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“Quit Wishin’ Go Fishin”. Tradewinds Charters, with our vast experience and friendly crews, is preferred by ocean fishermen world-wide. Several world records have been caught on our boats. We provide fishing charters year around for Bottom Fish, which include Sea-Bass, Ling Cod, Red Snapper, Cabezon, and many other varieties of rockfish. We also fish seasonally for Halibut, Salmon, and Tuna.

Tradewinds fishing charters are for both experienced and first time fishermen. Our crews will provide you with all the fishing gear, instruction, and personal help you will need. Remember, relax and leave the traffic and telephones behind. In addition to top notch fishing tackle, we also provide hot coffee and raingear if needed. Fish cleaning is available at our docks. “Fish On” is the call heard around our vessels as excited anglers hook and battle fish. Not only is fishing great sport and fun for all ages, but the fish you catch are yours to keep, take pictures of, and best of all, eat. All the fish you catch are fresh from the Pacific and are excellent eating.

We have a whole variety of trips for your fishing fun. Our most popular trips are 5 hour fishing excursions. See how reasonable the prices are for all of our fishing trips.


For those who love the sea, the natural beauty of the Oregon Coastline, with the abundance of sea creatures and birds flying overhead. Why not consider sharing that most special, of all events in your life; your Wedding Day, with family and friends, aboard one of our wedding charters. It will be a day long remembered, for years to come.


Tradewinds provides you with the simplest way you may ocean scatter the ashes of your loved one, and we will scatter them on a calm day at the location of your choose. Our vessels can carry up to as many as 30 people or you can entrust the ash scattering to our captains to do it privately in case of your absence. You are free to bring flowers and provide an administrator for your memorial service all for the same low price. Call the Tradewinds office for details or additional questions, or go to our Charter Rates Page for pricing.

Charter Rates Charter Reservations