the summer might not be all that great but as poor as crabbing has been this is a good sign hopefully.

Wednesday fishing round-up

A good fishing day today with very close to a limit on the rockfish and around 1-Lingcod for each passenger onboard. The weather and ocean conditions were good as they are suppose to be thru this Saturday. A chance of a few showers Friday thru the weekend but right now no heavy downpours forecasted and the ocean weather will be good thru Saturday they are reporting. We are holding up of a lot of crab trips as we are telling the folks that it is quite slow presently. We do have some coming up in the next few days so we will give you word after those trips are finished.

Monday fishing round-up

April 23, 2018

Had two boats out this morning and both boats found it to be a hard working day. The bite was off this morning where one boat was dealing with wind and a very heavy current up North and the other just found the reefs closer to home with fish but the non-biting variety. Both boats however had great crews who worked hard all trip. By the end of the trip they ended up with very decent catches. One boat had around 7-8 Lingcod’s and probably around 4-rockfish per person.

A few pic’s from Sunday fishing trips-crabbing still poor

April 22, 2018

Good Lingcod catch out there today. We did hear that the crabbing is still pretty poor between one and two per person. One thing for sure however, it will get better as summer gets closer.

Three boats out on Sunday

We had boats out on a moderately windy morning with a swell better then yesterday but still a little Nobby. Heard from only one boat and the report was that the fishing was really good with no more information provided. We did have two of the three boats crabbing and if anything comes down the pipe with more information we will let you know. Have not crabbed much the past few weeks due to ocean conditions and that crabbing has been pretty poor.
Sounds like a really sunshine filled week ahead with some rain in the forecast next weekend but that can all change quickly.

Too rough today

April 21, 2018

Woke up to a sunny morning but a 10-foot swell so we cancelled all of our fishing trips and rescheduled them for tomorrow or later dates.

Fishing really Good Friday morning

April 20, 2018

We had two boats out this morning and both came home with limits of rockfish and we had decent scores on the lingcod as well. One of the boats was up fishing the (legal) deeper water off Lincoln City and had at least one Lingcod per person. They Ling’s spawning routine might be over as they are coming to the hooks quite a bit slower then the past two months but still plenty of them out there. It just takes a little more time and effort to get yourselves some of the nice “toothy” critters. No crabbing today as it has been so slow that for the most part we telling customers that and hope that it begins to pick up soon.

Out there on Thursday

We finally got a fishing boat out this morning after two weeks of really bad ocean weather. The fishing was decent on the rockfish bite but the Lingcod bite was not very good today. The water temperature was ok but the water was very dark and cloudy which obviously has something to do with the ocean conditions churning up the bottom we have had lately. The water will clear up and the fishing will get better when it does.

Three days of nice weather

April 18, 2018

The forecast experts are predicting some nice weather on and off the ocean waters the next three days with sunshine, low winds and swell thru Friday. Surely after a long break due to bad weather the fish are out there hungry and ready to bite. Right now the weekend ocean weather looks unsettled at this time but that also can change.

Weather update

April 13, 2018

The forecast looks like it is getting somewhat better but you need to call the office about the weekend as it might be marginal as it looks now. Sometimes the NOAA forecast stays offshore and the inshore picture can be a lot different so keep in touch with the office staff for what they are thinking. We will do the same here.

2018 Inshore Halibut

April 11, 2018

The season will open June 1st thru October 31st seven days a week. The exception would be it will be closed on days when the offshore season is open and when the quota is reached.

2018 Ocean Salmon season announced

Sounds like a pretty good ocean Salmon season this summer. Recreational seasons on the central Oregon Coast (Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt.) opened for Chinook on March 15 and will continue through October 31 without interruption. Coho seasons will have quotas of 35,000 adipose fin-clipped coho in the hatchery mark selective season from June 30 through September 3, and an additional 3,500 coho quota in the September non-selective coho season that will be open each Friday and Saturday beginning on September 7 and continue through the earlier of September 29 or quota. In October, the recreational season will be restricted to salmon fishing only inside of the 40 fathom management line. Call our office for summer and fall reservations.

Not a good forecast

For the 2nd straight week we have a rainy, windy and moderate seas forecasted it looks like thru next weekend. That can change however and we will keep any eye on it for you but right now it does not look very encouraging.

Two boats out Friday

April 7, 2018

We had two boats out Friday and both did very well with lots of rockfish caught and a very nice assortment of lingcod to go along with it. Crabbing remains very slow. Looks like a few days off here for the weekend with a major rain and wind storm approaches the area tonight. Monday sounds really good with another storm hitting the area Tuesday and Wednesday as it looks so far.

Weather on the Oregon Coast can be unpredictable

April 5, 2018

The weather forecast for the ocean waters off of the Depoe Bay Area is not very good for the next 3-4 days but strange things happen this time of year. So, keep up-to-date with us by looking at our reports as the days go on and we will let you know what to expect day to day. Today, Thursday is not a day you might want to come down to go fishing or whale watching.

Tuesday fishing round-up

April 3, 2018

Had three boats out today and all had excellent trips with lots of Lingcod and rockfish. Limit catches on the rockfish or close to it and limits on one boat for the lingcod and very close on the others. Crabbing remains slower still with about one crab per person average.o Some nice pictures on the Ling’s we caught today.

The wet weather is back

April 1, 2018

After a very nice Oregon spring break week the week ahead looks pretty “nautical” as we like to call it. Sounds like rain just about every day thru even the first part of the week following the upcoming one with periods of windy conditions and rough seas to boot. Tuesday of next week looks about the best day of the next week or so. Sometimes these weather reports do not pan out so better just to say that it will be a day to day call as to our activities. As spring gets in a little deeper we will see many more good days then bad ones. I did hear the groundhog did see his shadow!

Happy Easter Everyone from the Tradewinds staff

Have a great day together with your family

Good fishing Saturday

March 31, 2018

Had three boats up north on the inshore reefs and they all did really well on both rockfish and Lingcod. We also had one boat out in the deep water about 11 miles offshore in the 600 foot stuff and they came home with a limit of Lingcod (XL) and most of the really large rockfish we catch out there. Good day for all of our boats.

Another great ocean and terrific fishing

It has been a special week here on the coast for the Oregon Spring Break as the weather has been really good, the ocean even better and the fishing GREAT. Lots and lots of Lingcod with one boat reporting in today with his 20 passengers all getting a Lingcod limit as well as the crew. They were even throwing some back after limiting out. The Ling’s are biting better then the rockfish which is not uncommon but we are still getting them. Great time to come down and get some white meat fish for the freezer.

Thursday fishing report

March 30, 2018

Four boats out this morning and all came home with lots of fish for the passengers onboard. Getting the bad out of the way crabbing remains very slow right now as the places where we crab which is a large area north of Depoe Bay is covered right now with commercial crab pots and its like a mine field in there. Hard to find places where we are not dealing with that much competition. Anyhow, one of our boats came home with a limit of rockfish and Lingcod and the others did very well as well according to the reports reaching this computer keyboard. Much more nice weather it looks like clear thru next Tuesday.

Better day at least for most of it

March 27, 2018

Had a much better day as far as the fishing grounds as there was little if any rain or wind and the conditions were much better. The last hour of the trip the rain, wind and rising swell did return hoping it dissipates my tomorrow morning. Two boats caught lots of fish with one boat limiting on both Lingcod and rockfish. The other boat from reports had a really good catch as well. Had to deal with a heavy current up above 1.5 knots which lying still in the water thats moving you right along. Hard to fish the bottom on a day with current like that. Crabbing also picked up today with more crabs today by quite a bit then yesterday.

Windy and rainy Monday

March 26, 2018

It was a wet one out there today but our three boats had good fishing trips with two of them crossing the bar early to get there fish to the filet table. Mostly rockfish today as there was a very tough current out there this morning which made staying close to the bottom which is where a large majority of the Lingcod hang out very difficult. Crabbing remains slow as it has been now for 3-4 days.

Lots of boats fishing & lots of fish caught

March 25, 2018

We had our whole fleet on the bottom fishing grounds Sunday morning after a few rough ocean days tied to the docks and none of them disappointed. It was a good day for both Lingcod and rockfish with plenty of them caught as all the passengers onboard went home with plenty of take-home fish. Crabbing not real sure of as one boat reported 5 keepers in the 1st pot, the next three empty and the last had four keepers. Strange but that can be springtime crabbing. Tomorrow in the same spot could be a Bonanza.

Sunday looking good

March 23, 2018

At this hour it looks like we are looking at Sunday to be the next really nice day and that should continue into next week. Looking at very little wind and a small swell for Sunday.

Wednesday fishing report

March 22, 2018

One boat out today and they came back into port with limits for all 11 passengers onboard. That is both Lingcod and rockfish with some really nice Copper and Canary rockfish in the catch. Crabbing seems to be about the same for all of the boat operators now about 3-crabs per person. Looks like some nautical sounding weather headed our way the next two days with wind, growing swell and rain they are telling us. Sounds like improvement by Saturday.

Terrific fishing again today

March 20, 2018

Today was a little different then yesterday with the lingcod yesterday on a later in the morning bite but today they were on the feed right off the bat. One boat had his limit of them in two drifts where the other was not far behind truth be told. One of our boats was back in with a Lingcod & rockfish limit by 11am and had about three crabs per person. Another Good Day!!!

Late bite but a great ending to the trip

TW had a really good rockfish bite with some really big Canary rockfish going into the totes but we could not get the Lingcod to bite early into the 5-hr trip. But the final hour they just lit off and one boat ended up with two short of a limit on them. Good things sometimes happen late. Also we had between 5-6 crabs per person. Some nice pictures from the trip this morning. Good day!!

Inshore & offshore

March 18, 2018

Had several boats fishing inshore on the very popular fish and crab trips and did not get much information but what was heard was that it was a pretty successful trip with rockfish and Lingcod sitting in the totes at the filet tables. The offshore boat also had a good trip after a very tough beginning. Some of the really good places out there were swept empty and the fish machines were showing nothing on them.. Very unusual??? The weather out there was a few steps short of miserable as well. They came inshore a bit and they were fishing in only about 450 feet instead of 600 feet and we got only a few short of the Canary rockfish limits and these were the jumbo ones you basically only catch in deep water. We also got three-quarters of the lingcod limit and they were also jumbo’s.

Saturday Un-friendly waters

March 17, 2018

Got almost our whole fleet out this morning but the ocean waters had a nasty chop to it even though there was very little breeze at all and not much swell. Must have been some serious nasty conditions offshore to bring that inshore with it. Had pretty good fishing even with the choppy conditions and quite a good number of Lingcod caught and near rockfish limits on all boats reporting.

Thursday fishing report

March 15, 2018

After a few days off due to some windy-rainy conditions out on the ocean waters we got back out there Thursday with one boat and brought back home a limit of Lingcod and rockfish plus 3 crabs per person. Good day !!

Ocean Chinook Salmon Season

March 14, 2018

The planned ocean Chinook salmon (all-salmon-except coho) season will open as scheduled from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. from March 15 through April 30, 2018. The bag limit will be two salmon, except closed to retention of coho, with a minimum size of 24 for Chinook and a minimum size of 20 for steelhead.

Monday morning fishing report

March 12, 2018

Another really nice ocean and another really good fishing morning with the office reporting lots of Lingcod like the one pictured here and plenty of rockfish as well.
Sounds like some rain coming in overnight with some questionable seas for the next few days but this time of the year with the ocean weather improving you never know till morning.

Sunday fishing round-up

March 11, 2018

Another really nice pre-spring ocean outside of Depoe Bay & two of our boats were out there pulling in the Lingcod and rockfish. Heard that one boat had a early limit of Lingcod and quite a few rockfish to go along with it. No report on the crabbing thus far even though recently it has been coming back so far this spring with an average around three per person. We had one trip which it was a lot better but mostly around three in the rest of the trips. That will improve as we get further into spring and summer. Lots and lots of commercial crab boats out there right now with hundreds of crab pots pretty much in the same area our sport pots are.

Some of the many Lingcod caught by TW boats today

March 10, 2018

What a Saturday of fishing out of TW

It was a beautiful ocean with very little drift even though it was drifting in some weird directions but with the fish biting the way they were what did it matter. We had all of our boats out full today except for one which is on the final stages of some winter time maintenance. I heard some of the boats limited on everything (Lingcod and rockfish) and the others were so really close. The crabbing results was OK but this time of year nothing like it has been in the summer months. But still some nice full ones to take home for the dinner table.

Monday fantastic fishing

March 5, 2018

It was a great day not only for a great ocean to fish on but the fishing was also fantastic. A rockfish limit as well as a near Lingcod limit was what was heard from the boat. There was still fishing time remaining so we hope they got the final few Lingcod needed. The crab pot pulling was still to happen.

Sunday fishing report

Another nice ocean and another really good fishing day out on the water. We had a terrific catch of Lingcod and a really nice number and variety of rockfish to go along with it. The crabbing was 3-per person. Another trip going out this morning (Monday).

Good fishing Saturday morning

March 4, 2018

Got out on the ocean for some Saturday morning fishing after a week or so of bad weather and had a pretty good Lingcod catch and a nice catch of rockfish as well. The crabbing was just OK with 3-crabs for everyone participating. More trips going out Sunday morning and Monday morning.

Sportsman Shows coming up

February 25, 2018

Tradewinds will be at two sportsman shows next weekend, March 1st thru the 4th. We will be at the Central Oregon Sportsman Show in Redmond, Oregon and also at the Idaho Sportsman Show in Boise, Idaho. If you are in the area please stop by and say Hi.

Beat the weather & good fishing

February 23, 2018

We got out this morning and it looks like a good day to go not only because of some decent fishing and crabbing but the ocean weather thru at least next Wednesday looks rather nautical at best. Rain and heavy seas forecasted thru at least as far as the NOAA forecast is showing that being next Wednesday. Today however we got out with a great group on the Mariner and we got a bunch of Lingcod but the rockfish catch was a little slower but all got a few. Crabbing really picked up for us with over 60+ in the pots for the folks onboard to share. Good Day !!!

Nasty weather along the coast

February 18, 2018

Not quite time yet for winter to begin to turn towards spring as we have had some really nasty ocean weather the past few days which will continue for a few more days before settling down. It is great for folks to come to the coast and view the ocean fury but not good at all for fishing. For the most part the ocean outside of Depoe Bay is closed for boat travel and will remain so for a few more days. We will let you know when things begin to improve.

Saturday fishing round-up

February 11, 2018

Had another good day out on the water Saturday with a bunch of Lingcod hitting the filet tables and a nice assortment of rockfish to go along with the catch. Crabbing still remains a little on the slower side not uncommon for this time of year.

Good Friday of fishing

February 10, 2018

Another good day of fishing on the Mariner on Friday morning with a limit of really nice Lingcod hitting the filet tables and about two-thirds of all the rockfish in the totes as well. More trips for Saturday and Sunday going out so if you want some nice looking fish including those good tasting Lingcod give our office a call.

Lots of trips this weekend

February 9, 2018

We have fishing trips going out Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend so give us a call and get onboard. Lingcod fishing has been really good and the ocean weather sounds good.

1st trip of the year was a good one

February 4, 2018

We had a great first 2018 bottom fishing trip Saturday morning with the Mariner heading out to sea after a January which was full of bad winter weather. The trip finished up with a limit of great looking Lingcod, almost a rockfish limit but the crabbing was a bit on the slower side. The picture above shows a few of the really nice Lingcod caught this morning.

Fishing trips Friday and Saturday

January 31, 2018

We are working towards going out fishing for bottom fish and crabs (Lingcod too) on both Friday and Saturday of this week, February 2nd and 3rd. We have folks signed up already so if interested in some winter fishing trips give our office a call. It looks like good ocean weather both Friday and Saturday which is looking like will extend thru Monday. Finding nice days with the ocean weather cooperating in the winter sometimes are hard to find so give the office a call @ 541-765-2345 or you can reserve online off the Tradewinds reservation request link. If no answer when you call leave a message and we will call you back the next morning. We do have shortened office hours in the winter months but check messages early the next morning and in the evenings with online reservations.

2018 Salmon & Halibut

January 11, 2018

Some general information for Halibut and Salmon are available but the final season dates and regulations will not be ready for a few months. Halibut season and regulations normally come out some time in the later part of March and Salmon normally in and around mid-April. Based on past years however a good time to plan on Halibut would be the offshore Halibut opener in early to mid- May with additional weekends after that until the quota is reached. There is normally a summer season which has been beginning the 1st week of August. The inshore Halibut season which opens on days when the offshore Halibut fishery is closed has been a 7-day a week opening inside 40 fathoms on June 1st the past few years and has a quota.

Salmon normally has a summer opener sometime in late June and has a quota attached but normally runs thru July. The September season opens around September 1st and runs thru September or until the quota is reached. The summer season traditionally restricts only fish being retained that have a healed adipose fin attached where the September fishery has no restriction. Chinook have to be 24 inches in length and Coho 20 inches in length.

Deepwater Lingcod Trips

The deepwater “Big Lingcod” trips are those that can be run from October 1st thru March 31st. Those trips are subject to closures when Lingcod quotas are reached before the October opener. If the happens like it did this past fall the season would re-open January 1st like it is today. These trips are 6-hour trips out to the deep water reefs approximately 12-15 miles offshore from Depoe Bay and we fish close to 600 feet of water. The Lingcod caught are really nice sized fish between 15-30 pounds but you are hand cranking up from 600 feet. May not be for everyone. We also catch some really nice sized Canary rockfish at the same time. The trips are normally run on our 6-pack boat with heavy gear.

Offshore Mid-Water Fishery

The Offshore Midwater Fishery outside of the 40-fathom regulatory line is open January thru March and October thru December. An April thru September season will be dependent on federal regulation being adopted which has not happened as of yet.
The use of special longleader gear is required in the Offshore Midwater Fishery. The only species allowed in the longleader 10-fish bag limit are: yellowtail, widow, canary, redstripe, greenstriped, silvergray chilipepper and bocaccio rockfish. No other groundfish are allowed. If the longleader season is approved by the Feds April thru September offshore longleader trips CAN”T be combined with traditional bottomfish, flatfish, or halibut trips, and lingcod cant be retained.

2018 Bottom fishing & Crabbing

The 2018 season re-opened January 1st, 2018 with some new regulations to deal with. Crabbing remains the same at 12-male crabs per person per day. You are allowed 2-Lingcod per day that must be 22-inches in length. The rockfish limit for 2018 is 5-rockfish per angler so if you are lucky enough to limit on Lingcod and rockfish you will be taking home 7-fish total. You are also allowed 1-Cabezon after that season opens July 1st but that would be part of your 5-fish rockfish limit. Yelloweye rockfish are prohibited at all times in all waters.

2018 Free Fishing Weekends

There will be four (4) FREE FISHING WEEKENDS this year where you do not need Oregon fishing licenses in order to fish anywhere in Oregon. With the costs of licenses that keep going up these four dates might be a good target for our customers who want to go fishing with us in the ocean waters. A one day fishing license will be $21 in 2018 and a combo license if you are also crabbing will be $30.50. Anyone 12 years old or older must have a license to fish.

Those dates are:
February 17-18
June 2-3
September 1-2
November 23-24

HAPPY NEW YEAR. 12-29-17

December 29, 2017

The staff and captains from Tradewinds Charters Depoe Bay would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a very productive 2018. Remember the bottom fishing opens, Monday, January 1st inshore so you can get some winter rockfish and Lingcod for your freezer. The daily limit was reduced to two Lingcod and five rockfish per person in I assume to keep the season open year around. Remember we had that September closure last year and hopefully this will help to make sure that will not happen.

Crabs & Whales

December 23, 2017

We had a crabbing trip on Friday and not only did we harvest a fair amount of the crabs but we also saw whales on the same trip. Looking forward to the re-opening of the bottom fishing season a week from now, Monday, January 1st. Should be some really nice Lingcod out there to be caught.

Happy Holidays & lets get ready to fish

December 22, 2017

Happy Holidays to all of our past, present and future customers from all of us at Tradewinds Depoe Bay. This is such a beautiful time of the year as we spend that most precious time with our family and friends. We hope to all of you that your holiday season and New Years brings you a memorable 2018.
The bottom fishing re-opens January 1st and we will be running trips for the Lingcod & rockfish which includes some really good crabbing going on out there ocean weather permitting beginning January 1st and beyond. Give our office a call @ 541-765-2345 for a reservation or you can reserve on our website on the reservation link. See you soon.

Happy Thanksgiving from Tradewinds Depoe Bay

November 21, 2017

We would like to take this time to wish all of our past, present and future customers a very Happy Thanksgiving from the staff and captains of Tradewinds Charters Depoe Bay. We hope all of you have a great day with your family and friends and hope to see all of you during the 2018 season.

Bottom fishing closing down Sunday night

September 12, 2017

Not very good news out of the ODFW Tuesday as we have found out that as of Sunday evening September 17th, the bottom fishing will be closed for the rest of 2017 and not re-open until January 1st, 2018. The official announcement has not been made as of yet so we do not know about anything that might be left open like the offshore deep water fishing which was scheduled to open October 1st. Chances are that will also be part of this but until we hear the official word we will stay a little optimistic anyhow. What is clear however the bottom fishing inshore will close this coming Sunday. So, if you want to go bottom fishing one more time in 2017 I suggest you make plans for the next five days because after that it is closed down.

Young man with his Lingcod off Mr Max Sunday

September 10, 2017

2017 September salmon season

September 7, 2017

It did not take long for the 7,900 salmon quota to go away but the ODFW has determined that by Thursday night the quota will be taken so the season will close at 11:59pm on Thursday, September 7th. It is disappointing but the weather and the catch along the ports in Oregon from Tillamook to the Oregon/California border was good in most spots. It did not take long for the quota to be used up.

Final day of Salmon for 2017

Bottom fishing terrific today

The Tradewinds boats out today participated in the final voyages of the season for Salmon as the season closes down this evening at 11:59pm as was reported yesterday by the ODFW. The reason being was that the quota of 7,900 fish will be caught today by there estimates. We had some nice Salmon come into our filet stations today as you can see by the picture above. We now will wait for a longer and better season for 2018.

The bottom fishing was very good this morning with limits on the rockfish and a decent assortment of the Lingcod it was reported. Crabbing was good but was a little down from the past few months. It was a very foggy day with very limited visibility and we hope even though the ocean was very nice that the fog lets up some by tomorrow morning. I’m not going to place a wager on it however.

Tuesday fishing report September 5th

September 5, 2017

It was a very good day out on the pond today. We had one bottom fish and crab boat out and he had a terrific trip going back to the same scene of the crime as the day before and the fish were waiting for him. He had a limit or very close to a limit of rockfish and a really nice assortment of Cabezon and Lingcod. On the way home he picked up several totes full of crab.

We had one 6-pac boat out Salmon fishing and he had a good catch even though h had top fight literally a ocean full of jelly fish. They get all over the lines and actually release the downriver pins and jut makes for a tough morning tending to lines every five minutes.

One of our larger boats had a 8-hr Combo and took in 10 Salmon was the report along with a limit of rockfish with some nice Lingcod and brought home over 120 crabs. Great Day !!

Trifecta Day and others

September 4, 2017

All of our fleet out on the water today and we had two straight bottom fishing trips with crab that both ended up great with lots of fish and then had terrific crab scores on the way home. We also had three boats on Trifecta’s which are Salmon, bottom fish & crab. it sounded like the Salmon was a bit spotty with one boat getting 8, another 4 and yet another 2 fish. All the boats reporting from what was reported did really well on the bottom fish side with limits of rockfish and a boat load of Lingcod and Cabezon. Crabbing was also really good with one boat bring home over 135 crabs. Wow!!!

Busy Sunday

September 3, 2017

It was a busy day Sunday with two boats bottom fishing/ crabbing, one boat salmon fishing and two others on salmon/ bottom fish crab combos. The bottom fishing boats had terrific trip catching close to limits of rockfish with a nice assortment of Lingcod also. Crabbing also was very good. The salmon boat had quite a few bites but not many making it to the boat where a 6-PAC boat came home with seven salmon and had quite a few others on. Salmon fishing however was sporadic both days this weekend. Bottom fishing on the combos and two afternoon bottom fish trips turned out really well also with around 4-5 fish per rod. Busy day with lots of fish on the filet table and huge numbers of crabs cleaned and cooked. We’ll be back at it again in the morning with more salmon & bottom fish trips.

Good variety trip on Saturday

September 2, 2017

Most of the boats reporting had decent trips on Saturday morning with lots of variety and the lingcod continue to bite with quite a good number of Cabezon also. Crabbing remains strong and also heard there are some Salmon out there. Most of the Salmon catch was out 4 miles or so offshore. Not any limits from what ve heard but fairly good action if you got to the right spots. More trips out there after the Salmon tomorrow so hopefully we have some good reports for our readers.

Thursday morning fishing

August 31, 2017

A couple boats out this morning and both reported good trips with lots of rockfish back on the bite and one boat getting half the Lingcod needed. A huge rip tide towards the end of the trip really cut down the fish bite the last hour and we also found lots of girl crabs in the pots this morning. Decent crab scores anyhow but could be a change starting to happen there.

Salmon quota extended, Good fishing Monday

August 28, 2017

The fall/September Salmon fishery which opens this Saturday, September 2nd will. have a slightly larger quota then was reported. The quota was at 6,000 fish thru the end of September or until the quota is reached now stands at 6,900 fish. Lets hope we have a lot of them in our area.

Had good fishing Monday with lots of lingcod and nice Canary rockfish with a scattering of the other brands as well. Crabbing was also very good.

A little slower today

August 27, 2017

If the memory serves me correctly August can be a little unpredictable when it comes to bottom fishing and if that is the case then today was one of those unpredictable days. It started out ok but then the rockfish hunt went down the drain and it was a tough day for most as the bottom fish came pretty hard to get for most folks. One of our boats got into some Lingcod early in the trip and limited out on them in a little over an hour. The end game though helped some as the crabs again were on the bite heavy.

Cold water so first thought was not looking good

August 26, 2017

When you head out in the morning and you see 48 degree water your first thought is Oh-Oh. Well it turned into one of the better trips of the summer. We often get lots of lingcod and lots of rockfish but today was a little different. Cold water or not the fish lit off on all of the boats that reported with great size Black rockfish and lot os Lingcod this morning. One boat got into some deep water Canary rockfish that were bigger then regulation footballs. Beautiful fish that you don’t normally see them that large inside 30-fathoms. Lots of crab on a nice late summer ocean.

Every boat had a somewhat different story

August 25, 2017

Fishing was just OK this morning with no great scores from any of the boats out there. One boat didi really well on the Lingcod and Cabezon but not so well on the rockfish. Another said he did really well on the Cabezon but not so well on the lingcod and rockfish. Another had a decent catch of rockfish but not so good on the lingcod and Cabezon. Strange day but a great day crabbing again.

The fish are back on the bite

August 23, 2017

We had a really good fishing trips Wednesday morning with quite a few Lingcod, Cabezon and some boat limits on the rockfish. It was not hot fishing but fairly steady as everywhere the boats went they found some Ling’s and a few rockfish. By the end of the 5-hour trip all of the boats had a great catch. Heard also that the crab catch was just as good as it has been the past few months.

Total Eclipse was awesome

August 21, 2017

Had a day off from fishing but what a show it was here in Depoe Bay as we got to be part of history with a total eclipse occurring here. The people who seem to know were right on in the prediction as exactly when as it was like a light switch being thrown. When it happened you could hear all of the folks on the bridge, along the sea wall and elsewhere began to scream at the sight of the sun behind the blockage of the moon. It was like being inside a packed arena after a great play. It was spectacular!!! Just as quickly as it got dark was just two minutes and it was over and the rays of the sun began to light things up again. It was a great show.

Fishing slow at the start Sunday morning

August 20, 2017

Had good first drifts this morning then the ocean catching went dead for the better part of the next few hours and then came alive again towards the end of the trip. Several boats still out there finishing up their trips. The guy in the picture above got into some good fishing late and the boat did come home early along with this nice Lingcod as you can see. One of our 6-pac boats had three pots out for crabbing and came home with 48-of the creepy crawlers

Quick work day at GP

August 18, 2017

THE BOATS STAYED CLOSE TO HOME TODAY AS THE FISH UP NORTH WHERE WE ALL NORMALLY FISH ARE THERE IN GOOD NUMBERS BUT JUST NOT BITING. The fish off of Government Point about a mile north of Depoe Bay and much shorter a ride for the passengers were on fire as they have been the past 3-4 days. Tons of bait in the water there and the fish were really active. Many times this morning the fish were on the hook and being brought to the surface and there were 20-30 others chasing the hooked fish up to the surface. Interesting !1. No word on the crabbing today but I’m sure it was pretty good.

Quick work day at GP

THE BOATS STAYED CLOSE TO HOME TODAY AS THE FISH UP NORTH WHERE WE ALL NORMALLY FISH ARE THERE IN GOOD NUMBERS BUT JUST NOT BITING. The fish off of Government Point about a mile north of Depoe Bay and much shorter a ride for the passengers were on fire as they have been the past 3-4 days. Tons of bait in the water there and the fish were really active. Many times this morning the fish were on the hook and being brought to the surface and there were 20-30 others chasing the hooked fish up to the surface. Interesting !1. No word on the crabbing today but I’m sure it was pretty good.

Sometimes success is about WHERE

August 17, 2017

Most of the time we can find fish catching success just about anywhere around the Depoe Bay area but there are some days when it is WHERE you fish. Today was one of those days where the boats who ran up north off the usual spots around the Lincoln City area had decent trips but not as good as those who stayed closer to home around the Government Point area. There was so much bait around Government Point that the rockfish were on fire and pretty much biting anything that moved. Not a great deal of Lingcod action today as that is a normal thing when the rockfish are really on the bite like it was this morning. Crabbing again was excellent.

Still a few spots left on Eclipse Tour

Hey folks..the big day is just a few days away and just checking the weather it is suppose to be as of now next Monday the 21st sunny so hopefully that means a clear day in the morning to see the full ECLIPSE. We have a really nice tour planned with all the things you will need for a safe way to view the ECLIPSE with glasses, coffee, pastries and other memorabilia. So give us a call @ 541-765-2345 to make reservations. You will probably also have the opportunity to see the whales while you are out there on this approximately 2-hour tour leaving at 9am. See ya Monday.

Quick morning

August 16, 2017

It was one of those mornings where the fish seemed to be biting every hook all around the boat constantly. We were getting doubles and the single hooks were bringing up 30-40 chasers with them. Bottom fish everywhere. Quick morning but the folks looked like they were having lots of fun as every boat probably were throwing back fish so everyone caught plenty of fish. Not many Lingcod in the mix as is the case when the bottom fish are biting like that. All boats home a bit early after they let there crab pots soak for the required length of time.

A little swell but good fishing

August 15, 2017

Three boats out this morning and all three did really well but did not get a whole lot of information. Just heard that the bite was on in all the places they fished and they came back to the crab pots and did the usual good job on the crabs counts.

Quite a fish

August 14, 2017

How about this fish caught by 13 year old Myah from Renton, WA last Friday on the Mariner. It is a Red Irish Lord and was weighed in at 2.29 pounds. That is quite large for this specie of fish and this 13 year was really proud of it along with the rest of her catch.

A few other issues

August 12, 2017

Had some things going on which took me away from computer for a few days bu I’m back now with an update. The ocean has been just beautiful with no wind, partly cloudy skies and a flat as a floor ocean. The fishing has been really good also with really good rockfish bites going on pretty much every vessel participating and not a whole bunch of Lingcod but a fair amount. Crabbing remains EXCELLENT.

Good catch report around the fleet Tuesday morning

August 8, 2017

The entire fleet had a good catch report at least from the ones specifically we heard from with nice catches of rockfish and some really nice Lingcod as well. Crabbing remains very strong as it has been all summer long.

Good day around the fleet

August 6, 2017

All of our boats had good days no matter where they were fishing with some really good Lingcod fishing on some of the boats and the rockfish were really hungry for the most part today. Crabbing was excellent as it has been all summer long and take a look at this young lady showing off her large Lingcod she caught this morning in the phopto above.


August 5, 2017

Three boats back home early today by 10am with rockfish limits and a good number of Lingcod including Cod-Zilla in the picture above. The rockfish were really on the bite with stacks of fish pretty much everywhere north & south of Depoe Bay. Lots of crabs out there as well with numbers 8+ and above per person.

Beautiful day and very decent catching on Friday morning

August 4, 2017

Sounded like a little off day around the fleet with some boats doing pretty well on the lingcod and others doing a little better on the rockfish. It did not sound like the overall bite was only a little bit better then average today. The crabbing as it has been for it seems like al summerlong was terrific again this morning.

A really nice lady taking her turn pulling crab pots as her fiancee look on.

August 3, 2017

Beautiful ocean sunrise

Beautiful ocean sunrise off Depoe Bay Thursday morning even though it was caused by fires up in Canada blowing some smoke into our area. Non the less, it was beautiful to see.

Lings on the bite

August 2, 2017

Had great trips today with lots of crabs, a good selection of rockfish and lots of Lingcod on all the boats reporting. It was a really nice day but the ocean was a bit bouncy with only a five foot swell but they were very close together which at times made for a uncomfortable ride. Sounds like nice weather thru the weekend.

Got a rare fishing report & Nice Lingcod pic

August 1, 2017

Most of my fishing reports I pick up on the radio chatter but just heard a report from the office that one of our big boats limited on Lingcod out there today. Betcha he was fishing in a little deeper water? Nice Lingcods!!

A little better Tuesday morning

Though we are still experiencing a reduced bite the past few days due one might think is the colder water as the water temperature is laboring to get above 48 degrees. The rockfish and any of them out there seem to prefer temps over 50 degrees as I guess even fish shiver in the cold and don’t eat as much. Some better weather with much less wind starts tomorrow (Wednesday) so I expect a much better bite action to begin to come into play real soon. Crabbing still seems to be very strong.

Slower day on the bottom fishing grounds

July 31, 2017

Strange ocean this morning. We expected fog and heavy winds and it ended up being no fog, hardly any wind and bright sunny skies. There was a strange swell that made the ocean rather uncomfortable and the ocean temperatures was a balmy 46-47 degrees. That made for the slower fishing pretty much all the way around the fleet. Even on really nice days we do have slower days and this was just one of them. We also have really rough days where just the big boats go and the fish bite like fleas so who ever knows?

Hot in the valleys & windy on the coast

July 30, 2017

The story for the next 4-5 days will be the same. When it is HOT in the valleys you can almost assure yourselves that it will be windy on the coastline. We are hearing temps over 100 degrees in the valley the middle of next week so the ocean forecast is for hardly any swell to speak of but the wind will be quite moderate pretty much the whole day. Today we had a pretty good morning even though it was foggy for the first hour or so but the fishing was pretty good and the wind never has anything to do with the crabbing. The fishermen on the boats will experience fast running currents but sometimes that really makes the fish bite even more. So a little windy, YES but should not have much effect on the fishing success.

A nice ocean day with mixed fishing results

July 29, 2017

Going on just what the radio chatter was the fishing on bottom fishing up north on the morning trips was a bit on the slow side this morning. The salmon fishing on the boats that did that was also slow on the take home fish but pretty good on the number of fish caught. One boat landed 18 fish but was only able to take home three. The afternoon bottom fishing for those boats reporting was lights out with limits on rockfish and quite a few Lingcod. Crabbing was also good all day long.

The inshore Halibut quota is met and the season will close down Sunday, July 30th. Salmon fishing in the summer fishery will close down on July 31st and re-open in September.

Not a lot of info today … Tuna tomorrow

July 28, 2017

Did not hear much info from the larger boats today or the Salmon boat but both the 6-pac guys did really well on Lingcod and the rockfish and heard they had about 8-crabs per person.

We finally have a Tuna boat who will be on the loose tomorrow morning and we hope to have a report for you by days end.

Beautiful ocean Thursday

July 27, 2017

We had another beautiful ocean especially after all of the windy days lately and had pretty good fishing trips. We are going thru a trend now where the Lingcod and Cabezon fishing is really good but the rockfish are somewhat off the bite right now. Normally it is the other way around. This young lady in the picture above caught this really big Lingcod and we apologize for the half the face picture. Oh Yes, we caught another 40 pound Halibut today pretty much in the same spot ad all the rest thin a mile anyhow. Thats 21 for the month of July on bottom fishing trips. Another good day!!!

Windy beginning turned into nice ocean

July 26, 2017

After a windy start to the morning with moderate ocean conditions the ocean turned into a really nice fishing morning and the Lingcod and Cabezon were on the bite. Quite a good number of those critters the report was made there way into the fishing totes with the rockfish bite a little short of the usual mark for Wednesday morning. The good news is the really heavy winds of the past three days seem to be behind us now as we get into some nice weather thru the upcoming weekend.

We did get out today

July 25, 2017

It was still windy out there but not as bad ad the last few days. All of our big boats went fishing today as the 6-pac boats stayed home on a small boat bar restriction. Thirty-six feet and under were restricted from crossing the Depoe Bay bar. Because of all of the wind lately the ocean water temperatures were down around 47-degrees which normally causes the fish to shiver and takes there appetite away from them. Those who fished in the mid water around 100-feet did really well as we had one boat that even limited out including a 44-inch Lingcod. That folks is a BIG BOY. No crabbing today.

Take a day off

July 24, 2017

Very unusual weather here the past few days and maybe even one more day to go before it starts to mellow out for Wednesday. Even Wednesday sounds a little windy but nothing like Sunday thru Tuesday. The winds have been howling all day and night up in the 25-35 knot range and it is foggy and cold down here. A little unusual summer weather but it does happen and is normally short lived. Long range Thursday they next weekend look really nice. So take a day off.

YES folks, another HALIBUT

July 23, 2017

On a day when the fishing was really slow from what was being said was mainly because of some really windy weather. No swell or anything but quite a lot of wind chop which made staying close to the bottom very difficult. Not sure exactly what the fish scores were but I suspect it was one of our slower days overall of the summer. However, there was one bright spot for the day and that was another Tradewinds Halibut caught which over this month will get us close to the twenty mark. Certainly the best bottom fishing / Halibut fishing on these type of trips that anyone could brag about. All six of our boats have been in on the fun so maybe we even know where they are? The picture above shows the guy holding his Halibut prize of the day. The crabs did not seem to mind the wind as we had a good day hauling pots.

Very busy Saturday

July 22, 2017

It was a very busy day for all of the boats today with two trips for everyone and lots of cruising for the cruise boats. Looking ahead to some windy weather the next few days so we will keep our fingers crossed for a decent first part of the morning that we can get out on 1st trips and take the afternoon wind prone hours off. Anyhow all of the boats from the radio chatter did really well but pretty much all around the fleet the Lingcod bite really over the past few days has been weak. Like anything else it will get back going again real soon. Crabbing remains very strong on all of the boats. No salmon fishing today but we hear some more going out next week.

Really good salmon fishing folks

July 21, 2017

Sounds like the bottom fishing was really good again this morning with most folks on the boats bottom fishing collecting a limit of rockfish but heard that the Lingcod fishing was a little on the slow side today. Crabbing again was very good. One of our 6-pac boats was on a Trifecta trip (salmon, bottom fish and crab) and brought home 9 keeper salmon. They threw back in a dozen natives and had another dozen + they got to reel on. Guess they are here so lets go salmon fishing. The picture above shows a party of three with there limit catch of two per person.

Lis the whale capitol & also Tradewinds the Halibut capitol

July 18, 2017

Yes, Tradewinds caught another one as we continue the steady diet of Halibut caught on bottom fishing trips. Our boats are on fire this summer as all of the boAts have contributed to the Halibut trophy room and we continue to bring them home pretty much on a multiple weekly basis. The folks are not only getting a great chance to limit on rockfish and catch a good number of Lingcod but we are fishing in spots where the Halibut live. Crabbing continues to be terrific as all boats today had great trips. Our two 6-pac boats fishing together in the 6-pac only holes brought home limits of rockfish and really close to limits of Lingcod and Cabezon. Lots of crabs also on another beautiful ocean day.

How about this couple showing off this beautiful Lingcod

July 17, 2017

All the boats had great trips on Monday morning

Had five boats out Monday morning and all brought back limits of rockfish or very close to it and quite a few Lingcod by the reports we heard. Crabbing was also very good with anywhere from 6 crabs on up per person. The above picture shows a dad and his son with one of there Lingcod and a nice Dungeness crab. One boat even caught a 20-pound Chinook on the bottom fishing trip. Another good day for Tradewinds.

Another great sized Halibut on a Tradewinds bottom fishing trip

July 16, 2017

We have the magic spot folks

Beautiful day with the Lincoln County veterans group

As the picture above shows we had the Lincoln County veterans group out with us in one of there annual outings with Tradewinds and they had a great day out there catching fish and lots of crabs. Also one of the veterans caught a beautiful Halibut which is one of many we have been catching over the past few weeks. Without question, the best halibut on bottom fishing trips we have ever caught as we are in a few more will be approaching twenty of those FLAT GUYS. Anyhow lots of Lingcod and rockfish on the bite today on all of the boats and crabbing was around from what we heard 8+ and above. Another great ocean and blue sky day on the waters this morning.

Lots of colors from this group on Saturday afternoon

July 15, 2017

A couple of nice Lingcod off Saturday morning trips

Salmon report for Saturday

We had two boats out on the salmon grounds and they were out just around the 50-fathom line which is give or take 6 miles offshore. Both boats reported quite a bit of action 7-10 fish on and landing most of them. However, and in the summer fishery for salmon there is always that adipose fin thing. I heard with hour to go in the trip that one boat had one keeper and the other had two keepers. So there is action but not a lot of take home fish.

Beautiful Ocean – more Halibut

July 14, 2017

It was another beautiful summer morning on a really nice ocean and the fish were biting pretty much on all the boats Friday morning. Quite a few Lingcod and lots of rockfish bit the hooks and the radio chatter was that crabbing was once again very good.

As we spoke to before the Halibut are on the bite once again on the Tradewinds boats on bottom fishing trips. The number is around 15 now in the past month we have caught up around the Lincoln City reefs and our passengers are getting the best bounce for their bucks with Tradewinds. Lingcod, rockfish crab and a reasonable chance it seems to catch a Halibut all for the price of a bottom fishing trip. What a deal folks!!

Not HOT fishing but it was steady

July 13, 2017

The fishing was not red hot this morning as every time we have these minus tides run with a heavier current it seems to slow things down a bit. Not much of a minus tide the past few days into tomorrow but most of the time it seems to make it a little different. Most of the boats limited on rockfish and one boat had a real nice assortment of Lingcod to boot. Did not hear about the crab scores today. The picture above shows one of passengers on one of our 6-pac boats who limited on Lingcod and rockfish included in her rockfish limit was a nice Cabezon she is holding with one of the COD’s. She is in year #4 of her nursing degree program in Idaho. Very dedicated young women.

Salmon showing up in much better numbers

July 12, 2017

A little more success on the Coho salmon Wednesday morning with one boat we heard had seven keepers and quite a few throw backs. That is telling a lot of us that we might be real close to getting after them out there. LETS GO SALMON FISHING !!

Two more Halibut today

Well we caught two more Halibut on Wednesday morning trips and that folks is about a dozen in just the past few weeks. The cool thing to remember here is that we are catching them on bottom fishing trips not Halibut trips. This one was measured at 47-inches thats in the 45-50 pound range and it is in the photo above. By the way, Lingcod fishing this morning was better then an average day and I believe that all boats caught lots & lots of rockfish. Did not hear about crabbing but I believe I am safe to say that it was really good just like it has been the past month or so.

Nice ocean – good fishing on Tuesday

July 11, 2017

All boats reported really good fishing with a decent score of Lingcod and mostly rockfish limits. The crabbing remains very strong with reports on all boats 6-7+ per person. The ocean weather really is nice now with very nice mornings and quite windy in the afternoon but the fishing boats are back in before the winds come up. Another good day…

Salmon update

July 10, 2017

We did hear the first good news of the summer so far on Salmon. We heard that down in Winchester Bay (Southern Oregon coast) that they were doing really well on the Coho salmon. Historically just about every year the fish start out down there and then move north to our area. So we expect the fishing to improve here really quickly and we will let you know when that happens. Right now we are not running any Salmon trips unless they are part of a combo trip with bottom fishing and crab if the folks want that. We want to catch fish for you. When there is such a tiny chance of taking a fish home were not here to sell you something knowing the chance of success is so slim. Some trips are being run by other charter boats in the harbor with little success. One boat today ran a trip on a big boat and they caught one fish to take home. Our boat captains want to give you there best chance for success.

Latest word on Tuna

The last thing we heard from the Tuna front was that the outside waters we fish are beginning to warm up end the water appears to be getting close to what we look for as far as where we go to chase Tuna. For now however, they are mostly still about 100 miles out which is to far for us to venture. The thing to remember is that Tuna move quickly and cover large areas in a very short timely manner so we don’t feel it will be long till we begin to run trips and start catching some Albacore.

How about this 55lb beauty

July 9, 2017

A great day at Tradewinds

Our boats sure had a great day out on the water Sunday morning. Lots & lots of Lingcod came home with all of the boats with several limiting on the toothy critters and of course the usual assortment of baskets full of rockfish and crabs. The picture above shows a picture of happy fishermen with there Lingcod catch. It was a beautiful day out there even though when we left it was thick fog and then a beautiful blue sky day until we came home where the fog came back in. A little bit of everything today. Tradewinds is proving that per rod we catch more Lingcod then any other office and you should see the number of Halibut that have been coming in here lately. Close to ten the in just the past few days. Why pay the $200+ fee to go offshore 30 miles in tough weather to bring home one small fish on average from 800 feet of water where we are getitng quite a few in 100 feet of water and less. Good day….

What kind of crab bait would you prefer

July 8, 2017

It was an interesting day with our boats catching lots of rockfish, quite a good number of Lingcod, 3-rather large Halibut, Salmon and Cabezon. If your looking for crab bait for your next fishing trip and dumping some crab pots we’ve got the bait of your choice. Other charter houses just have the bass carcass for you. Had some Tuna filleted out also today we got in Newport. Take your pick customers?

Saturday morning fishing report

From the radio chatter onboard the boats this morning it was a mixed bag of reports but everyone seemed to come home with hard working fisherman having decent catches of fish. One 6-pac home early with a rockfish limit, another 6-pac home with a Lingcod limit but not a limit of rockfish. The big boat fleet from what we heard had a slightly slower rockfish bite but still pretty good one just not what it has been. Crabbing remains really good depending on the boat between 5-8 per person. One of the large boats also came home with three very happy fishermen each of them catching a Halibut (see photo above).

Beautiful Friday. ocean

July 7, 2017

From the radio chatter it sounded like a good day out on the bottom fishing grounds with it sounding like limits on all boats on the rockfish but not a lot of information on the Lingcod catch. One of the 6-pac boats netted 10 of the 12 Lings needed and crabbing as it has been for weeks now was really good. Some are in real good shape where others are a little soft which is pretty common in these times of the year.

Coho salmon update

July 6, 2017

Heard that a small sport boat went out and got four Coho salmon today. No word on how many people were on the boat but at least there are some being caught. Possibly some good news (maybe).

Holiday fishing trip…one day early

July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July everyone and hope you all have a great day tomorrow.

Very windy down here today and tomorrow as well. The ocean was quite nautical this morning but as it does it mellowed out just as we began fishing up north and we all had really good trips both for rockfish and we heard a lot of Lingcod were on the hooks. The crab scores were between 50-100 crabs per boat depending on small to larger boats with more pots. Hopefully we will get out tomorrow and the ocean will be decent but not as the forecast is saying. There is lots of hope though as the forecast around here for the inshore bottom fishing ground is right maybe 1/3 of the time.

Sunday morning fishing

July 2, 2017

All boats were out and all boats had really good trips from all of the information we were given. Sounds like crabbing was terrific, the rockfish bite was good but not super, quite a few Lingcod on all of the boats along with a really nice Halibut on one of the 6-pac boats. Put it all together on a real nice ocean Sunday morning & it was a good day of fishing.

Good Saturday morning fishing

July 1, 2017

It was a good day for all of our boats Saturday morning and if radio chatter is true all of the boats had good rockfish catches as well as Lingcod in the fish totes this morning. No word on the crab catch report today.

Good fishing and crabbing Friday morning

June 30, 2017

All of the boats had good trips Friday morning with lots of rockfish caught and we were told some excellent crabbing on three of the boats with averages around 7-8 per person. Thats good crabbing. One boat reported lots of Lingcod in the bite today along with the usual rockfish. Cabezon season opens tomorrow where we are allowed one per person for the rest of the summer and fall periods.

Dirty water day

June 29, 2017

Had a really nice ocean to fish on today but from time to time in the summer months in particular we deal with brown water which is very hard to see down in any more then a few feet or less. Imagine the fish trying to see in it. When it happens the fishing is not bad but you really have to work at it to get the fish to see your bait. Those that worked hard at it this morning on all of the boat did really well. Not a lot of Lingcod biting today but the rockfish catch and the crabbing was really good.

The Reservation site is back up and running

The RESERVATION link on the website is back up and running. We hope it will stay running as we design a totally NEW & better website coming soon.

Need to make a reservation

June 28, 2017

Our reservation link on our website is not working right now and is being fixed so until we get it back on-line please call our office directly at 541-765-2345. Our agents in our office will take care of all your requests no matter if they are fishing or for whale watching. The Information Request link is still operational.

Quick limits today

Both boats out today found quick limits close to home and the folks had lots of fun catching lots of fish. It was a really nice day also on the ocean waters.

Tuesday morning fishing round-up

June 27, 2017

We had boats fishing in the deepwater today (inside 30-fathom curve) & boats in the shallow water catching a bunch of finning rockfish. The total catch today was limits all around the fleet on the rockfish but not very many Lingcod hit the filet table today. Crabbing from those we heard from was about 6-per person average.

Not many folks even in the sport boat fleet fishing for Salmon right now. Hopefully waiting for summer to progress and a few fish begin to migrate into the area.

Great ocean and good fishing

June 26, 2017

Had a number of boats out this morning and all of the boats reported really good rockfish bites with a slightly slower bite on the Lingcod. Crabbing sounded like it was really good on all of the boats.

Sunday fishing report

June 25, 2017

It was another great ocean day at least till the last few hours a southerly wind came up and made it a little choppy on the waters. It did not hurt the fishing as we had terrific rockfish bites on all of the boats out today which was all of them and the Lingcod bite was OK but not like it was the past few days. Typical of those toothy critters as they take-naps once in a while. The photo above shows one of a group that comes down and fishes twice a month with Tradewinds and they always seem happy and have a good time. Crabbing was really good this morning with one boat reporting 9-per person.

Salmon season open and the ocean is beautiful

June 24, 2017

It is a beautiful ocean out there today and we had great trips this morning from all of our boats with lots of rockfish, Lingcod and crabs caught this morning. We have three more boats out there this afternoon on this sunny warm Oregon Coast day.

No good news from the Salmon season opening day as I have to be truthful with our followers out there that it was shall we just call it a not very good opener. It is one of the lowest quota seasons we have ever had so I guess the biologists down at the ODFW know what might happen this summer. Lets hope it might improve.